Thursday, September 17, 2015

The floodgate of Democratic defections from Mike Honda may be opening

State Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon endorsed 
Ro Khanna over Rep. Mike Honda.
CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Is this the first major crack in Rep. Mike Honda’s re-election effort?

State Senate Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon said Thursday he is backing Ro Khanna over Honda. DeLeon becomes the highest party official to jilt the incumbent Democratic congressman for Khanna, also a Democrat.

Honda is currently under a House ethics probe for allegedly overlapping his office’s official government duties with his re-election campaigns in 2012 and 2014. Undoubtedly, the issue is already a major issue and no resolution on the investigation is yet known.

Last year, Honda faced the biggest challenge to his seat against Khanna. Honda defeated the upstart by under four percentage points, or just over 5,000 votes in the majority Asian and South Asian American district. Last May, Khanna announced his campaign for a rematch in 2016.

While DeLeon’s sphere of power rests in Sacramento and his Los Angeles state senate district, his high profile within the state party suggests to other officials and the public that Honda’s ethics allegations are severe enough to warrant a change in the Seventeenth District.

More importantly, the endorsement may signal to those contemplating a switch in their support from the incumbent Honda to Khanna is without many political ramifications to them.

What remains now is whether the floodgates are opened by this and possibly other high-profile defections from Honda to Khanna. State Sen. Bob Wieckowski's Tenth District overlaps much of the congressional district. Could he follow his boss to Khanna's column?


  1. By MW:

    It is not just Mike Honda, but also the entire Demagogue Party that is in trouble. And while the Demagogue Party, and possibly also Hillary Clinton. might possibly be victorious in 2016, and the Demagogue Party might possibly also do well, or at least avoid total disaster, in the 2018 elections, however by the conclusion of the 2020 elections the Demagogue Party will have seen its long run of success based on feeding the general public a lot of lies, garbage, and nonsense over.

    More specifically. going back to at least the1920's the higher ups in the Demagogue Party have engaged in election campaigns primarily based on: one, feeding the general public the very most absurd lies, garbage, and nonsense; two, pretending that the scam artists, charlatans, parasites, fifth columnists, and blood sucking leeches that compose the overwhelming majority of its leadership is supposedly composed of great liberals and wonderful humanitarians; and three, always finding new targets to insist were racists.

    However, the general public is finally starting to see through the Demagogue Party's virtually non-stop lies, garbage, and nonsense, and by the conclusion of the 2020 elections, and perhaps even before that, the Demagogue Party will be a serious candidate for entry on the endangered species list.

  2. By MW:

    The Mike Honda situation is just one little rowboat in a huge fleet of developing problems for the Demagogue Party, and as the general public starts to become more and more aware of the truth about the higher ranking members of the Demagogue Party, in other words that most of its members are not the great liberals and wonderful humanitarians they pretend to be, but instead mostly phonies, charlatans, parasites, and blood sucking leeches, more and more of the remaining, but not yet outed and exposed, high ranking rats will desert the sinking ships as the first ones are exposed, and as for instance is happening right now to Mike Honda, and as each high ranking rat is exposed, it shall be entertaining to watch the remaining high ranking Demagogue Party rats who have not been exposed yet continue to insist they are good guys and real great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

  3. Can't stand that HUGE labor whore, Honda.

    But Ro, Ro, Ro duh HO--NO!

  4. Nate Miley does this and gets away with it. He uses his county office, his staff...on county time. Why not Honda?

  5. By MW:

    In regard to the above post of 9:00AM, even if Nate Miley does engage in such conduct, still it is no big deal since Nate Miley is a liberal, or at least pretends to be one, and liberal politicians should automatically be regarded as people of the very highest and greatest standards, principles, ethics, honesty, and integrity, and no matter what they pull and try to get away with.

    NOTE: Some of the sleaziest scumbags in history pretended to be liberals, and which was a major reason they were able to get away with their scams and fleecing the public really bigtime.

    For instance Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, pretended, especially during his time in the Bay area, to be a liberal, and he also had had the total support of such phonies that pretended to be liberals as Willie Brown and SF mayor George Moscone, and of course also the Scams FraudsFIXso Comical.

    The biggest and sleaziest crooks running Tammany Hall, and such as for instance Boss Tweed, pretended to be liberals, and which was the primary reason the general public supported them and voted for them.

    John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Dianne Feinstein all pretend to be liberals.

    In fact, next time you are planning on attending a meeting at which some prominent liberal politicians will be present, leave your wallet and money at home, hire armed security to guard your children, and definitely wear your skepticals.

  6. Haven't seen any floodgates. Honda should win again because he is a nice guy who votes the way his district wants him too.

  7. By MW:

    Mike Honda, and just like most of the Bay area's more prominent politicians, is a smooth talking creature who pretends to be a liberal, and the Bay area is the world's capital and headquarters not only for smooth talking politicians who pretend to be liberals, but also for the extremely high percentage of members of the general public gullible enough to be fooled by such phonies who pretend to be liberals.

    That is the reason that such parasites and con men as Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, have always found the Bay area as the most favorable environment in the entire world to peddle their lies, garbage, and nonsense.

    However the general public, and even a tiny bit in the Bay area, is starting to finally wake up to the phoniness of politicians, con men, and snake oil salesman who pretend to be liberals. And therefore possibly in 2016, very likely by 2018, and by 2020 at the latest, such jokers as Mike Honda and Hillary Clinton, etc, will not even be able to be elected dogcatcher.