Sunday, January 3, 2016

Honda fundraising email aligns Khanna with Trump, right wing

Rep. Mike Honda and Ro Khanna
CONGRESS | DISTRICT 17 | The congressional race in the South Bay’s Seventeenth District is setting itself up to be a rehash from two years ago of faux political controversies involving Democrats Rep. Mike Honda and Ro Khanna.

The latest is a year-end fundraising email from Honda’s campaign to supporters that suggested links between Republican presidential firebrand Donald Trump and Khanna, a moderate Democrat who fell less than four points of defeating the incumbent in 2014.

The email sent Dec. 30 attempts to position Honda as the race’s clear choice of the left. Honda, however, is already known as one of the most liberal members of Congress, and such solicitations are typically made to a candidate's loyal base.

Donald Trump's political shadow is so large
it's even hovering over the South Bay race.
“Honda has spent his career fighting for justice and equality in Washington — and the Republicans can’t stand it,” wrote the campaign. “That’s why they’re aligning themselves, again, with our opponent, Ro Khanna, in attacking one of the nation’s leading progressive champions. It’s shameful — and we can’t let Donald Trump’s Republican Party get away with.”

Honda’s appeal for campaign contributions led Khanna’s campaign to seize on the connection to Trump a day later, along with their own plea for donations. Khanna’s message also made it clear that he is, indeed, a Democrat, and one who was appointed by President Obama to the Department of Commerce. “I now am convinced that there is nothing Mike Honda will not do to hold on to political office," Khanna said in the email letter. "Mike Honda actually had the gall to imply that Donald Trump's supporters were behind my candidacy.”

Ron Cohen, the only actual Republican in the race thus far told the East Bay Citizen, that he doubts Trump “would even acknowledge the existence” of Honda and Khanna. Cohen, a Fremont certified public account that has never run for elected office, however, was critical of Honda for mischaracterizing Khanna’s political ideology.

"Whether Mr. Honda's comments demonstrate a fact-based reality and civility that we should expect in the highly intelligent 17th District is a question for the voters to consider,” said Cohen. “I view Mr. Honda's comments with some sadness for the tone of this race, so early, and during the holidays.”

He then jokingly pledged not to link Honda to Hillary Clinton for the sake of raising money.


  1. I've been a democrat my entire adult life. I take personal offense by Honda's attacks on Ro and his supporters. Where does he get off thinking that since I voted for the "other" democrat that he can say that I'm sympathetic to Trump and the GOP. This is the worst of politics.

    I used to think (naively) that only republicans played tricks like this. However, given the racist ads that Honda used last year, I have learned better. This time, I plan to actively volunteer for Khanna and get out a dozen of my friends to do the same. This madness must end. Honda doesn't know when to retire!!!

  2. By MW:

    In regard to the statements of Mike Honda in recent years;

    Let's say that John Doe is at age twenty-five a center fielder in major league baseball, and in fact a pretty good one. In fact, let's assume that he is not only his team's center fielder but also its leadoff hitter, and on a team in which the leadoff hitter position has a major emphasis on stealing bases. However John Doe, and although he is a superior center fielder and also a very fast runner, is one of the very weakest players in the entire league when it comes to power hitting, in other words producing homeruns and RBI's.

    And obviously at some point, possibly at age thirty, very likely by age thirty-five, and almost certainly before age forty, his ability to run, and therefore to steal bases and cover center field, will decline to the point that he will probably be of no use to a major league baseball team, and therefore most likely he will be released, and including since he lacks the homerun and RBI power that most teams would want in an older center outfielder that they might consider converting into a a first baseman or even a corner outfielder.

    In other words, eventually Father Time always wins, and as most major league athletes usually find out before they reach age forty.

    Similarly, mental abilities also eventually decline due to age, although most people still have their ability to think effectively long after they have lost their ability to run almost as fast they could back when they were in high school.

    But regardless, it is definitely time that Mike Honda, and his brain, and which has obviously lost it, was put out to pasture.

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