Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jean Quan Releases New Campaign Jam

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Maybe Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is superstitious? As a city councilmember four years ago, Quan was a decided underdog in the mayor's race to beat Don Perata.

Of course, through ranked-choice voting, Quan pulled off the upset and Perata retreated from public office. But, did the keys to her victory have nothing to do with her exhaustive campaign and outreach, but solely the work of a theme song so devilishly catchy it stills burns into your cerebral cortex?

Quan is attempting rekindle the same enthusiasm in an energetic mash up of R&B styles. This week the follow up, "Empowered Woman," created by Vallejo rapper Suga-T (video above) hopes to get people grooving down to the polls on Election Day. In 2010, Quan's campaign released "Block by Block" (video below).


  1. What on earth?! Not appealing. Not one bit.

  2. Lets see, the new video and the one from 2010, the Block by Block video that got her elected.

    Well, 4 years later how did Jean Quan do, Block by Block.

    How about you take a look at these two videos from today's Chip Johnson column in SF Gate today.



    Wondering if Jean Quan will use either of those in her next video highlighting how well she has done Block by Block over the past 4 years.

    As mentioned in paper today, those are blocks where even the police fear to go.

    How about it Jean, blocks where even the mayor can't go, not even with protection. Right next door to Castlemont High School... RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

  3. This video is insanely ghetto. Anyone stupid enough to vote for Quan deserves to live in the ghetto.

  4. Can't imagine Jean Quan being afraid to walk in any neighborhood in Oakland, but then a true Oaklander wouldn't be.

  5. To 8:23. "Ghetto" meaning what exactly?

  6. By MW:

    The leadership of the Demagogic Party is primarily composed of: creatures who are one or more of the following: charlatans; scam artists; frauds: , phonies; big windbags; con men; and neat, cool and with it entertainers. Some of the more prominent national examples are Hillary, Billy Boy, and John Edwards.

    And on the local level we have such examples of such as Jean Quan.

  7. "The leadership of the Demagogic Party is..."

    It's pretty much identical with the Repugnant Party in terms of entertainment value as well as effective public service.