Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Star is Born in Oakland

OAKLAND | MAYOR | Over the past few weeks, surprisingly few Oakland mayoral candidates have unleashed a feverish charge down the stretch. The campaign’s making things happen recently are led by Councilmember Libby Schaaf, Port of Oakland Commissioner Bryan Parker, Mayor Jean Quan and Joe Tuman, in that order.

Add little-known Peter Liu to the list.

Liu, an insurance agent by trade, has no chance of winning the election, but no other candidate in the race has drawn more attention than him. And while all other campaigns are spending a fortune through mailers, lawn signs and commercial, to gain the attention of voters, Liu gained over a million eye balls Monday night to his campaign.

Liu’s outrageous platforms were lampooned on ABC’s late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel remarked about Liu’s oddly-shaped earlobes and mocked his stance on the nexus of children, the Internet and masturbation.

Previously, Liu, referring to himself as “Overseer Liu,” challenged the Oakland City Council to follow his lead as mayor or be “intellectually bitch-slapped.”


Everyone I know in Oakland is voting for Liu...that's a huge number, they are following him, watching his every move and they love him.


Wow! Then you don't know very many people because he won't get even 4% of the vote. What a joke.

I think Liu will win a landslide. He is immensely popular now.

Liu is the least boring candidate by a very long mile.

Liu is polling at 2%. He's an idiot, and if you think he will win, you are one too.

"Liu is polling at 2%. He's an idiot..."

He's got that in common with most of the "leading" candidates.

And, because they are leading, Liu's got that in common with most Oakland voters.

Right now, there are no other candidates out there as bright as Peter Liu. He is honest, even if he is flawed, he is honest, I admire that in a leader so I vote for him.

He is definitely smart, of all things he did, it was planned with flawless execution. Now people are starting to love him. This election, I am concerned, is over. Liu is the new Mayor of Oakland.

If you think Liu is going to win you are as looney as he is! LMAO

Liu is an Oakland joke. He definitely will finish near the bottom.

Peter Liu has the best website ever!! Amazing. Purely a good read. http://oaklandwiki.org/Peter_Y._Liu/

His platform is awesome, it is a must read political blog!

If you think Liu can win you must either be related to him or Liu himself.

Almost everyone in town knows about Peter Liu now and is talking about it, they think he is awesome and will win.

Liu has got the best funniest answers at


My co-workers and I laughed so hard it distracts us from working. LOL it hurts our stomach!! Definitely voting for PETER LIU Nov. 4, 2014.

Liu got guts. Perfect for Oakland. He won't be pushed around.

Liu will come in close to the bottom. The voters don't like him and it shows in every poll.

We love Liu, more hilarious person to run, but definitely a winner, he won't get all this attention if he wasn't the one! Liu All the WAY!

Liu answered all the questions with the best answers on Oakmayor2014.com, plus it is so funny you'll have to read it to believe it.

If you vote for Liu you are just throwing your vote away. You better vote for people who have at least some chance of winning.

"If you vote for Liu you are just throwing your vote away."


But if you vote for Quan, Kaplan or Shaft you are not getting anything back for your vote.

At least with Liu you're gonna get a lot of chuckles and not a little insight too.

Whoever October 29, 2014 at 1:22 PM Anonymous comment says "Liu is an idiot" is an obvious troll on this forum. Liu said on his website back in May 2014 that Libby Schaaf has the best chance of winning unless him, a darkhorse comedian, the World's Smartest Leader, can defeat her. Liu is not an idiot, his words are real. He said on the news, he spent only $400 on his campaign versus $400,000 Libby's campaign fund. Liu is getting all our attention because he has proven himself thus far that he is a leader with followers behind him. You called him an "idiot", but what qualifies you to make such a stupid statement? He is a self-made multi-millionaires, a combat veteran. A hero. I take him over any other candidates at any time. He has proven his worth. Jimmy Kimmel spotted his talent. We are voting for Peter Liu, he is our leader.

You may like Liu, but the voters of Oakland don't according to all the polls.

2:41 PM you're stupid to believe these biased polls taken by progressive/liberal organizations using the same phone list, done way months before Liu ever achieve national stardom.

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