Wednesday, September 16, 2015

For the Stark boy, it's Election Day

Fish Stark, son of former Rep. Pete Stark, is
getting into the family business.
PETE STARK | Fish Stark is a chip off the old block. The college-age son of former East Bay Congressman Pete Stark is facing his first election Wednesday. At stake is a seat on the 30-person New Haven, Conn. Board of Alders.

Stark, a junior at Yale, is challenging two-term Democratic incumbent Sara Eidelson in the Ward 1 seat representing district the college is located.

During the campaign, Stark has pledged to change the relationship between the college and the city.

The strategy to upend the status quo might comes from his father, who famously defeated a long-serving congressman in the East Bay over 40 years ago. Pete Stark's tenure in Congress ended when Eric Swalwell used a similar narrative during the infamous race in 2012.

Fish Stark spoke to the Yale Daily News Wednesday about his prospect in today's primary. The college newspaper endorsed Stark over the incumbent earlier this week.
UPDATE-3:00pm Yale Daily News reports exit polls show Eidelson leading Stark.

UPDATE: 10:00pm The young Stark begins his budding political career with a stinging defeat. Yale Daily News reports Eidelson defeated Stark 65-35 percent in a low-turnout primary election.


  1. By MW:

    While this particular child of longtime Congressman Pete Stark, in other words the junior Stark, is nicknamed "Fish," however Pete himself, and based on the way he acted, and especially in his later years, and as he seemed to drift deeper and deeper into senility, we really ought to refer to as FISHY.

  2. Don't trust these dynastic politicos. I'd vote for the incumbent against the opportunist any day of the week. Stark reeks!

  3. Here we go again. No ONE cares about his punk and his senile old man.

  4. Hear! Hear!

    Starks are fishy and stink like last Thursday.

  5. By MW:

    Considering the many ways Pete Stark, and who was a multi millionaire, used and exploited every conceivable angle to collect such things as social security payments for his children (agues since he was a liberal, and even though he was a multimillionaire, he still believed it was the job of the government and the general public to financially support his children), perhaps we should not just refer to him as FISHY, but also as Peter Shark.

    In fact of the biggest, sleaziest, and most dangerous sharks, in other words the creatures that you definitely need to keep an eye on so as to preserve your health, safety, and wellbeing, there are a lot more such creatures in Congress than in the Pacific Ocean,