Friday, October 9, 2015

Skinner campaign offered ‘birthday kisses’ for $2,500; 'love' for $100

Nancy Skinner, right, with Wilma Chan, who 
dropped out of the SD9 race last week.
STATE SENATE | DISTRICT 9 | Nancy Skinner celebrated her birthday this week and like many politicians nowadays the milestone is a perfect opportunity for fundraising.

But, Skinner was offering a little more than usual, like very expensive birthday kisses in exchange for campaign cash.

Skinner, the former Berkeley assemblymember, is vying for a return to Sacramento in next year’s Ninth State Senate District race, also including Sandre Swanson, San Pablo Vice Mayor Rich Kinney and education advocate Katherine Welch.

Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan last week abruptly dropped out of the race due to a poor outlook for attracting campaign contributions.

Chan concluded she could not raise the enough money to compete with Swanson, who may be able to tap labor and Skinner who already has $925,000 in the bank, mostly from her former Assembly account.

Meanwhile, Skinner’s fundraiser was not cheap and, of course, with a birthday theme. For a $2,500 donation to Skinner’s campaign you received “birthday kisses” and $1,000 got you “birthday hugs,” according to the invitation. “Birthday well wishes” cost $500, while $250 was worth a “birthday cake.”

And who says, “Can’t buy me love”? Not Skinner. She’s charging $100 for “birthday love.”


  1. By MW:

    Regardless of whether a person had chosen to put up $100 or $2,500, it was a fantastic deal, since I cannot think of anything more wonderful than getting a hug and/or a kiss from a politician - or for that matter even having the great honor and privilege of being in the same room as a politician.

    In fact next time a politician makes an offer like that, I am not only going to pay the $2,500 or more to get both a hug and a kiss from the politician, but immediately afterwards will jump into a big tub full of Lysol so as to disinfect myself.

  2. By MW:

    In fact, rather than having candidates running for political office sell hugs and kisses with the money raised to be used as a source of election campaign fundraising, instead, and since government is supposedly broke and supposedly needs to raise taxes, my suggestion is that all candidates running for office, and also all present office holders when attending public meetings, sell hugs and kisses, BUT AND WITH THE MONEY RAISED TO BE CONTRIBUTED TO THE PUBLIC TREASURY.

    And since politicians are such wonderful people, we could also raise still additional money by offering to sell Lysol disinfectant to anyone who had had the "honor," "privilege," and "pleasure" of being kissed and/or hugged by a politician.

  3. Free herpes with purchase.

  4. By MW:

    Since it is such an extremely great honor and privilege to associate with a politician in any way whatsoever, and especially to get a hug and/or a kiss from a politician, I suggest we do the following so as to maximize the amount of money collected.

    And first of all, and rather than the money collected going to the politician's election campaign fund, instead it will go to the public treasury so as to cancel the need to raise taxes, and rather than any politicians offering hugs or kisses in exchange for one hundred dollars or twenty-five hundred dollars, instead all politicians will automatically give both a hug and a kiss to any member of the general public they see unless the member of the general public immediately gives the politician ten thousand dollars on the spot, AND IN CASH, no checks nor credit cards accepted.