Tuesday, October 27, 2015

San Lorenzo school administrator called cops to break up teachers' union meeting

San Leandro elected officials speaking at a rally 
Oct. 20 in support of San Lorenzo teachers.
SAN LORENZO | The labor dispute between San Lorenzo teachers and the school district is getting tense by the day.

In recent days, the push by teachers for higher wages and increased benefits is being met with harsh tactics by school district administrators.

Last week a San Lorenzo High School assistant principal summoned police to break up a lunch time union meeting.

Video below of the encounter has been viewed more than 280,000 on Facebook.

Although there were a few of us recording all the same footage in my classroom, this particular video credit goes out to Gina Spiers.I am reading comments on the shares which is a bit like following the game telephone in some cases. TO BE CLEAR: We are within our rights to have a meeting on campus without prior district approval, during our off-duty time. This was a violation on the part of the district. Article XXVII - Association Rights1. The Association shall have the right of access at reasonable times to areas in which employee's work, the right to use institutional bulletin boards, district mail, mailboxes, e-mail and the right to use institutional facilities at reasonable times for the purpose of meetings concerned with the exercise of the rights guaranteed under this Agreement.2. Authorized representatives of the Association shall be permitted to transact official Association business on school property at reasonable times as long as it does not interfere with the performance of regular duties of unit members.7. The District shall allow brief announcements of meetings in district news bulletins upon timely request.8. Association meetings called at any school are open only to members of the Association and/or members of the bargaining unit.
Posted by Amy Bellamy on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Following the incident with teachers and sheriffs deputies, the San Lorenzo Education Association union said it filed an unfair labor practice charge withe Public Employment Relations Board on Oct. 23 against the school district.

The classroom confrontation on Oct. 20 occurred just hours before more than 600 teachers demonstrated in front of the school district's offices. San Lorenzo teachers are  the lowest paid in Alameda County, says the union.

More than a week earlier, the teachers' union declared an impasse in negotiations. A mediation session between teachers and the school administration is scheduled for Oct. 30, said the union.


  1. By MW:

    Back in the pre-Stone Age when I was in junior high and senior high school, students who misbehaved were sent to the Dean's office for a stern talking to, and sometimes followed by after school detention, occasionally a three day suspension, and on rare occasions even being expelled.

    However I have a much better idea than having the Dean, or possibly the principal, yelling at misbehaving students.

    My idea is that rather than having the school's brass lecture misbehaving students on what they shouldn't do, instead they should give misbehaving students positive examples of how civilized, intelligent, well behaved, and well mannered ADULTS act in various situations, and negotiate and work out problems and disagreements.

    So in the future any student who misbehaves, and rather than being given a lecture and possibly also detention or suspension, should instead be made to read reports on how: one, Stan Dobbs and the Hayward School Board handled things when they had a disagreement; and two, a San Lorenzo HS assistant principal and a group of teachers discussed and worked out their disagreements.

    In fact if I was the principal or Dean of Boys at a Bay area high school, and a misbehaving student was sent to me for discipline, before I even gave him the reports to read on how Stan Dobbs and the Hayward School Board and the San Lorenzo High School assistant principal and various teachers worked out their disagreements, I would say to the misbehaving student:

    "You young teenaged riff raff, you need to learn from your elders and betters, and rather than fighting, yelling, and screaming, how MATURE, intelligent, and civilized ADULTS work out and solve their problems."

  2. The problem with calling the police to break up a LEGAL gathering is they may shoot first and ask questions later. Such intervention should be used sparingly, only in case of actual danger, not for ego gratification.

  3. Superintendent Brill should resign or the School Board should fire him!

  4. The Teacher's Union is still a MAFIA run organization. The San Lorenzo Teacher Union refuses to publish any of their budget information and where the money goes. They want more money so the Union President can buy ANOTHER new TESLA

  5. Should you be teaching my child during the day instead of getting paid to have a MAFIA TEACHER'S UNION meeting ???

    Our Teacher's MAFIA UNION takes our dues and spend them any way they want without documentation. Ex. Try to get published information on how much of our union dues was spent on school board elections and you will be told to never ask again OR ELSE....

    Our MAFIA BOSSES refuse to give us anything or ask our opinion or desires of who or what we support.

    I will refuse to strike. I found out that our MAFIA BOSSES have mismanaged our union budget andf there is NO MONEY in our strike fund !!! I found out that I would have to ask for a loan from the union and repay that loan and carry a picket sign..

    My question was, where is the money that they took from my check each month for years and should have been placed into an emergency strike fund? THERE IS NOT A DIME FOR ANY OF US...

    I will not strike ! I have a family to feed and take care of and I don't have a new TESLA and wanting more money.