Thursday, September 24, 2015

Two Hayward school trustees filed police reports after superintendent's angry tirade

Hayward Superintendent Stan "Data" Dobbs was 
accused by two school members of berating and 
cursing the board during a closed session meeting.
HAYWARD SCHOOLS | Two members of the Hayward School Board of Trustees filed police incident reports against its Superintendent Stan “Data” Dobbs following an aggressive, expletive-laden tirade against the entire board last week during a closed session meeting.

Hayward School Trustees Luis Reynoso and William McGee each filed incident reports with the Hayward Police Department shortly after the incident Sept. 16, they said.

Reynoso, though, said he is seeking to press charges against Dobbs for threateningly shoving his chest against Reynoso’s face and shoulder during the confrontation. McGee is awaiting the conclusion of an investigation into the matter before making a similar decision, he said.

Hayward School Trustee Luis Reynoso
The incident occurred before last week’s regularly scheduled board meeting at Hayward City Hall, they said, when Dobbs became animated over a single topic heard in closed session. The issue being discussed could not be disclosed because of the confidential nature of the meeting, said Reynoso. Dobbs then began berating and cursing each school board member, said Reynoso, before McGee told him to calm down.

Reynoso said he told police Dobbs jumped from his seat and hovered over McGee while screaming expletives, including the phrase, "I have been dealing with motherf--king punks like you all day…”

Reynoso attempted to intercede in the confrontation by instructed Dobbs to relax, he said. “In response to my call for calm Mr. Dobbs turned his fury turned towards me. I too was seated and he came at me in a threatening and aggressive manner which made me fear for my personal safety," Reynoso told police.

Hayward School Trustee William McGee
"He was screaming shouting expletives and behaving in a aggressive physical manner. I continued to tell Mr. Dobbs to calm down at the same time ordering him to stay away from me. However, he continued to approach until his chest was shoved against my shoulder and face. I made every effort to get up from my seated position but I could not because he was blocking me from rising from my chair and moving to a safe place in a room.”

Dobbs did not attend the regular meeting that followed Sept. 16, but Reynoso admitted felling anxious and unable to fully concentrate over the possibility Dobbs would rejoin the meeting that night.

Reynoso and McGee said they have not made contact or spoken with Dobbs since the incident last week. A call to Dobbs’ office Wednesday was not returned. In addition, school board member Annette Walker did not respond to an email for comment over the alleged incident.

A special meeting is set for Thursday, 6:30 p.m. at the Hayward Unified School District offices. In closed session, the board will discuss the "Discipline/Dismissal/Release" of a public employee, according to the agenda.

Dobbs was hired as Hayward superintendent of schools in 2013 following a stint at the San Diego Unified School District. However, Dobbs previously served as assistant superintendent for business services for HUSD. Dobbs earns $242,123 a year with a contract that runs through 2017.

While at the helm of Hayward’s struggling school district, Dobbs has pushed a string of publicity-conscious strategies to boost the morale of its students and the public, known as “Made in Hayward.” In addition to focusing on school achievement, Dobbs has also initiated anti-bullying measures in Hayward. Reynoso, in an interview, skewered the latter. “How can this anti-bullying program work when the board itself is getting bullied?”

Reynoso said he wants the school board to place police officers at meetings following the incident with Dobbs. He later noted Dobbs is the school board’s sole employee. “We are his boss and yet we are the ones that allow this type of behavior towards us,” said Reynoso. “If it happens to the board what is happening to the employees?”

Reynoso, added, he fears the alleged incident last week will have repercussion on how the board interacts with Dobbs in the near-future. “How can any school board member now communicate freely with the superintendent?" said Reynoso. "The fear of such violent outbursts by the superintendent will prevent the school board member from freely performing their functions as an elected official.”


Great. So, the Hayward school district starts over again. Good luck filling this position.

By MW:

If Dobbs is guilty of the things he has been accused of, then, and based on Bay area "standards," he should be given a pay raise and a promotion.

NOTE: It was back in the early 1990's that I started to become aware of the fact that in the Bay area those who are the very sleaziest when they are caught acting unusually sleazy even for them are then seldom fired and/or prosecuted, but instead are usually promoted and given a pay raise.

In fact back in the1990's when I was discussing with a lawyer who was running for high elected office: one, the scams, thefts, and embezzlements a particular person who had been placed in a position of trust had committed; and two, that clearcut and undeniable evidence had come out proving that Mr. Scumbag had engaged in those criminal activities - before I could even comment that no one in authority would even do anything about Me. Scumbag's criminal activities, and even though the facts and evidence were extremely clearcut, the Political Candidate then interrupted me to comment, "He probably got promoted." (So obviously I am not the only one who has noticed that Bay area phenomenon.)

And that is exactly what happened. In other words the more Mr. Scumbag repeatedly proved that he was a thief, embezzler, and money launderer, the more power and authority he was given, additional power and authority that he then used to engage in still more thefts, rip offs, embezzlements, and money laundering.

So if Dobbs is a scumbag, then we should start a campaign committee and see if we can arrange to have him elected governor or US Senator, or at the very minimum to the US House of Representatives.

Public Relations & horse poo like "Made in Hayward" are worth $242,123 a year? How about improving test scores and not acting like hoodlum instead? Replace the School Board Stooges and Stan "I'll Whoop Your Butt" Dobbs with people who can do the jobs that they were appointed/hired to do. Dobbs is the darling of Hayward's City Council. Probably because they are afraid of him too! Maybe HUSD can hire back Ellen Corbett to take the helm of that sinking ship.Alas, the children have suffered enough.

This is nothing new. HUSD has historically employed liars, bullies and thieves. Maybe someone should find out what happened to all the financial records and school funds that went "missing" in a "supposed" break-in, in former AP, Cleveland McKinney's office at Tennyson HS when the security cameras mysteriously were not recording. Along with misplacement of the sports concession and ticket sales while he was manning the gate. I would start with checking in McKinney's pockets but that might be a little difficult since it happened during the 2008-2009 school year. He later was transferred to a local elementary school in the district. I hope he is not teaching our elementary school children all his dirty tricks. McKinney should have been put behind bars a long time ago not in a classroom with children. Way to reach for the stars in your hiring practices HUSD.

Wow! Look out McClymonds, School of Champions. You have a real champion of an AP over there named Cleveland McKinney. Hope he's not up to his usual dirty tricks. I'd check your cash registers. You hired a smooth criminal!

I am a parent in the Hayward Unified School District who has been bullied by site administration at my child's school who received instruction from Mr. Dobbs and District administration to try to harrass and intimidate me. I was treated this way because I spoke up about concerns associated with violations to my child's rights. Mr. Dobbs and some of his staff responded by falsely accusing me of misconduct and restricting me from my child's campus so I could not speak to her counselor and teachers in retaliation because I was very vocal. This administration and most members of the school board were fully aware of the superintendent's directives to harrass and intimidate me. He even lied on one of the school board members lacking integrity because the superintent became angry. How can a superintendent who behaves this way ethically, professionally and competently serve the students of our school district? Who is policing his behavior and holding him accountable? What repercussions are in place to ensure students, parents, teachers and staff are safe from this type of outburst? This is not suitable behavior for a superintendent.


Very Concerned Parent

I am a parent in the Hayward Unified School District who has been bullied by site administration at my child's school who received instruction from Mr. Dobbs and District administration to try to harrass and intimidate me. I was treated this way because I spoke up about concerns associated with violations to my child's rights. Mr. Dobbs and some of his staff responded by falsely accusing me of misconduct and restricting me from my child's campus so I could not speak to her counselor and teachers in retaliation because I was very vocal. This administration and most members of the school board were fully aware of the superintendent's directives to harrass and intimidate me. He even lied on one of the school board members lacking integrity because the superintent became angry. How can a superintendent who behaves this way ethically, professionally and competently serve the students of our school district? Who is policing his behavior and holding him accountable? What repercussions are in place to ensure students, parents, teachers and staff are safe from this type of outburst? This is not suitable behavior for a superintendent.


Very Concerned Parent

It was only a matter of time that this "hidden" behavior reached the public. It's unfortunate that personal agendas get in the way to allow greed to once again plague our Hayward students. It is obvious that the title of CEO has gotten to ones head. This is not a corporation it is public education!!!

Please stop bullying and making disparaging comments about Hayward Unified School District. Dobbs was brought back to this schools district by the very people who are now "pressing charges". The hiring of the Superintendent is not done by the "district", rather it is done by a personnel commission. This guy is an idiot, yes. As well as most of his programs....however, the district employees are suffering with the public, not causing all of "your" issues.

No one is bullying this district. The article seems to speak for itself. It starts with the leadership.

Why should Mr. Dobbs be any different? The entire school board argues and fights within their own board. That is why I don't even want to watch or pay attention any more as there is ALWAYS some type of "bickering", "repetitive questions/comments" or "walking out" on the meeting by one or the other of the board members. Mr. Reynoso himself, has on many occasions, started an argument or walked out on the board during a public meeting. Mr. Dobbs has brought up moral in HUSD and is probably tired of listening to the antics of the school board members. There is always something wrong with anyone that is hired in that position and always will be. Mr. Dobbs is just the one that was strong enough to stand up and let them know "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"

He is earning over 200k. He can keep his cool and refrain from being physical. If his true colors weren't revealed in this situation, he definitely played right into their hands. Given the aweful condition of the schools, perhaps they all should go.

By MW:

I do not live in Hayward, so therefore if previous to reading this article someone had said to me that a guy by the name of Stan Dobbs is one of the higher ranking public officials in the East Bay, I would not have even been able to identify which post he held.

However since reading this article I have done approx. five minutes of research into Dobbs' background, and it appears that he has studied at Stanford University, and it should be illegal to insult, disparage, or even think unkind thoughts about any of the extremely superior creatures who have, or even ever had, a relationship with Stanford University.

NOTE: Usually when reading about the activities, or even alleged activities, of someone who it sounds like he might be a scumbag and/or parasite and/or phony, I then try to find out which colleges and/or universities he might have attended.

And based on having done such background checks on at least hundreds of creatures, I can confidently say that Stanford is one of the "top" five so called "educational" institutions for turning out the very sleaziest of phonies, parasites, scumbags, embezzlers, money launderers, blood sucking leeches, white collar criminals, and crooked lawyers, and especially including ones who have extreme delusions of grandeur.

(So if someone boasts that he is a Stanford graduate, immediately get down on your hands and knees and kiss his feet.)

In addition to Stanford, the rest of the "top" five when it comes to producing tons and tons of the very sleaziest "sophisticated," fancy talking, and "highly educated" scumbags, phonies, parasites, embezzlers, money launderers, and blood sucking leeches are Hastings Law School, Harvard, NYU, and Georgetown, and you will also generally find that if a particular lawyer, economist, or phony who pretends to be an "expert" acts even sleazier than the typical lawyer, economist, or phony that pretends to be an "expert" that he has a degree from one of those five places.

Peoples Behavior Good or Bad, is not based on what college they attended. Please this is a very serious matter, and it needs to be addressed and dealt with for the improvement and safety of our Children

Wasteful spending is a bigger concern of mine. Who approved to redo the Sunset football field just for a Jack Del Rio event during a water shortage?

I wouldn't say strong enough to stand up to them by getting in each of their faces? how is that resolving the boards antics?? we'll see how long he lasts. Everyone seems to be replaceable at Hayward Unified School district, continuously

Stan Dobbs is out of control. Action needs to be taken to remove him.

This is nothing compared to what he did to Steven Parrish and 35 year HUSD employee Brett Swenson. Dobbs called these two M&O managers into his office, along with M&O Director Steven Fallon, to confront them about not getting a district issued Crysler for himself and Board President Taylor. He yelled expletives and demanded he get a car. Eventually new Ford Explorers were assigned to both Dobbs and Taylor. Dobbs' anger festered. The M&O management team wanted to file a formal complaint against Dobbs. Dobbs had Parrish terminiated and Swenson demoted. No action was taken against Fallon who, in his own words, was Dobbs' "bro".

Who are they trying to fool?!?!? The board members are just as bad!

A school district is only as good as its' leadership. How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.

This reminds me of the Joan Kowl days. The difference is in those days the union ran that regime out but today the union president supports the "my way or the highway" leadership style. Go figure. I know looking from the inside out there is not one group focused on the students. Everybody has their own career, paycheck, or agenda as their focus. Shame on us.

I heard from an involved Hayward citizen Dobbs began a campaign to recruit support from the community the day after this incident. He reached out to every possible corner of the community to get support at last night's meeting. This is not a popularity contest. Lets get someone who is focused on improving test scores over building a following for his future run for office - mayor?

By MW:

To the person who made the comment of 7:27PM.

Shame on you. In other words, how dare you question the motives of any of the fine and wonderful people in high public office.

Aren't you aware that the one and only reason they got promoted to and/or placed in those high ranking positions is because they are the smartest, the best, the most competent, the most honest and ethical, and the most civic minded!!! So therefore next you are inclined to make insulting or disparaging remarks about any of our high ranking public officials, or even to only think silently to yourself anything negative about any of them, just think of such wonderful creatures as Don Perata, Nadia Lockyer, Pete Stark, and Mary "Brain Tumor" Hayashi and how extremely lucky us ordinary members of the general public were to have them helping us and representing us. .

to 7:33
Stan called my dad telling him that it was his casll of duty to come and speak to the board meeting to save his job since because dad is on the hayward chamber of horrors to support him because the board is keeping him away from getting his chemo for terminal cancer.

30 minutes later my dad's friend called us to tell us that we need to help Stan becuase the board is trying to buy a limo for the board and that Stan had to put his foot down. WOWwee 2 different storiesWhat a load zchinizle..Stan go bye bye and take your phony bolony with you your made in HoHo and your harrassment of your employees and trying to get those cars is over. If this school board brings you back then the school board needs to go too bye bye

What happen over in the M and O dept of the district was called for in the removal of Swenson. His history with the district has a wide black smear all over it. He needed to be removed. He should never have gotten to the position that he was promoted to only because it needed to be filled. He was arrogant and pompous and ineffective at his job. and as far as the food services issue i am sure that to be true - absolutely! Tacky real tacky -

what was the discussion in that "Closed Session" that got such a heated reaction? That should be the question on the minds of the general public. There have always been back room dealings and corruption within the walls of HUSD. If the public only knew a part of what has gone on and how much money it has costed to keep it all under wraps and swept under the carpet. They would be shocked. But again what was it that caused Mr. Dobbs to lose his composure in such a way. He needs to lead by example. Mr. Dobbs loves to hear himself talk and placate the public with his words of Promise and such but it would seem beneath that wide smile lives a bully. This type of behavior it would seem by the comments is coming out and would seem to be his tack to take when he wants something. Unacceptable. However, when an employee is bullied by an out of control parent they are to keep their mouth shut and show restraint. It would seem there is a double standard as to how one is to behave depending upon rank. Shameful.

Focus on the real issue, failure of 66% of HUSD students to pass the state proficiency test. HEA gets a raise every year and yet only 34% of the students can pass a basic standard. When is HEA leadership going to focus on their job. Help teachers get better at having students pass basic state standards. A 100% increase would mean only 34% of the students would fail. Now that would be a worthy goal.

Not sure where you got your HEA raise stats, 5:59, but the 2014 HEA raise was the FIRST raise HEA had received in 7 years. That's a LONG time to go without a raise, particularly in a district that doesn't pay one DIME towards employee medical coverage. Nice try trying to dump the blame on the teachers, when we all know the core problem is with the school board.

I personally know of allegations and lawsuits currently against the district regarding the bullying and assault of employees. OSHA and other government agencies have serious issues with HUSD regarding its lack of employee protections and its actions against victims of workplace violence. Dobbs appears to be condoning verbal and physical threats as a means to subjugate others, yet he making decisions about the disciplinary actions against those acting in like manner. As an employee, this troubles me greatly.

I think people need to learn more about the pending lawsuits and complaints against HUSD.


If you want to fire Stan Dobbs, you are an idiot. He's the only decent Superintendent Hayward has had in years. Reynoso and McGee are sleazy and power hungry. Who will want to replace him? McGee works in Richmond as an Assistant Principal, what vested interest does he have in a Hayward. He's done shady things before. Not surprised he is up to it again.

Stan Dobbs your schools are roach infested, where is the anger about that. Visited Park Elementary and saw the biggest cockroach right outside the kitchen. I wouldn't send my dog there. Stan is a bully AND the board sucks. Say what you want about weirdnoso he does at least listen to people.

Replace all those bozos. None of them give a crap about the kids or the teachers! If you can't control your temper, then you shouldn't be in charge. Dobbs doesn't need anger management class, he needs to get his ass fired. Get new school board members who are not full of baloney & politcal ass-pirations.

Anything that breaks the whore unions is O.K. by us, and we don't even live in Haywired!

reynoso, mcgee and dobbs should all resign

The "whore unions"? Wow, that's intelligent. Frankly, the "whore union" is the ONLY body associated with HUSD that has done ANYTHING to further student progress. HUSD wants large class sizes. Why? Because it's cheaper. HEA fights to get the cap lowered. Why? I suppose you would say because we are lazy and don't wavy to bother with 34 students. The real reason? We are rendred ineffective when there are such ridiculously high class sizes. Check around. The class sizes in most other districts are lower than HUSD. The "whore union" also fights for basic materials, supplies, curriculum safe facilities and....uh oh....oh no....dare I say it? FAIR COMPENSATION. HUSD is hemorrhaging teachers because they can't afford to live here. I suppose a raise after 8 years of stagnation and pay cuts in the form of furlough days is unreasonable. People point to the teachers when test scores come out. Do you ever look into the lives of our students? Our transiency rate is through the roof. Poverty is epidemic. Students come in exhausted because they've been up until 1:00a.m. playing Mortal Combat or watching t.v. When they open their lunchboxes, there is nothing but chips, candy, cookies and pudding. Is this all students? Of course not. Is it more than a handful? Absolutely. Some students are homeless. Some have parents that are incarcerated. Some are sleeping on roach infested floors (not to mention having to learn in roach infested classrooms). All? Of course not. Enough to impact academic progress? Without a doubt. I don't live in Hayward either, but I teach there and I used to live there. Districts like Dublin, Pleasanton, Fremont, San Ramon, New Haven....have a revenue source that The Hayward community doesn't have. These districts have more money than they know what to do with. They have a completely different demographic. Perhaps you should consider some of the other factors involved in educating a child. When I have students that are absent more than 30 days during the school year, there is an impact on test scores. It's difficult to prepare a child for a test when they're not in the room...or exhausted...or hungry...or in emotional turmoil...or simply unprepared to learn. It's very easy to blame the "whore unions" instead of looking at the larger societal problems that are plaguing us.

All hail the wail of the violins in union mass unison.

By the way, as an 'educator,' get your pronouns right. "Students WHO are absent [not 'that' are absent]...." If there is more than one thing I can't stand it's dumbing down the English language. Like Truman Capote used to say: "Get your G-d-damned pronouns right!"

As for the rest of this ultra-liberal lamentable commentary, read and heard it all before. My heart bleeds...crocodile tears.

Hayward is going to spend around 90 million dollars on an eco-friendly library and tree park for the "kids." Of course that amount hinges on sales tax and @6:05 pm is exactly right about Hayward not having a good revenue source. Our Mayor has done nothing to bring new sources of revenue to Hayward. She & Council have gone to the city employees and taxpayers to feed the city coffers. Basically the poor and working poor are going to be paying for the new library for many years. Then you have people like Dobbs making over 200k for terrorizing the School Board. Wasting money on nonsense and over paid buffoons (Dobbs & Corbett) instead of using that money to help the children succeed. Crazy!

Well said, 11:30, which is why every time I see that "Made in Hayward" logo and worse, hear the struggling students in Hayward recite that STUPID Made in Hayward pledge, I want to scream. If 90% of them are to have any chance of going on to lead a successful life as adults, they had better pray they AREN'T made in Hayward.

Dear Very Concerned Parent,

You are a damn fool if you let anybody restrict you from going to the school your child attends.....for any reason! If it's so damn bad get your child out of that crummy ass district! If your child's still there......cut that whiney ass bs and stop blaming the district.....even if they did do the shady shit you say.....be a parent and "parent up"....advocate for your child's right to a good education where they actually make sure the kids can read and spell there own names! Otherwise....STFU!!!

Grammar Police,

"O.K." is, actually, supposed to be "OK" or "okay" and the use of a comma before "and" is redundant. While some accept the use of a comma before and, I will consider that a poor stylistic choice rather than an error. That's one error and one poor mechanical choice in your one-sentence post. Because blogging is not considered a formal writing venue, I chose to focus on your content, not your grammar. Had this been a formal piece of writing, I would have more carefully proofread my post. Right-wing nut jobs love to spew vitriol, but have a hard time disputing content.

Sorry, union whore, no cigar. We don't accept excuses when it comes to our kids' education--and excuses, along with rejected ultra-liberal orthodoxy, is exactly what you're offering. Since Merriam Webster's validates 'O.K.' as an accepted abbreviation, we're fine with it. We meaning society. Please don't mistake your own dumbed-down 'blogging' as an attempt to offer another excuse. Fess up, admit you don't know up from down, and then take Bonehead English 100. Never too late to learn. Also, please DO learn about proper pronoun usage. It really is the difference between night and day.

7:19, enough straw men for one lifetime.

Considering that the union president's salary is paid for by the district it's not really a mystery why she supported Dobbs. If he was properly vetted she would have found his public anti-union views when he worked for San Diego. Follow the money.

Stan is like Hitler with a smiling face. If this incident does not help to remove him from the District (he should not be in education field to begin with), then it will be disaster because "what does not kill it will make it stronger". It is so sad and disappointing that a person does everything wrong can manage to be highly successful in his career. Made in Hayward is a joke, San Leandro, San Loreno, Union City, Oakland can spend million of dollars for campaign called ..made in whatever...but they choose not to do so. Stan Dobbs' record on wasteful spending is beyond anyone's imagination. to name a few:

- paying couple of hundred thousand for software called digital school, which has never been used

- hiring a new assistant sup. with salary of more than 200K a year not including other benefits. that is a lot of money for a very in-experienced one (people say she is Stan's girlfriend)

- leasing a bunch of new cars, you can go to the district and see for yourself...what will happen when the leases are over ? who cares !

-create CFO position with salary of around 170K and give it to very in-experienced person

- Staff turnover is extremely high under Stan's regime. he is hiring other very in-experienced Managger/Director including Accounting Manager....and also transportation manager, M&O Director, chief accountability officer...the list of managers and directors that Stan created or upgraded goes on an on....these big shots have salary at least 150K ...go to the district website and see for yourself...

- Stan even hire permanent staff for made in Hayward campaign ...this is purely marketing for himself...costing millions of dollars

- If at this point you still believe his smiling face...then you still live in a dream....Stan is master of bullying and so are the gangs that he hires...I already called him Hitler....so sad for future of our kids...one person that kind of speaking up is Reynoso...he still makes sense...

- the burden of debt on Hayward due to Measure I, G, L are so clear...these are capital appreciation debt meaning you will pay more later...in 10...20 years...who wants to live in a city drowning in debts ? who wants to entrust kids to people just thinking about their popularity...It is NOT all about kids anymore...it is all about Stan

ATTN:Quibbling-Grammar-Nazi: Both "who" and "that" are acceptable in restrictive relative clauses when referring to people. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/645/01/
But, as with most of this blog, it's so much more fun to distract from real issues with useless b*llsh*t...

Too bad, union whore slut--no wet cigar.

They are NOT interchangeable, but then you need to first learn English. And for the sake of literate intelligence, LEARN YOUR G-D DAMNED PRONOUNS!!!

At issue is lack of student performance. 2/3 of HUSD students fail the state proficiency test. When HEA leadership actually works with their teachers to improve instructional performance it would be important to listen.

If you have the Board President being best friends with Stan Dobbs how do you think the vote will go? They hang out with Gregg Fobbs at each others homes

Um, Grammar Nazi, care to back that up with a source? I think you're confusing "which" with "who." Anyway, the louder you yell and the more obnoxious you are, the more right you'll be! See it all the time these days...


Here you go, union whore. As you might learn via Bonehead English 99, one might, and I emphasize MIGHT, be allowed to use 'that' in the way you're espousing, but in the most limited of limited situations. You have chosen to embrace it as anytime, all the time, and that is not so in a literate society or civilization.

Try to digest, son, and if at all possible, do your homework. Learn the accepted and correct rules regarding pronoun usage. Your mind is a terrible waste at this point.

It is ignorant to call people sexist names, which shows your lack of education.

It is ignorant to know that whores are both men and women who prostitute more than merely the body.

Get with it!

Grammar Nazi: I'll see your citation and raise you a clearer explanation, one even you can understand:
(Notice even your citation allows that "who and sometimes THAT refer to PEOPLE. THAT and which refer to GROUPS or things") The original poster's intent was to describe a group of anonymous people.
So it comes down to trying to use your supposed superior knowledge of a debatable quibble (or not so debatable, really: the original poster was neither unclear nor ungrammatical) to belittle her and to spew your anti-union garbage.
But I do think I understand where you're coming from. Here's a video that might help all of understand your position:
And as long as we're d*ick wagging, I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English Lit. and Spanish Language. Your credentials? Oh, and one last thing: It's "literary intelligence" nor "literate intelligence." Look it up, jack *ss.

And before you get on me... Correction: "all of us"

Also, "'literary intelligence,' not..."
Anyway, I'm sorry, folks, for hijacking a serious thread. I was just having fun trying to out-troll a troll, a sisyphean task, for sure. It won't change anyone's mind. I just got tweaked by his ignorant and belligerent attack. My apologies.

Union slut--you still are dealing in Bonehead English 97--I've been generous in taking you down only two pegs.

As to the original poster's 'intent?' You wouldn't know this if it stood up and cut your miniscule dick off.

I've explained as much as is possible for your pea brain to grasp--assuming you have one. OxyMORON?

Again, son, you didn't grasp the reference of 'literate intelligence.' That is the correct phrase, dumb shit. I wasn't referencing 'literary intelligence,' something completely different. I used it as an adjective, simpleton.

As for your pseudo degrees? Of course you have them, and we all know that you ate mucho boxes of cereal to send in those box tops to the School of Hard Knocks, poison ivy league variety. The expression of don't take no wooden nickels might well apply to you. I would just change wooden nickels to soiled ass wipes in your case.

Lord, give me strength. The dumb fucks like 1:51 continue to climb out of the sewers. Oh, well.

Folks, please excuse me needing to 'dress down' the simpleton from 1:51. That boy's mistake is believing that he both has a brain and further, knows how to use it. The former is questionable at best; the latter, well....Anyway, don't let this deter from those who are both literate and dare I write civilized.

To modify ever so slightly the inimitable phrase of the United Negro College Fund: that ignoramus' mind--if he has one--is a terrible thing, and he's truly wasted.

As I said, I'm done. I got to see the troll explode, becoming more profane, making less sense, spewing more bile and making up, um, 'literate intelligence' lol. Note to self: Don't engage with it again. Bye.

Glad to see that the union whore realizes he started back at the beginning=nowhere. Self-implosion is the best type of explosion, and the whore demonstrates it in spades. Literate intelligence is here for the ages. Adios, son.

Now I believe that Stan Dobbs can get away with murder if he wants to. Annette is the biggest hypocrite when condoning Stan's bullying behavior. Taylor is so weak as a president. These people and other guys like principal Greg Fobbs..forget the basic principles like conflict of interest, independence, integrity...Stan must bribe these people dearly one way or another ...no wonder why they keep kissing his ass. Stan's behavior is showing pattern and incurable. He explained what happen was because he did not take enough rest !!!. Hayward citizens, read this link, and do some research for yourself


Stan Dobbs Apologizes after Nearly 400 Sign Our Petition!
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—By Emily Neidhart, Garfield AR and CTA State Council candidate

At the February 20 Rep. Council, I made a motion for SDEA to support our grassroots petition to demand that Stan Dobbs be removed from his position as CFO from our District, and that he publicly apologize for his misstatements about teachers. Though it seemed a bit harsh to already ask for an employee to be removed from a recently hired position, many educators stood with me. After a ridiculous interview given to the Voice of San Diego in which Dobbs scoffed at educators for having salaries that don’t exist, family healthcare coverage, and for demanding smaller class sizes, many educators in our District felt hurt and betrayed during a time when our District and our union are supposed to be “working together.”

In an act of solidarity, Rep. Council passed my motion unanimously after I accepted a friendly amendment to just demand an apology (for now). SDEA then emailed our petition link out to all members, and nearly 400 educators have signed so far. In addition to signing, many members also wrote extensive comments, voicing their frustration and opinion with what happened. In this time of attacks on public education and unions, it really hurt the people who day in and day out expertly work with students. Read what people had to say here.

On March 6, 2013 Dobbs did publically apologize via a letter sent to all SDUSD employees. In his letter, he apologizes for only apologizing to President Bill Freeman and not all SDEA employees. However, he still clings to his version of the story that the article was a result of “misinformation” even though Will Carless said in a KPBS interview that Dobbs’ quotes were transcribed from a recorded interview. He also writes that he put “interview controls” in place for the future. Both of these statements clearly show that Dobbs believes he was not at fault, though he is supposedly taking responsibility. Dobbs writes:

We are happy that Dobbs did respond to our demands to publically apologize, but his continued manner of denial is concerning. As we move forward we will have to continue to monitor and hold the District accountable for what it says, who they hire, and the promises they make to the educators and students of this District.

Guest Commentary: A Letter to Dobbs

—By Pat Thomas, La Jolla HS AR

Prior to Dobbs’ apology, La Jolla HS AR Pat Thomas wrote a letter to Dobbs issuing a point-by-point debunking of his misstatements. She shared it with us to share on the blog. Regardless of Dobbs’ apology, the statements he made have had a lasting impact on the public’s perception of teacher pay and benefits. His apology is a good first step, but as outlined below, Dobbs has a long way to go to begin to repair the damage he has done.


Guest Commentary: A Letter to Dobbs

—By Pat Thomas, La Jolla HS AR

Prior to Dobbs’ apology, La Jolla HS AR Pat Thomas wrote a letter to Dobbs issuing a point-by-point debunking of his misstatements. She shared it with us to share on the blog. Regardless of Dobbs’ apology, the statements he made have had a lasting impact on the public’s perception of teacher pay and benefits. His apology is a good first step, but as outlined below, Dobbs has a long way to go to begin to repair the damage he has done.

Dear Mr. Dobbs,

As a teacher in the SDUSD, I found the interview you gave to Voice of San Diego on 1 February, 2013, is disturbing on many levels. I would like to address them all.

Your Thinking

Telling lies in public on the record about the organization for which you work is a tactic which may have worked well for you in a previous organization, but I think that you have discovered that this strategy does not serve you now that you work for SDUSD.

Our Health Care

Our country’s health care system is a national political issue, not the responsibility of the teachers or other employees of SDUSD. We all know that, over the years, companies in the for-profit sector of the economy have reduced virtually all workers’, but not senior management, healthcare benefits. SDUSD is a school district, not a profit-making corporation. Due to the lack of earnings upside, employees in the not-for-profit sector of the economy generally earn less that employees in the for-profit sector. One of the ways which government entities at ALL (local, state, and federal) levels have traditionally offset salary disparity is with somewhat better benefits.

The fact that we, SDEA, have stood together over the years as the standards of the provision of health insurance in our nation have changed in ways which have been detrimental to most employees, should be an example for other working people to follow! It is NOT “just ridiculous.”! It is an issue which is very important to the members of SDEA, and for which we have diligently bargained. It is our right to do this, and we take this right, and its attendant obligations, very seriously.

In addition, recall what we do every day for a living. We work with children – from 26 all day in the early elementary grades to 180 (or more!) each day at the high school level. These children come from all backgrounds; some have access to healthcare, many do not. In addition, the children come from all over the world. A child may arrive in this country from a very far away place, with very different illnesses and bacteria, on a Friday, and is sitting in my class on Monday morning. We are literally on the front lines of public health. My job requires that I have healthcare coverage.

The healthcare insurance options available to members of SDUSD teachers are adequate. They most certainly are not “Cadillac” or “gold-plated.” And I do pay for my healthcare insurance by the fact that my salary would otherwise be larger than it is!

Which brings us to the most egregious statement in your interview…

Our Salary

Our salary schedules are negotiated by the Board of SDUSD and SDEA. The numbers are freely-available public information. Before you make such a huge error on the record, perhaps you should have looked at this information more closely.

For the average teacher, on the average contract, given the average academic year, the LARGEST number you see is (far) less than $92,000! Given this, how could the average teacher salary be $92,000?

In any event, we are NOT the average workforce.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of us has a four year college degree.
The VAST MAJORITY of us have at least one additional year of college.
Many of us have more than this five years of college. We have Masters Degrees, and more – we are Ph.Ds, MBAs, PsyDs, CPAs, PTs, etc.
Many of us have very specialized training for very demanding work – we work with deaf students, autistic students, very ill students in the hospital, students with criminal records and probation officers, students who have babies and young children of their own, homeless students, etc.
Some of us are Nurses, Psychiatrists, or SLPs (speech-language therapists).
We can keep 26 5-year-olds, or 180 14- and 15-year-olds per day, on task, hour after hour, day after day!
Why compare us to the “average” workforce? We are NOT the average workforce!

We work with CHILDREN.

My point is this – look in the upper left-hand corner of your next paycheck. You will see SDUSD. You now work for a Unified School District, not the Navy. The “stuff” you are now trying to move efficiently and effectively through the system is not widgets. They are our CHILDREN. At SDEA, we know this and live it every day. We would like you to change the mindset indicated in the VOSD interview to reflect this fact.

The “Step” of the “Step-Column” Pay Scale:

Perhaps in your previous employment, on-the-job experience was not much of a factor in determining an employee’s efficiency and/or effectiveness. In our profession, however, classroom experience DOES make a difference. The “Steps” reflect this. If you believe that only a young person right out of college has the passion to create and support an excellent learning environment in his/her classroom, I have two suggestions for you:

Randomly select six teachers who are in their third year or less of teaching full-time, two from elementary, two from middle/junior high school, and two at the high school level. Randomly select six teachers who have at least twelve years’ experience teaching full-time, and who have been teaching their grade level/subject matter for at least three years, again two from elementary, two from middle/junior high school, and two at the high school level. Unannounced, visit each classroom for a minimum of twenty minutes, preferably longer. Your point of view of the value of experience and maturity for a public school teacher may change.
If, after conducting this experiment, you still believe that young adults just out of college bring as much to the education table as more seasoned professionals, recall that you are free to work for Teach For America.
The members of SDEA know that we are going to work with you on many issues over the next several years. Please believe me when I say that we would much rather have our professional relationship be collegial and positive, rather than confrontative and combative.

As the VOSD interview, however, was our first experience with you, you have made it much harder for yourself to earn our trust and respect.

In the effort to bridge gaps in our understanding, I extend to you the invitation to visit an SDEA meeting soon to discuss these important issues with us.

Best regards,

Patricia Buckley Thomas, CPA

Math Teacher and SDEA AR, La Jolla High School

The preparation for the procedure left me with little sleep or food, and I left the procedure medicated,” the letter reads. THAT is further proof your judgment is lacking, and that you should resign.

Stan Dobbs had no business getting this job in the first place. He has zero experience and was a "cronies" hire. He should be fired, replaced with someone that actually deserves the job
and has deep qualifications. Hiring buffoons like Stan Dobbs just so he can walk away with another massive public pension is an insult to the teaching profession and the taxpaying citizens of Hayward.




Dobbs is a loser. HUSD is too stupid to boot him out. It is easier to cover up trash, than throw it out.

While I recognize the value of muckraking journalism, the nature of this kind of site draws trolls and frustrated vengeance seekers. Not a lot of of rational, dispassionate discussion here. In some ways, it's like being irresistibly drawn to the scene of a horrific accident. At EBC, the more lurid or lascivious, the better. Remember the whole Armas/Heredia thing? What a hoot!
Anyway, concerning Dobbs, he has the unfortunate disadvantage of having a history as a professional administrator in education. Much like a veteran politician with a voting record, it's easy to take potshots at someone who has had to deal with labor issues, community gripes, angry parents etc., in what is often an adversarial system. Now, I'm not being an apologist for Dobbs' meltdown, however magnified it has been with the taglines of "police reports," etc. It was clearly unprofessional and should not have happened with somebody in Dobbs' position, even if he has to deal with an inveterate provocateur like Reynoso.
That being said, Dobbs brings an energy and hopefulness to the district that we haven't seen for decades, and I'm familiar with the legacy of HUSD superintendents dating back to Joel Thornley. Is he perfect? Of course not, but given the shallowness of the talent pool for school superintendents, we could have done a lot worse. Just think about Kowol, Vigil, Foxworth, etc. So when you make those flip, unreasoned remarks about "trash" or "Hitler" or "getting away with murder," etc., or piling on whatever unrelated gripe you may have, I think you've found just the right site. Carry on.

At 11:31
Stan “Data” Dobbs wants to take credit for many things already in place before he came. When I was a principal there 5 years ago we started those items he wants to continue to take credit for. The only thing I give him credit for is the Made in Hayward Pledge. Away from that many employees already have come forward to complain about his violent outbursts when employees remind him of how little he knows about business and education administration. People are looking at his resume and I too realize, though I supported Dobbs at first (I must have been drunk), that Stan Dobbs is a shyster and does not know anything about his job. His resume is all bullshit. Not sure why the board did not investigate his resume when he was hired.
Only the people that see themselves insufficient and incompetent at their job have violent outburst because no one at work respects their poor job performance. Dobbs may not be a Hitler, but he is not a very bright righteous leader either. He reminds me of a violent African American Forrest Gump.
I wonder what would have happened if a white superintendent attacked the board. Same results? I doubted. That white superintendent would have been fired and arrested. Yes, I said it, Stab Dobbs is being treated with kid gloves even though he attacked 2 board members just because he is black. I am just astonished why Reynoso and McGee did not get arrested. Maybe that is next, because in Hayward the mentally ill support the attacker and blame the victims. Welcome to Hayward!
I am very happy along with many, many, many people that EBcitizen exists because the Daily Review would not have reported anything about it. So, you and Stan “Data” Dobbs must be of the same kind, poor job performers, incompetent, and ready to lash out because you have been discovered. Empty suiters do not like Steve Tavares from EBcitizen. Don’t forget that eastbayexpress.com also published the story.
Poor Dobbs...perhaps he is stupid? Because stupidity also follows strict nature laws for affirmative action. Incompetence does not discriminate. I am so glad I am not a principal there anymore.
Hayward students deserve better leadership that should be non-violent with education credentials and business experience. Yes, you and others like Data Dobbs in the Hayward District will continue to carry on with violence and incompetence.

That made in hayward pledge is a joke. Is so funny to see all stand up on tv like if they do a flag pledge, I wonder if the district personal follow the pledge too. You all crazy at HUSD

Dobbs is an overpaid, under qualified bully. The Hayward Unified School District, much like Hayward City Government is rife with well paid show folks who astound and amaze the unenlightened. Wasting money and resources on things like Made in Hayward or 40 Year Budgets,. Data is a hay-ta when it comes to the School Board and the District lets him get away with it. Just because there is a "shallow talent pool" of applicants for Superintendent HUSD should keep that tempermental, street-talking clown? Oh please. A drunken combative Fire Chief and medicated combative School Superintendent. Both were allowed to keep their jobs. Yet another black eye for Hayward.

So helpful post and outstanding article to Hayward. Thanks author for your useful tropic and content. Really I got Valuable information here. Hayward domestic violence

By MW:

If the meeting that the Hayward School Board had on September 16 really and actually turned into as violent, uncivilized, and as stupid a yelling and screaming match as some news reports would indicate, then it is a huge shame the whole thing was not videotaped.

In other words, the HSD has thousands of students, and many of whom undoubtedly have at least some shortcomings in their conduct, behavior, and attitudes. And certainly at least virtually all of the students in the HSD are under twenty -one years old, and therefore definitely would have to be considered young and impressionable, in other words the type of people who could and should take lessons from their elders in the proper way to behave and conduct themselves.

So if we had a videotape of that meeting, we could then play it every single day at the very beginning of school, AND BEFORE CLASSES EVEN START, and say, "You young upstarts, you should learn from your elders and betters, so pay extremely close attention, since this is how civilized, educated, and intelligent people conduct themselves."

It can't be videotaped for the public. It was closed session (personnel issues and such). In fact, the leaking of the incident to the press was a violation of the Brown Act.

Mcgee and reynoso need to be prosecuted for bringing the incident to the public and the police. What ever goes in closed session stays in closed session. Those 2 need board training similar to the city council.

oh, so it is ok to have a physical fight in closed session ? next time they should bring baton, knuckle, knife, gun to the closed session

the conducts of the districts should start from the top. Stan Dobb has to be the model for students. if you yell "you are a mother fucking punk" repeatedly to a cop and chest pump him you will get arrested. if the student does the same thing to the principal, the student will get expelled. he will not get cheered and supported by stupid crowd like the one in HUSD meeting http://video.husd.us/Mac/Board_2015_09_30.m4v

when my the transmission of my car was broken, i was trying to fix it at several cheap auto shop. But finally i had to replace it by a new one at certified repair shop. HUSD, we cannot move forward if we do not change our superintendent. the car will catch fire eventually if we try to use the broken engine

If a criminal act is being committed in a closed session or any other, the police should be called out and charges filed. Notifying the press is not in that protocol. By the way, there was an attempt to file charges but they were dismissed because they didn't meet the standards of a crime.

When my son did the similar thing at his school he was charged and arrested. I watched the last meeting on TV on channel 15 and I could not understand why people booed Dr. Reynoso and Mr. McGee, the victims, and cheer the attacker superintendent Mr. Data Dobbs. I am ecstatically happy I don't have any my sons in any of the crappy schools in Hayward anymore. Thank God for Moreau Catholic High School, a very good school and I recommend for anyone to take their kids there.

My eldest son was arrested almost 9 years ago because he called the viceprincipal a "mother fucker fat bitch looser" and barely touched him with his index finger to point at him. My son was expelled and later charged with simple battery because according to the police battery is just any kind of touch as long as the person being touched feels threatened. I had to spend so much money to defend my son, but eventually I had him be accountable for his actions. My son caused no physical harm to this man and the viceprincipal admitted that he did not even touch him that hard at all but he felt like my son was going to be violent.

This is so much of the same but now I see that when the people in authority do it the discipline is different. Isn't the board the people that hired the superintendent? Not sure why this superintendent gets to keep his job and not get charged with battery even after different board trustees complain about the cursing and physical contact.

BTW I heard about this incident because the district office called my husband to come and support Mr. Stan Dobbs. According to the caller the board is acting rude towards him and the employees and will not let him get emergency medical treatments. Today I found out that the phone call was a complete lie from my Rotary friend. So, I am very upset.

3:15, were your son's actions immediately disseminated to the media? (my point about the Brown Act). Also, though it's impossible to accurately compare your son's crime with the incident involving Mr. Dobbs, Mr. Dobbs' actions were not criminal and he was not charged. I'm not excusing what he did, but this is a simple fact.

I agree with most of your comments, 3:15am. Reynoso is certainly no saint, but, then again, he wasn't the one breaking out with the "mother fucking punks" either. Regardless of what buttons either McGee or Reynoso might have pushed, Dobbs did not have the right to react the way he did. I think the "oh, it wasn't me, it was the medication" excuse is bullshit. But, I guess you have to come up with something when your sweet little 244K a year job is at risk.

As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades. I had to laugh when, during the last board meeting, Taylor was beaming because HUSD isn't dead last in Alameda County anymore. That's hardly anything to brag about.

The bottom line is, if I decided to tell my manager "...I've been dealing with mother-fucking punks like you all day!", I'd be standing in the unemployment line right now. Not surprised that Dobbs is still "CEO" though. Makes about as much sense as having a superintendent with ZERO experience in education be the head of a school district.

The district is trying to get more for less in the maintenance department. This has to be addressed and they need to backfill more positions The kings in the "Ivory Tower" need to address the maintenance of the schools and hire more maintenance staff.
The purpose of the district is health and safety, not "Honey Doos for the carpet baggers

Any sup with that kind of language skills needs to be fired.

Dump Dobbs.

Mcgee and Reynoso have destroyed the Hayward Schools. Look at their test scores.

11:58 Test scores are not destroyed by Board members. HUSD's long term and extremely low test scores are a result of HEA leadership not working to improve instruction. HEA leadership could put programs in place that would advance student learning.

By MW:

Concerning the opinions of some, and such as for instance 5:59PM of October 8, that it is illegal to make public anything said or done in closed session - and therefore supposedly those who did should be punished - even if we were to accept the position that items said and done in closed session are not to be publicly disclosed, still it would only apply to items that were legal and legitimate AND HANDLED IN A LEGAL AND LEGITIMATE MANNER.

For instance, it would not apply if someone were to bring a gun into the closed session and then threaten to shoot anyone who disagreed with him or refused to go along with the items and policies he wanted. It obviously would not apply if he attempted to facilitate contracts that were based on illegal backroom fixes in exchange for the payment of under the table bribes, (Well, on second thought it probably would if the closed session took place in an agency of Scams FraudsFIXso government, in other words in the city about twenty miles from Alameda County, and based on the way things are "progressing" in Alameda County, in another five or ten years or so probably a lot of AC judges would take the position that even discussions of illegal backroom fixes in exchange for under the table bribes are legally protected as long as they occured in closed session.)

11:27 OK, the "disagreement" (remember, no illegal activity occurred) was legal and legitimate (it concerned the treatment of a HUSD employee), therefore meeting your criteria. Your counter examples are criminal acts. The incident may not have been very professional, but that is outside the purview of the Brown Act. BTW, I searched the Brown Act and couldn't find the phrase "legal and legitimate" in the statute. Your source?

Dobbs gets a free pass because because HUSD is a joke. They are too busy with The Superintendent 's New Clothes. Fawning and preening over that Made in Hayward b.s. Dobbs is an embarassment to Hayward and Hayward Schools. He perpetuates the "thug life" that Hayward is known for. Street talking and being aggressive with his bosses. Being medicated is a weak excuse. Next time use your sick leave Dummy Dobbs. At 200k + a year, you would think he would get paid sick leave. Thanks to his tirades, they will probably have armed security at the School Board meetings from now on. They should bill Madman Dobbs for the cost of security.

By MW:

In regard to the post of 10:46AM, I have no doubt that even if Dobbs had repeatedly punched in the mouth some of the other people present in that closed session, and in the process knocked their teeth out, some would still argue that since it had been intended to be a closed session, that therefore anything that happened at that closed session should remain confidential, and therefore anyone who discussed that or any other criminal activity that occurred at that closed session should be punished.

And even if we were to accept such a ridiculous position and absurd interpretation of the Brown Act, the fact also remains that the various governmental bodies in California, and especially in the Bay area, regularly ignore, laugh at, and spit on the Brown Act, so for them to now suddenly try to rely on and justify their actions on the basis of the Brown Act would be similar to if Bernard Madoff suddenly demanded honesty and integrity.

MW, your response is so confused I really don't know what you're trying to say. Do you support the Brown Act? If so, then whoever leaked information about a close session was in violation of it. Neither was I interpreting it (though, appearantly, you were by including verbiage that you represented to be in the Act that is, in fact, not) nor was I justifying anyone's actions. You have to accept, however, that no criminal activity occurred. And what the heck does Bernie Madoff have to do with any of this? Seems like you're trying to pull whatever simile you could out of your, umm, out of thin air.

We will only know if criminal activity was done if politics prevent the perpetrator from getting charged. My conspiracy mind tells me that there are some hidden secrets here that go on in closed session to protect the made in hayward jiving superintendent. Dont forget he is black so I am sure he cannot do no wrong. I remember we had a white superintendent in and was fired just for telling the secretary she was full of shit in my district just a few miles away from hayward and I am more interested why he did not get fired for such outburst of profanity. Dump Dobbs..lol funny slogan. BTW I remember that people were complaining about his resume that is all bs and if so and no experience or credential then... Dump Dobbs.

Spoken like a closet racist, 11:26pm. What the hell does it matter what race someone is??? A superintendent ill-equipped to do the job is a superintendent ill-equipped to do the job, regardless of his or her color! I am so freakin' tired of people like yourself who are always so focused on someone's race rather than what the real issue is! It CONTINUES to amaze me that in the year 2015, race is STILL an issue. Come out of that racist fog you're living in and look at the real issue here - HUSD is failing, just as it has been for decades. It doesn't matter if the head of a failing enterprise is black, white, red, yellow or purple with neon-green stripes - it's still a failing enterprise!!

to 7:51. Just because someone brings out the very obvious does not mean they are racist. I am an Affrican -American 100% brotha and very proud of it. I am very ashamed of this superintendent wrapping himself with the NAACP and making it a race issue with fatso Freddy Davis. The dude has to go and look for another job. Going 5150 on the board the people we elected is not cool. I used to be a vice-principal there and the Hayward schools need something better. I went to the Made in Hayward kickoff fo rmy son's school and it is a complete joke. Let's be real people. C'mon are you going to let this joker be your sup. Anyhow I rewrote the made inn Hayward pledge to bring out what is real.

Here it is...

I am Stan Dobbs a Hayward Superintendent and proud to make 250K a year, for what? I don’t know, since I am not qualified, have no education credentials and my resume is all bullshit.

I pledge to join the 1000's of other ghetto bullies in Hayward on their pathway to keep their job and harass people.

I will be incompetent, and ignorant, cowardly and unaccountable with plenty of excuses for my behavior.

I pledge not to become proficient when any work is required no matter how simple it is.

I will find and use medical doctors to prescribe me simple procedures that I can exaggerate to everyone as life and death.

I will apply excuses for my bully behavior from doctor’s notes and insincere apology letters written by 4th graders.

I will follow these corrupt values in my pursuit to keep my job at all costs including lying to the community, NAACP, and churches to help save my job.

I am a medicated in Hayward superintendent and plan to have my way no matter how incompetent and violent I am.

Medicated in Hayward
I want to know if people are going to stand up and read that pledge. ...
I always get a good laugh here from local politics.
Go ebcitizen.com

By MW:

Let's think of the hundreds of people who evidently got Shigella from a restaurant that supposedly cut corners on sanitation.

In other words so that government can "better" fulfill its job of "serving," "safeguarding," and "protecting" the public, we need more closed and secret hearings in which all sorts of things, and including items involving public officials who may have very well received under the table bribes so as to determine their decisions, can be discussed, and without the relevant information being disclosed to the general public.

NOTE: I used to work in a large building that had a huge variety of people, and including young schoolchildren, regularly going into it. However so as to drastically reduce the cost of the building's almost constant remodeling projects, and many of which were in areas that were heavily infested with asbestos, the building's ownership and management did not take any steps to reduce the amount of asbestos flying around all over the place, and including into the tenants' lungs, but instead caused the tenants to think it was just ordinary plaster and dust rather than asbestos.

And when a whistleblower started to talk about it, then the building's sleazy lawyers, and who were extremely politically connected, went through the appropriate charades, "investigations," and "analysis" to "prove" that it was "proper" that information not be disclosed to the tenants. and "improper" for the tenants to know that the building's ownership and management had been subjecting them to lung cancer and slow mass murder.

So let's have more closed, secret, and off the record hearings. YEAH - YEAH - YEAH. After all, we can trust high ranking public officials, since they would never lie to us and/or pull anything sleazy.

It is time to leave Hayward now that even the school leadership are bullies. So glad I put my kid in a private school. Made in Hayward is a truckload of bs. Be real Dump Stan Dobbs is right and his pledge should be Medicated in Hayward. I feel it for all parents that can't afford private school for their kids. MW you are right bro.

MW, your reasoning laughable oblique. Do you understand the purpose of the Brown Act? It's main purpose is to eliminate governmental secrecy and promote transparency. There is a provision for closed meetings to protect the privacy of individual employees, etc., much like we have protection against public disclosure of our medical records. BTW, what set Dobbs off, from what I understand, was that a Board member was attacking, unfairly, in Dobbs's opinion, a HUSD employee. That's right: he was defending someone he thought was being bullied. Kinda ironic isn't it? The problem here is that we only know and can only know part of what transpired, and that's exactly why this shouldn't have been leaked. Case closed.

So..now that staff was getting beat up by mcgee and reynoso and that's why dobbs had yo beat up reynodo and mcgee. OK now I get it. Somehow I just don't see reynoso or mcgee being physically violent. I just think dobbs is lying as MW suggests.
The schools need to investigate if dobbs is a bully with other employees as others have spoken in the district meeting I went to.

Hey, 10:44, ok, if you say you're not a racist, no choice but to give you a pass. I've got to give it to you though, you pretty much nailed the pledge! I CRINGE every time I hear HUSD students recite that pledge. The little angels are far too young to understand just how broken the system that is charged with giving them a true quality education is. And it has BEEN broken for decades. For the life of me, I don't understand how the parents who obviously think Dobbs walks on water can't see that.

5:25, well, you can bring whatever preconceptions you have to the discussion. Everybody else does. If you think Dobbs is a liar without substantiation, go ahead. That's the problem of this illegal leak. Also, I didn't mention any Board member in my post. Is that your assumption. As far as Reynoso goes, granted he's a wimp and wouldn't physically intimidate anyone, but if you've watched a number of Board meetings, you know he is often antagonistic, querulous, has a habit of badgering people and will even walk out when he feels like it. And that IS in the public record.

7:28, the operative words you used were: "And it has BEEN broken for decades." Dobbs is facing a long history of bad administrations, doofus school boards, poor student performance and labor strife. Remarkably, under Dobbs's watch and according to recently released data, there has been some tangible improvement. Maybe a little too little or a little too late for you, but I find it encouraging.

I love this site.
Yep dump Dobbs! No one is above the law. Anyone ever check if he was really sick? This bro needs to go nice job on the hayward pledge..you guys hilarious.

I am Stan Dobbs a Hayward Superintendent and proud to make 250K a year, for what? I don’t know, since I am not qualified, have no education credentials and my resume is all bullshit.

I pledge to join the 1000's of other ghetto bullies in Hayward on their pathway to keep their job and harass people.

I will be incompetent, and ignorant, cowardly and unaccountable with plenty of excuses for my behavior.

I pledge not to become proficient when any work is required no matter how simple it is.

I will find and use medical doctors to prescribe me simple procedures that I can exaggerate to everyone as life and death.

I will apply excuses for my bully behavior from doctor’s notes and insincere apology letters written by 4th graders.

I will follow these corrupt values in my pursuit to keep my job at all costs including lying to the community, NAACP, and churches to help save my job.

I am a medicated in Hayward superintendent and plan to have my way no matter how incompetent and violent I am.

5:29pm - if you call tangible improvement not being dead last in school rankings by county, as board president John Taylor gushed at a recent board meeting, that's not saying much. I have nothing against Dobbs (other than the fact that he's apparently a bully), I just don't believe someone with no background in education is the right person to lead a school district that has a long history of low performance. He's a great PR guy, but a struggling school district needs a lot more than someone who can smile big for the camera and take home a fat paycheck. Obviously, he does more than that, but the district's performance rating certainly doesn't reflect much more right now. Time will tell under his "CEOmanship". (He REALLY needs to lose that CEO thing by the way).

Yeah, 6:14, a great site! All vitriol, barely coherent cynicism and crypto-racism. Good job, you fit right in!

8:21, my point was that under his watch the district is trending positive after many years of the opposite. Once again, maybe not enough for you. As far as salary, average superintendent salary for a California district Hayward's size in 2013 (when Dobbs was hired) was $227,183. Dobbs was hired in at $229,000. Not exactly breaking the bank, superintendent-wise. If you really think is overpaid, unqualified and incompetent, then you need to fire the folks who hired him, the HUSD School Board, because he was certainly not an unknown quantity to them, having previously served as district CFO.

Dobbs is the greatest thing to happen to HUSD. Taylor and Dobbs together do it all. Add on Walker for the trifecta. The followers crowd.

to 6:14 Dump Dobbs, no education credentials, no experience, all bs in his made in hayward just cant stop laughing on medicated in hayward

We dont need a cheerleader we need a real superintendent. Dump dumb ass john taylor too and dumbass anete walker and dumb ass lisa bruner.

Not sure how I would go about firing the folks who hired Dobbs, 9:00pm - or even if I would want to participate in that, especially since most of my energies are focused on the continued well-being of myself and my family. My point is, I believe the board made a crappy choice in hiring Dobbs, regardless of his salary. And, regardless of his behavior, they intend to stick with their crappy choice. Trending improvement can take a long time. But, I guess it's better than nothing...like being next to last rather than dead last. Perhaps, just perhaps, a superintendent with some solid experience and tenure in education would be able to speed up that trending a bit.

Hard to believe NAACP supports Stan Data Dobbs. So black lives matter and nothing else matters. If a student did the same thing to a principal then what happens?
Dump Dobbs is right!!!
Yep me to loves this site and it is not racial

only a geto district like hayward would get a geto superintent like stan dobs you all get what you deserve

By MW:

Actually regarding any possible disputes between Stan Dobbs and any of the members of the Hayward School Board, at least virtually all of us members of the general public have been missing the main point, in other words we have been distracted by, and heavily concentrating on, the sideshows.

More specifically, almost certainly Dobbs does not really want the HSD to provide high quality education, almost certainly the members of the HSD school board also do not want the HSD to provide high quality education to the students, it is extremely unlikely Hayward's mayor and City Council members want the HSD to provide REAL and high education to the students, and the big boys in California state government, and such as for example the governor, lieutenant governor, and the Democrats in the state legislature in Sacramento, etc, also do not want the local school district in Hayward or anywhere else to provide REAL and high quality education, since people who are educated, intelligent, and in better and well paying jobs vote Republican in overwhelming numbers, and while poor people, uneducated people, people in low paying jobs, and people on welfare vote Democrat in overwhelming high percentages.

So in any disputes between Dobbs and various members of the Hayward School Board, stop trying to figure out who is the good guy or good guys and who is the bad guy or bad guys, and instead just assume it is almost similar to a battle between two different mafia groups, but with each mafia family trying to brainwash and hoodwink the general public into thinking that it is composed of good guys.

And the big boys in the Scamsocratic Party, and such as for instance Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Eric Holder, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, and Jerry Brown, etc, etc, etc, are all well aware of that, and as a result, and no matter how much they pretend to be deeply committed to providing every student with a high quality education and eventually a good and well paying job, they are actually extremely aware that a populace that is truly well educated would mean the virtual end of the Democratic Party and the extremely profitable scams the snake oil salesmen, but who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, who run the DP have been foisting on the general public since at least the 1920's.

I just like that medicated in hayward pledge you guys are so hilarious here. Not sure what the hoopla here is about. Why not just fire that Dobbs guy, I do not know of anyone of that responsibility that would use that kind of language in behavior and still keep his job. Maybe is because he is black and that is why the Naacp has come in.
Does anyone know if somebody has recorded this anywhere?

Here it is...

I am Stan Dobbs a Hayward Superintendent and proud to make 250K a year, for what? I don’t know, since I am not qualified, have no education credentials and my resume is all bullshit.

I pledge to join the 1000's of other ghetto bullies in Hayward on their pathway to keep their job and harass people.

I will be incompetent, and ignorant, cowardly and unaccountable with plenty of excuses for my behavior.

I pledge not to become proficient when any work is required no matter how simple it is.

I will find and use medical doctors to prescribe me simple procedures that I can exaggerate to everyone as life and death.

I will apply excuses for my bully behavior from doctor’s notes and insincere apology letters written by 4th graders.

I will follow these corrupt values in my pursuit to keep my job at all costs including lying to the community, NAACP, and churches to help save my job.

I am a medicated in Hayward superintendent and plan to have my way no matter how incompetent and violent I am.

hehhehe... this is better than the sunday cartoons

Anyone as a sup that acts like that needs to be fired and we fired our sup in new haven for a hell of of lot less than that

Not sure why the NAACP want to support this man with such poor behavior. Unless they see that race if black should never be citizen for any behaviors. And that is why I don't have my kids in hayward schools. You all need to fix this and dump Dobbs is spot on.

I don't understand your post of the NAACP. What about citizen?

WOW! nice job on reporting this but so sad to see someone like this man be the top guy and yet the main bully. Why doe she call himself Stan "Data" Dobbs CEO, weird?

By MW:

In regard to the post of 9:03PM. the fact that he might call himself ":Data" Dobbs means absolutely nothing, and certainly does not prove that he is wonderful, intelligent, or really bases his decisions on facts.

For instance, one of the higher ranking department managers in Alameda County government is a character I will refer to as Mr. X, or maybe we should make that Dr. X.

Not even once have I ever seen a letter or position paper with X's name on it that did not mention that supposedly he has a Ph.D. In other words, and for a minute let's refer to him as "Joe Smith," when he writes and signs a letter full of his lies, garbage, and nonsense in which he is trying to sway, influence, and manipulate AC policy, rather than just signing it "Joe Smith," instead he always signs it "Joe Smith. Ph.D."

He is one of the stupidest and most simpleminded creatures I have ever met in my life, however agues in his delusions and hallucinations he imagines that since supposedly he has a Ph.D. that makes him an extremely superior person. (Well, he is an extremely superior con man.)

NOTE: According to a newspaper reporter I spoke with, X got his supposed Ph.D. from an "educational" institution I will refer to as Football Factory State University.

Once again MW strikes again calls them as he sees them. Yepers you are correct and this Doobs Dobbs Data CEO needs to be dumped for not having any credentials and sounding like a complete imbecil when he speaks. Every time I see data dobbs on tv he sounds like ebonics on crack. Don't tell me I'm racist cause I'm bro too. You can speak ebonics in the living room but in public you need to sound very educated if you are a superintendent. So does this man have a Stanford degre or not?

If P.T Barnum were still alive, he would be a better choice than Dobbs. He was the master of BS.

Yes Stan booby Data Dobbs knows that there is a sucker born every minute. Dump his ass.

You all racist thugs picking on a black man just because he is a superintendent

Only racist people resort to ghetto accusations of racism when clearly the Dobbs fellow is not worth his salary.

The only sup that shows pictures of himself in all his public meetings all the time .. hmm reality check needed. What does he do? Serious what does he do for 200k+ a year. That hayward school board needs to go for not firing this clown. How can anyone be so much a bully and be on the top of the district.

He is trying to use this position as a political stepping stone. He is kissing hands and shaking babies.

Al of this while most of school.boatd allows it. Sounds like a good comedy. The dancing dobbs.

goole" Stan Dobbs: San Diego Superintendent
Looks like he got fired in that city.

So true. Reynosa has repeatedly been the common denominator in conflicts & decisions lacking maturity, integrity & professionalism, including when he was teaching. He is a master of manipulation & deception. Impossible to understand how he was ever re-elected.

It's like the song by white snake for the HUSD.
I don't know where I'm going
But, I sure know where I've been
Hanging on the promises
In songs of yesterday
An' I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time
But, here I go again
Here I go again

Tho' I keep searching for an answer,
I never seem to find what I'm looking for
Oh Lord, I pray
You give me strength to carry on,
'Cause I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams

An' here I go again on my own
Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
Like a hobo I was born to walk alone
An' I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time

I'm just another heart in need of rescue,
Waiting on love's sweet charity
An' I'm gonna hold on
For the rest of my days,
'Cause I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams

An' here I go again on my own
Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
Like a hobo I was born to walk alone
An' I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time

But, here I go again,
Here I go again,
Here I go again,
Here I go...

An' I've made up my mind,
I ain't wasting no more time

An' here I go again on my own
Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
Like a hobo I was born to walk alone
'Cause I know what it means
To walk along the lonely street of dreams

An' here I go again on my own
Goin' down the only road I've ever known,
Like a hobo I was born to walk alone
An' I've made up my mind
I ain't wasting no more time...

But, here I go again,
Here I go again,
Here I go again,
Here I go,
Here I go again...

Read most comments here. It's not about Dobbs but about the kids. its not about the kids but seems political in nature. I am part of a group of people that are "in the know" we do not agree with the boards process at the beginning of the school year. Why did they not fire him sooner? Why not let him do his job because your going to pay him regardless (in the contract)? Now we have another superintendent to pay for because they fired him (this seems the trend). Our last one got hired even tho he was actively looking to leave (and they knew that)! Dobbs wants to stay... They could have had a mediation and come to an agreement or understanding. If the framers of the Constitution had been so childish... It would never have been penned! Instead the board should have had a general consensus from the public, parents, teachers and themselves on how to proceed. They chose to ignore it and have basically declared war on those they are suppose to serve. Just so people know Dobbs did get rid of a lot of people that were "skimming off the top" in HUSD. The board already spent 200k already and this could cost more than 500k if we are lucky. PS still waiting on a public response for their reasons to let him go.

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