Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kernighan Endorses Guillen to Replace her on the Oakland City Council

Abel Guillen
OAKLAND CITY COUNCIL | DISTRICT 2 | Abel Guillen is in a tough race in Oakland’s District 2. But, this week he gained the support of the current occupant, Council President Pat Kernighan.

“Abel Guillen is the right person to tackle the challenges we face in Oakland,” Kernighan said in a statement. “I enthusiastically support Abel to continue my work on behalf of District 2.”

Kernighan announced her retirement last December after over nine years on the Oakland City Council. She has spent the past year as the council president.

Pat Kernighan
The announcement is another in a line of high-profile Oakland endorsement received by Guillen, who currently serves as a trustee on the Peralta Community College Board. Previously, he received official support from Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta and Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan.

Nonetheless, winning the seat will not be easy. During recent candidates forums, other District 2 candidates have been impressive, notably, former local television anchor Dana King and Kevin Blackburn, a veteran of 10 years at the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.

Others in the race include community activist Andrew Park and Sokham Mao, a member of the city’s Citizens Police Review Board.


  1. As far as I am concerned any endorsement from someone who has been as incompetent as Kernighan is a kiss of death.

  2. Put her endorsement along with Bonta's and also Chan's, who are very popular in this District, and Abel wins easily.

  3. So sad that Kernighan is willing to push someone who, as a Peralta Trustee, has shown absolutely no vision, leadership or capability to actually do anything of note or substance to actually improve the organization he was elected to lead. If Abel is elected to the city council we will see more of the same do nothing. This is not what Oakland needs. Unfortunately Kernighan's decision was not in the best interest of this city.

  4. Anyone BUT Dana King, Oakland's city government does not need another D-list celebrity with minimal political experience making important decisions on behalf of the community. Guillen is the candidate with the most political experience and is most involved with what the community needs while tackling issues greater than just the graffiti problem in Oakland. Guillen has my vote...but Dana King has the money behind her, which is not a good sign for the community if money is going to buy the D2 seat. I hope District 2 residents come out to vote in November to save the community from King's lack of experience.

  5. Guillen is out of touch with the District. He's looking to coast into a seat with his buddy Jean Quan supporting him but the reality is Oakland doesn't trust him to make the tough decisions for the best of the city and it's future. Walk around the neighborhoods and it's Dana King and Andrew Park who are trusted and well liked amongst voters. He's running the same old losing campaign he ran two years ago. He can't even bother to change up the stale talking points, he needs a dose of reality and walk around the area and talk to folks. Take that shit back to Berkeley. D2 needs another Kernighan on the council, not a Quan rubber stamp. That said I'm still undecided on who I'll be supporting.

  6. ANYBODY but Abel!!!

  7. I've been very impressed by Ms. King's support for cleaning up blighted buildings and keeping the streets clean. For the life of me I can't imagine Abel Guillen being the reformer and advocate my neighborhood needs. There's more to the area then the lake. I've never seen him in the area, but I've run into Ms. King twice already! How bad do these candidates want it??

  8. Abel is now a lock, He has Kernighan's support to go with Rob Bonta's support. Both are extremely popular in this District and only this District gets to vote in this race.