Monday, March 16, 2015

Laython Landis, official under fire for boorish behavior, to attend final meeting

Laython Landis' last meeting is Tuesday.
ORO LOMA SANITARY DISTRICT | Over the last decade, the Oro Loma Sanitary District has kept a low profile. Elected board members stayed out of trouble and, most importantly, kept sewer and recycling rates low.

The five-member board representing San Lorenzo and parts of San Leandro and unincorporated Alameda County lost their anonymity last December when long-time member Laython Landis inexplicably uttered the n-word during a committee meeting.

He was later censured by the board, not only for the comment, but a host of undisclosed transgressions. His colleagues also stripped him his committee assignments.

After numerous and increasingly vocal calls for Landis' ouster, he announced his retirement last month from the board after more than four decades of service. On Tuesday, Landis will attend his last meeting as a board member.

Earlier this month, the Oro Loma board decided to appoint Landis' replacement rather than deferring to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors or a special election. According to Oro Loma staff, such an election would have cost more than $500,000.

A two-person ad hoc committee was also approved and includes Board President Tim Becker and new member Shelia Young. Notice of an opening on the board will be posted Mar. 23 and application due on April 12, according to the staff report. Qualified applicant will be invited to address the board at the April 21 meeting.

A new member could be appointed during the board's scheduled meeting on May 5, according to the staff report.


  1. By MW:

    If Laython Landis is extremely senile and/or a professional idiot, rather than pushing him out and basically firing him, okay, they called it a retirement, based on the "standards" of Bay area government, it would have been much more appropriate that he had been promoted to a bigger, higher ranking, and more powerful job.

    For instance, for awhile we even had Nadia Lockyer, and who aside from being a drug addict and a pathological liar, also has an IQ below zero, as a member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, so I do not see any reason why we should not find a bigger and more important position for Laython Landis.

    And if it should turn out that Landis is possibly a relative of Bill Lockyer, and as Nadia is, then I am sure both Willie Brown and Jerry Brown would be happy to endorse him and "educate" us lowly peons to the "fact" that Laython Landis is far and away the "best" person for the job, and just as they did in regard to Nadia when she ran for a seat on the AC Board of Supervisors.

    In fact, and as an example of the fact that most politicians will endorse absolutely anybody, and no matter how extremely sleazy and/or a total joke, before Jim Jones moved to Jonestown in Guyana, his operation was headquartered in the Bay area, and anytime someone made an insulting remark about world class sleazeball, con man, and scumbag Jim Jones, Willie Brown would then vigorously defend Jones, and again and repeatedly "educate" the lowly and uninformed masses to the "fact" that Jim Jones was an extremely wonderful person.

    Q: So why would Willie Brown assist and endorse a drug addict and extreme mental retard such as Nadia Lockyer and a scumbag such as Jim Jones??

    A: For various reasons, and including that they are all members of the same "club."

  2. By MW:

    In my above post I neglected to mention that Willie Brown is a graduate of Hastings "Law" School, and which is one of the "top" five "educational" institutions in the entire country for producing parasites, pathological liars, sleazeballs, shifty scumbags, blood sucking leeches, and crooked lawyers.

    In fact George Moscone, and who was San Francisco mayor while Jim Jones was in his heyday in SF and later In Guyana (and Moscone was also, and just like Willie Brown, an extremely strong supporter and defender of Jim Jones) was also a lawyer and a graduate of Hastings "Law" School.

    In the future I will name some of the other Bay area scumbags with law licenses who received their "education" in the "law" at Hastings "Law" School. In fact if I had children whose goal was to become crooked lawyers, Hastings "Law" School is definitely the "educational" institution to which I would send them to get their "education."