Friday, October 31, 2014

AD-18 Candidate Has Been In The Hospital Since Early October; Has No Insurance

David Erlich, a candidate for the 18th Assembly District next week has been in the hospital since Oct. 9 following emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer. PHOTO/Steven Tavares
ASSEMBLY | DISTRICT 18 | Candidate David Erlich is hoping to serve residents in Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro in the state Assembly, and he’s hoping to get out of the hospital soon. Erlich, a Republican, facing incumbent Democratic Assemblymember Rob Bonta next Tuesday, has been in the hospital since October 9 after undergoing an emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer — a procedure that quickly developed complications.

Shortly after the surgery, Erlich was discharged from San Leandro Hospital, but then returned eight hours later after suffering a bad reaction to the medication given by doctors. Upon his second stint in the hospital, doctors delivered more bad news: His gall bladder needs to be removed.

In the meantime, Erlich is awaiting surgery and will most likely spend Election Night next Tuesday convalescing in the hospital. The fiscally-conservative Assembly candidate also does not have health insurance.

Speaking from his hospital room Friday afternoon, Erlich said health insurance premiums of more than $3,000 a month for him, his wife and daughter, forced him to decline coverage. Erlich, who resides in San Leandro, works as a freelance electrician. He estimates the cost of his care will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. For now he calls himself a “charity case” since Alameda County taxpayers may pick up the tab for his care. Erlich said he fully intends to pay back the county...



  1. Sad case, but you have to wonder about his saying that coverage for him, his wife and child would have been $3,000 a month. A catastrophic plan for the entire family wouldn't have cost even half that amount. Probably could have been had for $1000 or less for the family.. Again, that is not a good plan, but saves you in such a situation.

    Instead of hundreds of thousands of debt, it would probably have limited it to $12,000 or less.
    He may have even qualified for a subsidy from Covered California and gotten a regular plan of some sort.

    No way you can ever pay back hundreds of thousands of dollars and still raise your child, while living a normal life.

    Just looked up... 2 forty year old adults, with 1 child.
    Income, 70,000... Covered Calif Silver plan
    Cost AFTER subsidy (tax credit) $554 a month...
    A far cry from $3,000 a month.
    About $6,650 for the entire year.

  2. Typical Republican politician--a liar.