Saturday, September 6, 2014

Is the Oakland Mayoral Race Becoming a Dance Off?

Schaaf has the moves like Jagger.
OAKLAND | MAYOR | Bet you never thought a video of Oakland mayoral candidate Libby Schaaf sashaying to "Cupid Shuffle" would be a potential campaign strategy, but ready or not, here it comes.

Schaaf’s campaign posted a short video Saturday of the Oakland council member line dancing outdoors with other residents.

To be sure, Libby has the moves and the video does not appear to have been a campaign gimmick, but more of an afterthought. Schaaf, for instance, is shimmying to the groove on the opposite side of the person recording her and its quality is substandard.

The video could be gold for Schaaf’s campaign, which is looking to gain attention in a race of 15 candidates. It also shows another side to the candidate The New York Times recently said, “speaks to the city’s wealthy old guard, in leafy Oakland Hills.”

Now, if Mayor Jean Quan can only dust off those pop-and-lock moves.


  1. "The video could be gold for Schaaf’s campaign."

    Sure, so long as discussion of mayoral candidates is kept to the level of the nitwit who wrote this.

    All under the guise of "DELIVERING DISCOMFORT TO THE POWERFUL SINCE 2009."

    You betcha. A sports groupie writer who has no idea about the real world of politics and the needs of real people.

  2. By MW:

    But how about Jean Quan's dance moves!!!

    When it comes to dancing around, and actually dancing away from, the truth and the facts, Jean Quan's dance moves are so "great" that she should be featured on "America's Got Talent."

  3. Person above: How many people today said you were boring?

  4. Libby's got a lot of money, but Kaplan leads in the polls. With over a dozen candidates, this could be quite an exciting race. It also could take a long time to decide. We might not know for a couple of weeks.

  5. I'm sure a woman will be our next Mayor, but which one?

  6. "I'm sure a woman will be our next Mayor, but which one?"

    And you know this because
    1. You're a woman>
    2. Women always win elections in Oakland?
    3. You've never met a man you respected?
    4. Oakland's women pols have outstanding achievements?
    5. You're kinda stupid?
    6. You're a troll?

  7. "Libby's got a lot of money, but Kaplan leads in the polls."

    Money often rules in American politics. Oakland isn't necessarily typically American or particularly money-oriented.

    Polls, especially of the poor quality done in Oakland by local pollsters, are invariably off target.

  8. Libby can't even dance!