Monday, August 3, 2015

Republican East Bay Assemblymember Catharine Baker posts strong first-half fundraising numbers

Assemblymember Catharine Baker
ASSEMBLY | CAMPAIGN FINANCE | Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker raised more than $427,000 during the first half on this year. Baker, who is the lone local Republican member of the Legislature, nearly outpaced the rest of the East Bay Assembly caucus in campaign finance reports released by the Secretary of State’s office.

Most view Baker’s re-election in the Sixteenth District could be the only contested Assembly race next year. However, Democrats in the district spread over Contra Costa County and the Tri Valley in Alameda County are having difficulty identifying a liberal candidate to challenge Baker, who easily beat Democrat Tim Sbranti last November. Her impressive fundraising prowess, also seen in her
2014 campaign, may further dissuade Democrats.

Baker spent $127,798 during the reporting period covering January 1 to June 30. Her campaign holds $328,363 in cash on hand, according to campaign finance reports.

Oakland Assemblymember Rob Bonta continued his history of posting high campaign fundraising numbers. Bonta, who also represents San Leandro and Alameda, reported $530,975 in contributions, in addition, to $175,798 in expenditures through June 30. Meanwhile, Bonta, who was elected in 2012, has banked $796,320 in cash on hand. A strong challenger is not likely next year.

Assemblymember Bill Quirk
Similarly, Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk will likely not be challenged next year. Quirk received $167,995 in contributions this year and spent $39,995 during the same six month period. Although much of Quirk’s two prior Assembly campaign were self-financed, his cash on hand sits at $133,765.

Another member of the 2014 freshman class of Assembly members, Tony Thurmond from Richmond’s Fifteenth District, posted strong fundraising numbers. Thurmond received $290,669 in contributions this year and spent nearly a third of the total with $97,607 in expenditures. Thurmond banked $204,771 in cash, according to finance reports.


Dear Catharine, thank you for representing our interests, going after the union whores, keeping BART for the PEOPLE, and serving us so well over the next 12 years. We are truly blessed!

By MW:

This article states that Bay area resident and politician Catharine Baker is a Republican.

The Bay area has a tiny and extremely limited population of ONLY several million people, and do you actually mean to tell me in that extremely limited population that obviously is far too small to include everybody, we have gone so totally nuts on diversity, that we have actually, and very foolishly, decided to allow even one Republican in our midst.

I am going to discuss this with Nancy Pelosi and see if she can get President Obama to push a Constitutional amendment that will extremely clearly state that in the Bay area, and which is the self declared world's capital and headquarters for thinking, intelligence, enlightenment, free speech,and commitment to human rights, that no Republicans are allowed under any circumstances whatsoever.

NOTE: The biggest problems with having any Republicans present, is that liberals are so extremely intelligent and wonderful, that therefore anything liberals say is obviously correct, and therefore should not be allowed to be challenged, and since Republicans and conservatives are obviously so extremely evil and stupid, therefore it is best we not allow any Republicans and conservatives around, since their "crazy" ideas might lead some people "astray." (For further details, consult the students at UC Berserklely who believe in stealing any newspapers that have any opinions they do not like.)

In fact, we should get a list of any and all Bay area residents who have ever voted for a Republican, then declare them severely mentally retarded, and then permanently take away their right to vote.

While there are various databases that can be accessed to see if there are any convicted child molesters in a particular neighborhood, and which certainly could be of interest to someone with young children who is considering buying a particular house in a particular neighborhood, however even far more important, and especially to parents with young children, is to make sure that you move your family into a neighborhood that is absolutely and totally free of Republicans and conservatives. Therefore, all government agencies and all real estate agents should immediately make available the names and addresses of all Republicans and conservatives in the Bay area, and still furthermore if any of them are working as schoolteachers, they should immediately be fired so they don't lead young minds "astray."

Bought and paid for Catharine Baker, thanks for representing special interests. My pet slug want to grow up to be a political leech, like you! May you and you wacky followers continue to provide us with more laughs to come.

Thank you, dear Catharine, for representing the special interests...of the PEOPLE. You are and will continue to be THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE each and every time.

Well she certainly is the Billionaires choice, since they funded her with outside the district ultra-Conservative money. In 2016 the middle class will vote in far greater numbers. Good bye Baker!

The above wet dream fantasy comes to you from the pathetic union sluts.

As we return to reality, we are blessed with dear Catharine for the next 12 years. No one will challenge her or have a chance.

You are living in your own fantasy world( the anti-union whore above). I'd love to belong to a union because I would get better benefits and better pay, but unfortunately I don't.

Didn't have the time to vote in the special election(had to work), but I will in the Presidential election. Many of the working class sat out the special, but we will vote for whoever runs against Baker, and someone most assuredly will.

Amen 9:05, amen. I'm getting screwed because our company doesn't have a union. Baker was elected because of all the money Munger threw into her race and he is from out of town and a plutocrat. Baker has done nothing to help raise wages for the rest of us. She has been bought and paid for by the very rich. What a worthless politician!

When reality hits the union whores deep in the gut, it is well worth reposting:

The above wet dream fantasy comes to you from the pathetic union sluts.

As we return to reality, we are blessed with dear Catharine for the next 12 years. No one will challenge her or have a chance.

Amen, 9:02. Amen.

When I was a young girl I was taught to always look down my nose at union sluts. They are the reason the middle class has their pockets picked cleaner than an ant at an Obama picnic. Cathy Baker will continue to champion the people over the special interest union whores. The poster was so right. We, the people, are truly blessed to have her representing OUR interests.

Baker is a champion of the 1%. The extremely wealthy are her benefactors and she has done nothing meaningful for the rest of us who make up the middle and lower class. You and Baker are both lackeys of the rich and powerful.

9:02 and 12:54 along with all the posts praising CB and attacking unions are all by the same person. His name, many believe, is Ralph Farias who lives in Hayward and has run for Council multiple times. The last time he ran he got less than 5% of the vote. This has made him very bitter. From the tone of his e-mails you can see why the voters kicked him to the curb and rejected him. He is way too conservative for the area, but that's why he supports the most conservative in the race like Baker was. Hayward ignores him and so should you. He doesn't try and persuade, only to incite. He's to be pitied because his life is so meaningless.

Wow, the poster above is REALLY grasping for straws. I would say that ALL of the anti-Baker missives, that are one after the other after the other, are by the same person. Her name is Dorcas Wentzel of Berkeley, who doesn't even live in the district. She is at least 70 and has never amounted to anything in her life. Her own stepmother has disowned her and called her 'a pitiful bitch who is a cancer on society.' Dorcas is also known as the Space HO, and she has no existence other than trying to put down good, honest, moderate leaders who work for the people. She is truly a lamentable freak who would be better off six feet under, but so far it's taking a long time for her to get there.

Thank you 3:57. Everyone in Hayward knows Fariass for a Hayward joke who is an anti-union chauvinistic pig who supports Republicans like Baker or any other ultra-conservative candidate who attacks the middle class working families. He got destroyed just like Baker will in 2016.

4:32 I've got to believe you have really lost it. You need to seek help because you live in a fantasy land that must only make sense to you. Do you even know what you are talking about?

Thank you 4:32. Everyone in the district knows that Dorcas Wentzel is a pathetic joke, especially in Berkeley. Bitch has been going after good moderates forever and trying to spread ultra liberal crap into other parts of the county. Whatever.

Just like Senator Steve Glazer and Assemblywoman Cathy Baker trounced their radical union whore 'competition,' so they will again each and every time. Must really be a bitch, bitch, to know that your lame radical union ass continues to get pummeled each and every time. What a sick and twisted bitch you are.

The Blessed Catharine Baker doesn't give a crap about her nut job biggest fan troll, let alone the not derranged but misguided people who voted for her. She is beholden to the wealthy corporate thieves and rich special interest groups. Another do nothing political-dare I say it "whore." Politicians take Morey from humans an subhumans so the can run for whatever office they want. Accepting money for services and raising taxes for the people whenever they feel like it. Therefore I have more respect for whores than I do for politicians. Praise your idiots and count the days until the rest of the normal people see those how useless Baker, Glazer & Swalwell are.

Mr. Bakewell and I are proud of Assemblywoman Baker and Senator Glazer for representing the people in their districts.

Baker will lose in 2016 to the Orinda Councilwoman Amy Worth

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