Wednesday, June 17, 2015

UPDATE: Sandre Swanson’s State Senate campaign gets another big endorsement

Rob Bonta endorses Sandre Swanson for SD9.
Asm Bonta follows State Sen. Hancock’s support

STATE SENATE | DISTRICT 9 | Sandre Swanson’s bid for the State Senate next year now has support from two of the most popular legislators in the district.

Following State Sen. Loni Hancock’s endorsement two weeks ago, Swanson’s campaign earned the support Wednesday of Assemblymember Rob Bonta, who represents Oakland, Alameda and San Leandro.

“Sandré has been one of the most effective, principled, and visionary leaders in the East Bay,” Bonta said in a statement. “I have always admired Sandré’s deep personal commitment to fighting for our East Bay values. He is someone that has stood up and done the right thing for our community, time and time again, showing a track record of being a true leader.”

After Swanson was termed out of the Assembly in 2012, he was replaced by Bonta. Swanson has also supported both of Bonta’s Assembly campaigns.

The Eighteenth Assembly District, which Bonta represents, composes roughly half of the much larger Ninth State Senate District seat sought by Swanson.

Former Assemblymembers Nancy Skinner and Wilma Chan, currently an Alameda County supervisor, are also likely candidates in the June 2016 primary.

UPDATE: On Thursday, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond announced he is also endorsing Swanson for the State Senate. Thurmond represents the Fifteenth District, which is the other half of the senate district Swanson hopes to represent next year.


  1. Bonta, for all his good intentions, is much the moron. So endorsing Swanson's naturally appealing. Progressives could do much better than Sandre.

  2. Wow! One whore endorses another. Big deal.

  3. And to think Stephen publishes this stuff with a straight face...

  4. Don't assume it's done with a straight face. And my name is Steven.

  5. Sandre might get in the top two, but will never win against Nancy or Wilma in the General.

  6. Difficult to find a better progressive than Nancy Skinner, who has also demonstrated her ability to get things done in Sacramento. I'm disappointed that both Hancock and Bonta found it necessary to endorse Swanson. He's a reliable Democratic vote but we deserve better--someone who can demonstrate leadership, like Nancy.

  7. I think Sandre is what we are looking for. What is so good about Nancy. We should vote for who we know will do the best job and that is Sandre.