Monday, November 24, 2014

Outrage in Oakland over Michael Brown

OAKLAND | FERGUSON | In the hours since a St. Louis County prosecutor announced there will no be no indictment against the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown this summer in Ferguson, Missouri, hundreds of people protesting the decision have arrived in Downtown Oakland.

Initially reports via Twitter detailed some protesters blocking the off ramp from Interstate 880. A nixle report from the Oakland Police Department said the intersection of 7th Street and Broadway was subsequently closed to traffic.

Later, police blocked protesters from the 580 freeway entrance at Grand Avenue and MacAruthur Boulevard
Eyewitness reports on the scene estimates the crowd growing to over 200 protesters and described as "charged" and "frenetic." Other estimates now show the crowd has grown to over 1,000.

Reporters from Oakland North and the San Francisco Chronicle also report numerous garbage cans being set on fire, including some near Lake Merritt.

The Oakland Tribune building on 20th Street was vandalized.

Oakland Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf offered a five-part tweet shortly after the Ferguson decision urging peace, but also continuing the city's dialogue between its citizens and the OPD.


  1. surely Libby was privy to all materials in the investigation and properly informed to rule the decision a miscarriage of justice. "Even the Mayor says so, tear it up..."

  2. Michael Brown is a 300lb 18 year old Man who, if lives in Oakland, will mug women like Libby Schaaf just like how he rob a liquor store, beat an Indian man.