Monday, September 29, 2014

Oakland Mayoral Candidate Vows to 'Intellectually Bitch Slap' City Council

Batman villain Bane and Oakland mayoral
candidate Peter Liu.
OAKLAND | MAYOR | At a education-themed forum last spring at Laney College, Oakland mayoral candidate Peter Liu, an Iraq War veteran and insurance broker, said a video game he created would solve all of Oakland’s problems. Every question posed to him involved a reference to the game. Assuredly, a nervous murmur could be heard in the auditorium.

Liu’s platform, posted online, also offered a detailed plan for lowering crime in the city. Give everyone a gun, blanket the city with video cameras and allow anyone with an Internet connection to view the video feeds within the safety of their home. Suffice to say, Liu has not be seen at forums lately. Nevertheless, in an answer to his plans work in the future with the City Council provided by the candidate to oaklandmayor2014.com, a website created by Oakland developer Phil Tagami, Liu sounded more like Bane, the villain from The Dark Night Rises than a person willing to collaborate.

Liu said he will be no friend to the “corrupted and incompetent” City Council. “I am there to instill fear in the council, with watchful eyes like a cat watching blind mice play. When I pierce their deception, corruption, and/or bribery that is when I pounce. They’ll know me as Overseer Liu. To achieve my goals, if any councilmember obstructs me in any way that is unreasonable, I’ll intellectually bitch slap them until they go home crying. Even a grown man will have thousand tears drip like piss. I’ll video tape it in HD with my brand new cell phone holding it ten inches from their forehead then post it on YouTube.”


Steven exaggerated what Liu is about. I read his blog


It is awesome! Liu is a hero.

I love Liu, he shows people how to be rich.

He is definitely the kind of Oakland needs and wants.

He is much more authentic than the rest, that's for sure. His blog is a must read with much political humor.

Judging by his sense of humor Liu is by far the cleverest candidate for Mayor. I leave it up to you to decide who is the least clever, but leave you with the hint that there are three who currently spend their days near Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Liu is the most interesting and entertaining, he is my favorite.

The guy is a winner for Oakland for sure!

Take a look at this:


Wonderfully hilarious!

I wish Liu to be the last horse on the race who accelerates and take the lead to win.

Agree with Liu 100%, the City of Oakland officials all needed to be bitch slapped.

I think Liu needs to travel to other cities and bitch slap city council members in other cities as well. Like Hayward, for example.

Lets name him Alameda County Official Bitch Slapper, any government officials crosses the line, Liu bitch slaps them straight.

I don't think Steven has read Liu's campaign wiki page. It is NOT a video game. CESP5 is a social game that teaches people how to rich by being fast, efficient entrepreneurs. I like his idea, it is better than any other stuff that other candidates came up with.

I can't wait to see him intellectually bitch slap those council members. LOL

Lets not be so quick to jump on this bandwagon! We need a serious person to tackle some of the serious problems that Oakland face.

CESPool...just a prediction if this self- professed messiah ever holds office.

I haven't seen any of the candidates have a plan remotely as clear as Liu's plan. Have you?

Peter Liu's campaign song "Shit to Rich" http://oaklandwiki.org/peter%20y.%20liu/_files/Shit_to_Rich_%28Final_Edit%29.mp3

Liu will get his 3%. We call him not-a-chance Liu.

This guy is a genius, spending $400 on campaign and got nationwide coverage. He is a leader and gaining many followers on twitter.

Oh sure, 2% Liu is a genius.HAHAHA and you are one too, NOT.

omg Liu's website is the best EvEr. Too bad I live in Alameda, otherwise Liu gets my vote hands down! He even has the best custom campaign song


Liu finishes near the bottom of the candidates.

Whoever October 30, 2014 at 10:10 PM Anonymous comment says "Liu is an idiot" is an obvious troll on this forum. Liu said on his website back in May 2014 that Libby Schaaf has the best chance of winning unless him, a darkhorse comedian, the World's Smartest Leader, can defeat her. Liu is not an idiot, his words are real. He said on the news, he spent only $400 on his campaign versus $400,000 Libby's campaign fund. Liu is getting all our attention because he has proven himself thus far that he is a leader with followers behind him. You called him an "idiot", but what qualifies you to make such a stupid statement? He is a self-made multi-millionaires, a combat veteran. A hero. I take him over any other candidates at any time. He has proven his worth. Jimmy Kimmel spotted his talent. We are voting for Peter Liu, he is our leader.

Well you are part of his 2%. Most of us will vote for Kaplan, Quan and Schaff. Liu is a NRA nut job and the voters know it.

1:06 PM Liu is not NRA member you dumb ass. He is an American Hero, a combat veteran. What makes you say he is a nut job? That just makes yourself look stupid. Kaplan has no record of achievement. Quan, none neither. Schaff, none, just pretty princess. This is not a beauty pageant. Liu is honest, which I can't say the same for your choices.

I was wrong. Liu got less than half of 1%. The voters just didn't like him, looks like they rejected him and made you look stupid. Most of the voters did vote for Schaaf, Kaplan and Quan as i predicted.

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