Saturday, October 18, 2014

GOP Assembly Candidate Says Oakland City Council Meetings Are Like a Zoo

Assembly candidate David Erlich, right, during a forum last May, referenced the Oakland City Council as a zoo at another forum Oct. 8 in Alameda. PHOTO/Steven Tavares
ASSEMBLY | DISTRICT 18 | San Leandro Assembly candidate David Erlich is an electrician by trade, but sometime he brings a charge at the wrong time.

During a candidates forum Oct. 8 in Alameda, Erlich described the often raucous atmosphere at Oakland City Council meetings being like a zoo.

"I've been to council meetings in my city, San Leandro," said Erlich. "And I've been to meetings in Alameda. I haven't been to the zoo in Oakland, but maybe sometime.

The 18th Assembly candidate District Erlich, a Republican, is running in a district made up largely of Oakland voters, in addition to those in Alameda and San Leandro. In a two-candidate June primary, Bonta, a Democrat, won 86 percent of the very progressive district over Erlich. The two meet in a rematch next month.

The comment elicited a stern glare from the normally affable Bonta as Erlich continued.

"You're not going to write about that zoo thing, are you?" Erlich asked afterwards.

At the conclusion of the forum, Erlich said, a woman in the audience approached him and politely said the comment was distasteful to her.


  1. Yes, what a fine job the Alameda County Republican Party does in attracting candidates to run for office. Behold the creme-de-la-creme. LOL.

  2. Oaklanders never like the sounds of reality.

  3. By MW:

    In the zoo of Oakland government, for the last few years Jean Quan has been the top dog.

    However it is time we had a veterinarian pick her up and place her in a cage in a local zoo so that all visitors to the zoo can see what a genuine 24 carat Bay area idiot looks like, and we then selected a new creature to be the top dog in City Hall.

  4. Actually the Oakland Zoo is one of the best run public organizations in Oakland.

    To compare the Oakland City Council meeting to the zoo is a relative compliment.
    The actual city council atmosphere is much more chaotic and ineffective than the zoo.

    And few who have attended some city council meetings would find the "zoo" description as being far off the mark.

    The common phrase "its like a zoo" is very apt.
    Why are those who object complaining?
    Why don't they spell out why the remark is "distasteful".

  5. "Why don't they spell out why the remark is "distasteful"."

    It's certainly distasteful to zoo lovers. Possibly also to zoo inhabitants.

  6. Is it possible that Oakland City Council are not only like a zoo but also like a farm. More specifically, the overwhelming majority of politicians are snakes and/or pigs.

  7. By MW:

    In regard to the above post of 7:33PM

    One. I forgot to begin it with "By MW."

    and TWO. The first sentence is missing a word and should have began with: It is possible that Oakland City Council MEETINGS...

  8. Erlich is not a credible candidate and has zero chance.

  9. By MW:

    A traditional zoo, and such as for instance the Oakland Zoo and San Francisco Zoo, charges an admission fee for each and every person, and which would add up to quite a bit of money if two parents not only go themselves but also take their children along.

    And if the parents not only take their own children with them but also cousins, nieces, nephews, and some of their children's friends, that would come to a huge amount of money.

    So if the goal is to see a bunch of uncivilized wild animals wandering around, it is much less expensive to go to any Bay area city hall and observe the politicians in action. In fact, the parents could even give each of the children a big bag of peanuts and have the children toss the peanuts at the politicians in city hall, and rather than at the elephants and monkeys in the Oakland Zoo and SF Zoo.