Monday, October 20, 2014

About That 'Strange Mailer,' It Wasn't From Me, Says Schaaf

Quite a few Oakland voters received this hit piece from a unknown group calling themselves Citizen for Oakland. Its backers are made up of some pro-business residents and a few Libby Schaaf donors.
OAKLAND | MAYOR | Two things are clear from the recent Citizens for Oakland mailer. Mayoral candidate Libby Schaaf was not behind the ploy to get supporters of strong second-tier campaign to back her and, second, it's god-awful piece of political advertisement.

Schaaf's campaign was succinct last Friday when it tweeted, "The @libbyformayor campaign had NOTHING to do w[ith] that strange mailer." The tweet was in response to Dan Siegel's campaign hinting Schaaf's and others were behind it. "Polls show us leading @bryanparker2014 in all polls and @joe4mayor in some but @libbyformayor mailer says we have no chance. #deception," they tweeted.

Another reason Schaaf is not involved in the mailer is that it serves her no purpose and potentially harms what has been the most effective few weeks of her campaign. Recent polls continue to show her within striking distance of winning the Nov. 4 election and Gov. Jerry Brown's endorsement Oct. 6 may have been the impetus for additional voters to start looking at her potential to unseat Mayor Jean Quan.

However, some of the people behind Citizens for Oakland are Schaaf supporters and donors. Which, if anything, suggests to Schaaf, sometimes you need to worry more about your friends than your enemies.

As for the mailer, it is unwieldy and underhanded in many cases. What pushes credulity is the assertion Quan and another mayoral candidate, Rebecca Kaplan, are City Hall insiders, but Schaaf, who has served the last four years with the pair on the City Council, is not.

Furthermore, this insider/outsider line of attack has been used often during the campaign, especially by candidates Joe Tuman and Bryan Parker. But, the comments always link together Quan, Kaplan and Schaaf, as they should. Last Wednesday, Parker's campaign even sent a press release labeling the trio as "insiders."

In this mailer, however, which features a good bit of clunky grammar, the group says if you desire change at City Hall, you should vote--in no particular order--Schaaf, Tuman and Parker.

Most likely, this direct-mail piece sent to over 50,000 Oakland voters, according to reports, is a response to polling released last week that not only showed Kaplan, Quan and Schaaf leading the pack, but more importantly, that the Kaplan-Quan connection could put either one in the mayor's office.


  1. A little research please, as in "investigative reporting" vs "my own opinion."

    1. Who did do the mailer in question?

    2. Why is the piece any more "god-awful" than any other campaign piece which is full of such things as empty boasts?
    Lists please. Noted that god isn't God. Are we talking, perhaps, Jupiter or Mars (not the planets)?

    3. Evidence of quality of most recent poll. Noted that evidence of quality of previous polls has not been discussed here or elsewhere but they are frequently referred to as "god" (not God I don't think).

    4. "Which, if anything, suggests to Schaaf..." Is this based on a conversation with Schaaf or did you just make it up. If you made it up you could add "maybe" or something like that. Otherwise you're doing quite well as, as far as I know, an unofficial campaigner for Schaaf.

    And talking up "clunky grammar" you might look up "credulity" and "credibility" and perhaps discover that you didn't say what you think you might have said.

  2. Not the first time Schaaf has been connected to a funky mailer. In the 2010 city council campaign OakPAC paid the bill for the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee to send a mailer benefitting her, but the ACDCC did not reveal the true source of the money for the mailer. Schaaf was conveniently distanced from the mailer, but her response was similar to how she responded this time.

  3. Schaaf is shady. I wouldn't trust anything she says because she stuck with Jerry Brown for decades. Brown is known as a prolific liar, nicknamed Moonbeam.

  4. The mailer screams Larry Tramatola. When will he crawl back under his slimy rock and stay there?

  5. Forget the strange mailer, check out Peter Liu's campaign song "Shit to Rich" http://oaklandwiki.org/peter%20y.%20liu/_files/Shit_to_Rich_%28Final_Edit%29.mp3

  6. This is Nicholas J. Vigilante of Oakland. I tried posting this earlier under my Google account but encountered some technical difficulties. Although Libby is not my first choice for Mayor of Oakland (she is my third choice) I don't think Libby had anything to do with the mailer. I have worked with Libby in the past on various projects, and I found her to be very hardworking and ethical. She ran a clean campaign in 2010 when she ran for Councilperson in District 4 while her opponent (Jill Broadhurst) was thowing mud. Despite that, Libby kept her campaign clean and on the issues. So, that is why I don't think she had anything to do with the mailer.

  7. Schaaf is lying once again, and that's why she deserves to lose!

  8. If Schaaf has any integrity she can disavow the terribly undemocratic, deceptive mailer. If. Unfortunately it's major funder was one of her big supporters.