Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Honda Almost Declares Victory With Uncounted Ballots Remaining

CONGRESS | DISTRICT 17 | Rep. Mike Honda's campaign is almost declaring victory after Election Night results put the seven-time congressman in position to stave off his heavily-funded opponent, Ro Khanna.

Results in the 17th Congressional District, spread across two counties, gave Honda more than a four point advantage. Thousands of late returning vote-by-mail ballot remain to be counted in both Alameda and Santa Clara Counties.

With all precincts in, Honda holds 52.2 percent of the vote to Khanna's 47.8 percent.

"With the information available it appears that the voters have made their decision to keep Congressman Honda as their Representative in recognition of his work delivering for the District," Honda's campaign said in a statement Wednesday.

However, we respect the work of the County Elections Departments in Alameda and Santa Clara and will wait to find out how many votes remain to be counted before making an announcement about the results."

Khanna's campaign, which closed a 20-point deficit following the June Primary, said they are encouraged by returns trending toward Khanna. Leah Cowan, campaign manager for Khanna's campaign said the race "is far from over."

UPDATE: Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters added a small batch of 4,865 ballots to its total Wednesday afternoon. The new totals, however, show little promise for a Khanna comeback. The percentage of voters supporting Honda in today's' update was actually higher than the current tally at 53.9 percent.


  1. Honda is well liked and an honorable man. This is a much deserved victory.

  2. By MW:

    Honda winning by 52% to 48%, in other words by four percentage points, I would not call that decisive but instead much closer to barely winning. And the fact that Honda was extremely well known, has a nice personality and is very well liked, and has one of the very best vote winning smiles since Dwight Eisenhower, were certainly worth at least several percentage points. Then also add the fact that he has an extremely liberal image in the extremely liberal East Bay, and I do not consider a 52% to 48% win impressive at all.

    Frankly the fact that even with al of the above going for him, and still furthermore incumbents, and especially in races for the US House of Representatives, almost always win, therefore his 52% to 48% win impresses me about as much as if the SF 49ers had a game against a junior high school team, and in a fairly close back and forth contest, managed, and on the basis of scoring two late fourth quarter touchdowns, to pull out a win by about five points at the end of the game.

    In fact that even with all of the above going for him Honda still barely managed to prevail I think is very indicative that last week's elections were not just a disaster for the DP, and including not only in races for US Senate seats, but also part of a much larger trend, in other words much less respect for liberals and incumbents,

    In fact let's backtrack a few years to when Eric Swalwell caused Pete Stark, and whose prime was long past, to be dumped by the voters. In other words ten or twenty years ago I seriously doubt the voters would have been willing to dump a long established institution similar to Pete Stark, and no matter how senile and far past his prime he had become.

    However in recent years, and as last week's elections confirmed, there has been less respect for incumbents, and which I think is one of the reasons that Honda, and even with all of the advantages I Iisted earlier, still barely won.