Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Alameda County Supervisors to replace chief probation officer

Alameda County Chief Probation Officer LaDonna
Harris will remain until a replacement is hired.
Alameda County’s Chief Probation Officer LaDonna Harris is being replaced by county supervisors.

No official announcement has been made regarding Harris's departure, but in a memo to her department, she referenced the search for her replacement has already begun.

“As many of you are aware, the county has been preparing to launch a recruitment for the next chief probation officer,” Harris wrote last month. “The board is close to making their announcement, and as I promised, I am making you aware that this is forthcoming.”

However, nearly a month has passed since the memo without any mention by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors that Harris’s job was in jeopardy or that even a change was imminent.

Dave Brown, chief of staff for Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan, said the board is currently seeking to hire a recruiting firm, but Harris will remain chief probation officer until her replacement is hired, said Brown.

Sources tell the East Bay Citizen that Harris isn’t being fired, but only that her contract is not being renewed by the county. Pressure, though, has been building against Harris since, at least, last fall stemming from allegations of cronyism in a number of personnel moves she was advocating at the Probation Department, said sources.

The Alameda County Probation Department includes more than 600 employees and oversees 11,000 adult probationers, in addition, to administering various services and programs.

Harris has led the department since 2012 following the abrupt resignation of former chief David Muhammad, who was involved in an alleged sexual harassment suit brought forth by an underling in the probation department. Harris previously served 29 years in the Alameda County Sheriffs Office.


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By MW:

If the members of the AC Board of Supervisors really believe that LaDonna Harris did not do a good job, then I am surprised that she is being basically fired, and altho it might be referred to as just a decision to not renew her contract.

More specifically, the way it normally works in AC government is that if a high ranking person does a bad job, the person is almost always given a promotion and a pay raise. Somewhat related to that, the way one person, and who has been following AC government for much longer and much more closely than myself, put it is that the highest ranking people in AC government are very mediocre and low in intelligence (and I think he was being very diplomatic in that comment), and therefore are scared of having anyone in their insiders club who is intelligent and of high caliber, so therefore generally the people they appoint to high ranking positions are people similar to themselves, in other words people who are mediocre and of low intelligence. (In a way related to that fact that first rate people hire first rate people and second rate people hire third rate people.)

However sometimes there is so much media publicity concerning one of the turkeys and jokers that has a high ranking and highly paid position in AC government, that therefore the Board of Supervisors is forced to "fire" the character. However what usually happens in that case is that a few months later, and after the media is no longer closely looking, the person who is an incompetent and/or crook is quietly given another high ranking job in AC government that pays just as much or more.

In other words, the big boys and the insiders run AC government just like a big organized crime ring, and with its main reason for existence being to rip off the ordinary citizens.

This idiot should never have got this job. The BOS likes puppets, so go figure!

One of her crony's Haleh Sultani who tried to get promoted to a position that she was not qualified to apply for, was shut down by the civil service commission 5-0. Now Labooma might appoint her as acting Chief.

Promoted her foster Son Derik Bedford Derick Bedford to ISII Supervisor also promoted Derick Bedford's wife Cassie Bedford to supervisor and promoted all of Derick Bedford's Friends who he supervised in the WETA program to supervisors who had less seniority in the job and were less qualified.

This woman is a mess the sheriff's dept staff didn't care for her either. If you have an education you don't get promoted. If you try to get a job in probation you can't even if you're qualifed. Yay for the non contract renewal.so many people have been ages on admin leave without proper protocol. Lets see what her favorite people going to do when she leaves.

Momma Aka LaDonna Harris, has been fired, wonder what all her bad children Aka (Supervisors), are gonna do now ? Never Worry !!!

They should also look into Human Resources heads Mary Welch and Kathy Mount who has been working closely with Ladonna in rigging interview panels so that she could hire her Cronys.

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Never worry, my ass. If we put our names here, you will go crying to LA Mama and get us all walked out. You commenting on here let's everybody know you are worried as hell. Get a real life. You ain't no leader.

Put your Never worry college transcripts on the page in your body of work,that qualifies for you to meet the basic requirements for you to be in the building,and tell everyone That La Donna is your foster mother, while you're putting things on the table. Your college transcripts WILL NEVER SHOW UP, BECAUSE YOU NEVER WENT, and you NEVER should have gotten the job. A Judge gave you a pass, street cred is not college so put up the basic 45 units if you got them,prove me wrong !!! and if you don't, you NEVER WENT. I HOPE SOMEONE FROM THE CIVIL COMMISSION READS THIS. So #peace #ineverworry #emotionalintellgence. You better start worrying, and you spelled intelligence wrong hmm. what do they say in the Allstate Commercial Silence.

Bedford is FELON. He should have never gotten the job.

Bedford stop. You're making yourself look bad.

This all a mess but I do believe it's a good move!

Throw a rock in a pack of dogs and the only one that's going to holla is the one that got hit

STEVEN TAVARES, hold Mr Bedford(compliance Director of Juvenile hall), accountable at his word. Bedford stated he would put his body of work on the table for comparison. I see when he was asked to produce real college transcripts, the basic amount needed to qualify for the job, 45 units. He removed his comment (This comment has been removed by the author), Never Worry, February 4, 2016 at 11:59 AM. STEVEN TAVARES,Ask Derick Bedford Compliance Director ISII Supervisor for Alameda County Probation Department to produce the Required number of college credits to qualify for the job, after all, he is the compliance Director who passes judgement on others, Why can't he produce college transcripts ? Never went? STEVEN TAVARES investigate this matter Mr. Bedford is doing the public business and the the public has a right to know. Mr. Bedford I think it's time WORRY, the civil service commision will be notified.

well looks like SHH will hit the fan. you cant fix stupid and its sad cause the hall will fall apart. lets see if the chosen favorite will still be a favorite after the departure. and does she know she was conned by the ex con. what goes around will come around. hopefully the county does an investigation and those promoted and all the minions get demoted. its gonna get real

We are learning that there was some shady business between Ladonna Harris and County Human resources regarding some promotional hiring's in the past few years. All interview panels were rigged. Kathy Mount from County human resources has to be investigated by an outside agency.

The madness will end if BOS chooses to hire someone immediately to do the Chief's job who has Probation experience. Is that too much to ask?

#Wow The Alameda County Pro-Idiot Department run by bonafide idiots. One fool had the nerve to respond!!!! He got some good advice late and pulled his comment# #Too late!!! Knowing full well this madness must end! #Too many people tired of LaMamma promoting people that do not deserve it over those that do. then it always turns out these people are a few beers short of a six pack!!!

#right and the weird thing is, the Probation Department is the most intelligent branch of Law Enforcement in the County, but they always put fools in charge instead of those qualified and deserving!!



can somebody get that boy a spell check...

Sounds like a bunch of bitter people who don't have anything better to do than complain... If you geniuses were SO QUALIFIED, why weren't you guys promoted before Chief Harris was placed in that seat? #getbacktowork

You never know who knows who and whom will be where at what time. Today I overheard someone talking about someone I know pretty well. I know of many of their struggles and challenges and I also know that lately they have been blessed.
People, just because someone doesn't have a liberal arts education, doesn't mean they ARE NOT qualified for a higher position on their job, especially if they have been on their job nearing 20 years. The individual that was spoken about turned their life around and apparently since they are now publicly visible and shining on the job and off, people are having a problem.
When someone has lived through something and learned from their experiences, they are uniquely better qualified and definitely equally qualified as people with academic credentials. Moreover, all of the ivy league schools are offering lots of free coursework. The only thing you do not get is a transcript to say you attended and graduated. So, there are plenty of ways to come by the information one needs to do a great job in many of the administrative positions that are out here.
So what someone is a felon, if they are not committing felonious acts today, what they did yesterday doesn't matter. If they didn't embezzle, touch a child, rape a woman, or brutally beat anyone, we are talking non violent crime. Crime that in many other countries has been decriminalized. STOP HATING. If most of the people who are talking were put up to the light to check for transparency and really given a thorough background check, they would be out of the door simply based on the people they associate with and likely some of their Facebook posts would end them.
Don't be mad because the good lord blessed someone and opened a door that may have been otherwise closed to them. Be happy that they can be a beacon of light and hope for others who are trying to transcend horrible circumstances. Be happy they can take care of their family without doing crime, be happy for their good fortune. If you have a degree, your turn will come. Just keep working hard. Don't be mad at the next person for receiving a blessing.
Lastly, so what someone in power looked out for them and was close to them. THAT'S CALLED A BLESSING. Do they do their job, YES, are they good at their job, YES, are they in a new position and should they be given time to adjust for the learning curve to correct weaknesses, ABSOLUTELY.
Whomever you are, you are "worried" about the wrong thing and obviously, he's never does.

PS. I'm Mason Cooper. AA(2), BA, BS, MSA. I come from the neighborhood and understand these youth. They need someone like DB. Books and classes do not give you EVERYTHING you need to deal with the issues these young men come with. There has to be a balance. I am also glad he has some protection and insulation against all of the hate that is being spewed on this post. Calm it down. I had to hear about this in the streets today while I was getting my daughter's hair done. #Chill

Will the commission take a look at those who were wrongfully put on leave or fired for simple mistakes without progressive discipline because they weren't part of the "in" crowd at the time? Can those cases be reopened?

Preach! All these "Educated" people love to bring down others because their light isn't shining!

Does several years of continuous service or volunteer work in the field count for anything? I mean, I have my credentials, but I would also think one could come by theirs from experience or is that not true? Doesn't probation offer many training opportunities, including conferences and other institutional educational opportunities one could take advantage of and become learned and skilled? Obviously he was able to learn something valuable, he was able to produce a book that deals with a subject matter used within the confines of the hall. Lastly, even when people are well qualified academically and otherwise, in most cases across the board, the promotions go to people who are well qualified and well liked. Ironically, favor often gives us a little boost. That's life. In the larger context, White Privilege operates in a social class context whereby racial preference is used to grant people access. In this situation, I think street credibility is working for the benefit of experience. It means he was once where those kids are and can connect on a very deep level, which means he can reach them. Street kids don't want to be bothered with suits all the time. It infuriates most of them. There is enough room there for both types of people, the straight laced, law and order, never been in any trouble type of people, and people who have had some troubles and learned from them. The kids needs the best of both worlds. Use your energy to help those kids and stop bickering about something that lacks importance. SAVE OUR YOUTH!

I am an outsider who follow BOS politics and Steven's posts. When I see so many comments on an article by Steven, there is a serious problem somewhere. I don't believe BOS will make this right for you guys because corruption has plagued them. I would recommend to take this matter to Governor Brown's office. I have seen success when complains go to that office. You guys keep up the great work that you do for our community.

Right On!!!!! Keep on keeping on DB!!!Let these haters hate....

I have to agree with most of the comments. Ms. Harris has been Horrible since she took office! She's been a dictator and has wielded her sword again and again cutting DEEP into the hearts of many of the hard working, dedicated employees of Alameda County. Please, please investigate her doings extensively!! Many great employees have been passed over for positions that they applied for because they weren't part of "The good ole boys club" and weren't willing to be subservient to her! People who have been with the department for over 15 and 20years were passed over and jobs were given to people who have been with the department for 2 and three years. People who have been caught sleeping on the job were promoted to supervisory positions. Firing people for trivial matters...no written warning or suspension...just termination! Just horrible. We don't like her. We don't trust her and we hope that you put ANYONE in her place. Anyone would do a better job. She has no ethics and no Heart!!!

Off to Governor Brown's Office this shall go! We need a cure for this plague

Doesn't California Law state that if you want to hire for a position you must post it, in order to give everyone interested a chance to apply even if you know who you want to hire for the job? Why wasn't this done for the compliance officer position, better yet why is there no such job, or job description listed?

Isn't it a form of intimidation when the compliance officer "DB" says to staff " when you ready to get on my team let me know".

Many have discussed credentials, education, volumes of work within the community. Mason Cooper, when Mr. Bedford began working with the staff, he was embraced and well respected. The young man brought a new perspective and positive energy to the department. Somewhere along the way, he became entrenched with a passion to prove to those who did not matter that he would show them, and they would bow down. Many purchased his t-shirts, sweatshirts, and now a bullshit ass, poorly written piece of false propaganda book that he does not believe in himself. He used European tactics to gain entry by stepping on others. Sad, very sad to watch this young man change for the worse. Cronyism has been exposed in the hiring practices within the Probation Department; many employees have been skipped over for those who are less qualified. It's very unfortunate, that someone with five years of experience are more qualified to obtain a promotion opposed to one who has 10-15 years of service that exceeds the standard of performance. Hate is a strong word. Envy is even stronger. No one hates Mr. Bedford, many are despised as to the inner-workings within the department that he has aligned himself to the negativity that he perpetuates. He should have a forum against those, but then again, only a person on conscious mind would never have called out meaningless individuals to discuss his body of work which appears very shallow and minimal on a small scale. What can he compare his body of work too? A guest appearance on the Today Show, or how about when a copy of the book was slipped to the POTUS, which was never mentioned in mainstream media. How about a guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Damn, I'm still trying to figure out his volume on MENIAL work. I guess you can compare his work to a blue whale chewing on a tic-tac, no relevance at all. Many are angered by the events that have taken place within probation. Now they want to vent behind a computer screen instead of confronting the man they call DB, who is above the Oakland Patriot plan. But again, no one is hating on that man, he has destroyed the spirit around probation and nor is he strong enough to deal with the personal attacks. The metaphor of throwing a rock at a pack of dogs and one will holla holds true. Its a sign of weakness because a pack of dogs are strong in strength, and would never flinch over negative adversity.

iNeverWorry. Free Munoz, because we know you had something to do with his demise.

iNeverWorry equates to iAmAWeakling

Dear Alameda County Sheriff's Department, Please don't send your retards to run the Probation Department. If you have retards like Harris, please send them to John George.

Really?????? Are you all serious? The goal is our community and our clients. You all are worried about what everyone else is doing and crying about what position(s) you did not get. Worry about yourselves. It's sad that WE as a department are looking a fool right now because some of you are in your feelings. When in reality WE do a lot on a day to day basis. The bottom line is you don't have to work there, if you don't like it then maybe it's time for a change. Sitting here putting everyone's name out there is simply ridiculous!!!

Well, now that you mention Munoz (sorry Munoz ), Why did he and others get demoted or fired for DUI's? Derrick Bedford has a couple, one which is a felony (property damage ), went to Santa Rita and he didn't even get put on Administrative Leave? Shouldn't everyone who got fired or demoted get their jobs back since he never lost his? Fair is fair right? Furthur more you got people being put on Administrative Leave for an expiring lincense! Maaaannn, you got people getting written up for wearing warm jackets in el nino !!!!

Mr. Compliance Officer! Who is supervising you, cause we still failing inspections! Yeeeeeep, we know that inspector told you to get ya paperwork in order or you was gon feel it!

Lets get off Bedford and talk about the hundreds of thousands of dollars Ms. Harris spent on the Tolerance tour for the last three years! Does the community and BOS know how she took 12 Criminals to Tennessee and Herself, of course, and abut 9 other members of her entourage on a spending spree to Tennessee and LA, Universal studios where our county dollars bought Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and souvenirs all on the County Pocketbook!! Not to mention that half the kids that she picked for this tour are either in Prison now or dead? Check into that! If this was supposed to be a learning experience for the youngsters why did SHE have to go EVERY year. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

Mason Cooper, AA(2), BA, BS, MSA. I am sure you have worked very hard to achieve your education goals. What you stated had a very Kumbaya feel to it, but it was also very degrading. Why should a person with street Cred that lacks the very basic educational requirements to get hired, 45 college units, get a Pass. If he has more than 0 units please correct me. Mr. Bedford stated he was willing to put up his body of work against all comers. When Bedford was questioned in regards to his education, he deleted his statements from the website and ran for the hills. No one that applies for the job today would get in the way Bedford got in, so he shouldn't have got in in the first place. A misguided Judge or perhaps his misguided Foster Mother La Donna Harris, had strings pulled for him; in either case he still does not have the BASIC REQUIREMENTS for the job. You advocate for Mr. Bedford, knowing he is not qualified for the job. You say, "STOP HATING", but you don't know what you are taking about, you don’t work for the probation department, and if you do work for the Probation Department,open your dam eyes. The Probation Depart is now nothing more than a Chicken shack, with rampant Nepotism, Cronyism, and favoritism, ran By Momma La Donna Harris and her Foster Son Derrick Bedford and his band of Merry IS1 supervisors, With his GED from Camp Sweeney hanging on the wall. Does Google, IBM, Microsoft, Clorox, hire based on emotional intelligence, or do they hire the best and the brightest from college. Perhaps you should hire Mr. Bedford He has a degree in street cred from East Fourteenth Street University, with majors in drug dealing and attempted murder and a minor in shooting at people plus 2 DUI”S. IS that what our troubled youth really need, is more street cred? Does Microsoft need more street cred? Ask yourself a question Mason Cooper, why are so Many People writing on this website, and none of it is good, it’s called telling the truth not hating. Abusive People like Chief La Donna Harris aka Momma does a lot of dirt behind closed doors out of the eye of the public. Now she being exposed to the public, 50 plus comments and climbing, the avg is two comments per article.

Why were the participants on the tolerance tour wearing never worry gear?

This is so sad!!! so f***** sad that this department has been turned into having to be on a committee, backstabbing, ass kissing, robotic, micro managed hell hole. If you are on any of her ass licking committees( which you have to be chosen first) you are well on your way to being promoted. It doesn't matter how many years of dedication you've given the department or your experience, as long as you skin and grin and go along with all her madness on her hand chosen fuckfesses (i.e. the committees)you're in.

As a leader she was suppose to catapult this department to the top, to stay one of the best, but instead we have been pushed back and are considered the bottom feeders. The retards she has put in leadership positions are a big JOKE!!! and a slap in the face to the future of our department. The damage she has done will last for many years after she's gone. The department's morale has been at its all time low with this so-called chief. I wonder how she sleeps at night!!!..I mean really she has done NOTHING but divide us and turn us all against each other....SHAME on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors for hiring her thinking she could do the job. The BOS have truly failed our profession in the worst way possible.

Mason Cooper, why do you feel the need to post your academic credentials? I think you are receiving free never worry gear.

Hmmmm!! That should be investigated as well!!!!

Wasn't the shirts purchased out of the "James King Fund"! Now if that ain't a conflict of interest I don't know what is ( scratches head, and drops mic)!

"Criminal" you shouldn't work for the department if that's how you view our youth/client’s. This is embarrassing for our department and a direct reflection of it's employees, including yourselves.

Interesting that theres no mention of all the good work we do under her leadership. Juvenile Hall counts down 1/3, adult revocations and juvenile violations down more than 1/3, and the number of adults and juveniles on Probation have gone down at least 1/2... check into those facts too. Let's all please stop it. We are role models and leaders acting like children on social media. We would tell our children not to engage in this type of embarrassing communication and we know better and should show better. I appreciate LaDonna!

Great news! What an absolute disaster she has been. Suspending people with full pay without substantial justification only to bring them back to work without consequence after 5, 6, or 7 months costing the tax payers of Alameda County millions of wasted dollars in overtime for people still working while the suspended employees sits at home, goes on vacation or just hangs out. Attempting to promote people completely unqualified for sworn peace officer management positions because of their loyalty to her totally ignoring many qualified and experienced Deputy Probation Officers. Spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars by taking 11 or so juveniles annually, along 11+ staff and management personal, on weeks long trips across the country that have no redeeming value to the citizens of Alameda County. Allowing at least one known abuser of peace officer powers seeking the services of prostitutes, more than once, to soothe his libido to be promoted. And making unwanted sexual advances toward female coworkers that I made her aware of. I am told in her management meetings she scolded her managers if they failed to stick together even if they were wrong. Knowing that there was active racial discrimination and unrest within the department but did nothing, I know because I reported this to her personally. There is lots more about this woman's management that hurt and chilled the department. I know this because I was once the head shop steward with our union and had a VERY strong hand in the operations of the department, to some degree running certain departmental policy and operations. Because of my union work and my attempt develop policies that benefitted the entire department and the community, managers and line staff would frequently contacted me with information of issues and plans that mangement had in mind. I still had a few of those contacts when I retired.

Speaking of retards, how did Jennifer Brown promote to the ranks of supervisor, let alone a director?

If there are recent reductions in juvenile and adult probation activity, it is reflective of public policy shifts, which LaDonna has no impact on. Get it straight.

Let's not forget Chief Harris You Killed Ron Williams.

Shut up DB !!!!!!! cant hide Moma anymore !!!!

This is not D.B. Patna. It's all funny until your ass comes up missing

Is that you Moma La Donna threatening people or is it your Drug dealer Compliance Director Foster Son DB.

Tojo Thomas, Ryant Diew, Nathan Hill, Robert Moss, Brian Bingham, Alan Waugh, Nathan Hill, Jamal Nero, Monee Bailey etc.... Not so anonymous

Whatever Nathan.... You've always been a crybaby

Tojo, this is why you'll never become a supervisor.

That's Ian Wrong up there popping off!!!
Go to one of your beds Ian!

stop tricking

If you want to become a Director in the Juvenile Division you must chase a prostitute and shout Praise the Lord and God is good to me and my wife.

If you want to become a Compliance Officer, sell drugs, commit crime, go to prisom and DON'T WORRY about getting and education becase MOMMIE wil promoted you and you spouse. And your spouse will take the job position of GPS AND Home Supervision supervisor.

If you want to provide group session to folks, well, go to prison and first learn to sit in group and and start you on group counseling. You don't need to go college and you don't need need a degree to be a therapist. Remember your street smarts and your prison knowledge and now you are a therapist and you can help people with their problems.

If you want to become the CHIEF of Staff, you must first be a clerical supervisor and you must not apply for the job, because the job will never be posted. But you must be on all of Mommie's committees.

If you want to get promoted call the Boss Lady Mommie and attend her church.

If you want to travel and you do not work for Probation, ask Mommie to go to the board of supervisors to pay for all of you expenses.

oops, mommmie has lost control of her house.
Bad Mommie, Bad Mommie, Bad Mommie.



Lisa Hill is great. I vote for Lisa Hill to be the next Chief.

WTF? Ladonna Harris and the drug dealer/compliance officer DB stole money from the JAMES KING FUND?

Harris and Bedford,how much jail time are you both going to get for this? Are you going to place yourselves on Administrative Leave?

Harper(choked a kid) J. Lee (asleep on the job, & no Adm. Leave off) but they're compliance officers!!! , which is not a real, HR mandated position! Another form of " Cronyism" and " Never Worry Ass Kissin'!!! Investigations, & Demotions should follow!!!

Ian "Wrong" Long. Another "Cronyism" pick. This place is ran worst than McDonald's!!! Bring Ladner back!!

It is amazing to follow this thread, because the truth is coming out about the supervisors that were given jobs promoted over people more qualified, mostly because they were friends with Derrick Bedford,or Married to him. Derrick Bedford got in the Department through the Back door because of a misguided Judge with no college at all, and his shady connections to Chief Harris. Can you say Foster Son. It is also Amazing that every church you attend Chief LA MOMA Harris, they ask you to leave and never come back. Why is that? Must be the Agenda you try to spread. The church has to remove you like a bad cancer before you ruin it. Now the Board supervisor has to remove you like a bad cancer, before you destroy this department with your demonic spirit and all the demons you have given power to in the department. The chickens have come home to roost, Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. A Foot in the Ass to you as you leave begone, Chief Harris.

I Never Worry, while Moma is Here. But what am I gonna do when she leaves? Ian Wrong, will Protect ME. Naw, Ian Wrong gonna be singing a New Song called I'm Long Gone.

Ian "Wrong" Long, are you the protector for that drug dealer, criminal,thief Bedford? Did you make a deal with Mom LaDonna Harris that you would make sure Bedford do not get booted out with her? Is that why she hired your wife to be a probation officer in adults and your sister-in-law to be a juvenile instituional officer in the home supervision and gps unit with Bedford's wife?

Did you call the EX-Chief mom?

To Mom Harris:
My wife and sister-in-law wants a job too.

The Board of Supervisor shold take a look at everyone's job title in administration, meaning those that were hired during Harris' leadership. People were given jobs, without there ever being a job announcement of an open position ever being posted. Leticia Henderson, what's your job title again in administration? Is HARRIS your auntie?

Let us not forget Windy The Witch, pointed nosed, Esa who drives a V-8 powered Broom; who is also a Chief La Moma Harris crony. Esa helped to push La Moma agenda by sitting on employment panels during interviews for the ISI Supervisors jobs to make sure the right people got picked for supervisors. Hence, now we have the Bedford Gang, all coming from the WETA program, supervised by Derrick Bedford. Tifffiny Thomas, J Pierson, Cassie Bedford (Bedfords wife), Tywan Taylor,and acting ISI Richard Valle, and J. Lee( who frequently calls the kids NIGGERS when their locked behind closed doors). For her role in helping to build La Moma's House, Esa was promoted to Assistant Chief of Alameda County Probation. Nepotism, Cronyism, and Favoritism in action!!!! This website will reach a 100 comments, the truth is coming out. By the way J Lee was caught sleeping on job, why wasn't he been Walked out and put on Admin Leave Hmm?

J. LEE calling children NIGGERS, it's time that the public get involved and deal with him.

I'm an outside objective. These statements are very Disturbing, and somewhat sounds like inside "Corruption!!!" The city of San Leandro, or maybe even the States Office really should Investigate these claims!!! This is not good to hear!!

Why staff bring drugs into facility for the kids. Why staff show rated r movies.why staff fight kids like grown men. Why staff staff talk about their sexual activity in front of the youth. Why staff show up to work when they want too.why staff get into near physical altercations infront of the youth. Why staff show porn at work. Why staff drink on duty.why staff falsify legal documents.why staff do fraudulent workmen comps claims. I'm not a big fan of Harris either but all these things existed before she got here. So it dont matter how many years you been with the department if you didn't do your job and was corrupt the entire time. This place is ghetto.they need to randomly drug test the staff this will show what Harris was really up against. Bedford felon yeap. Bedford excon yeap . Bedford in the system as a youth yeap. You Judas hypocrites that are hired to change the young men and women lives we service. I thought the goal was to find something in an individual that's redeemable and then rehabilitate that person. It took a white man to find him redeemable and a group of us to destroy him. Everytime I go to work I'm trying to mentor and create another Bedford.

Keep drinking that Kool Aid and you will get there!!!

Can we get the Board of Supes or the Attorney General on this thread?

Someone should draft a letter to AG and or the BOS!!!!

They wouldn't pass the background check or drug test in a different department.

That Chief then choose to keep him after the dui. Hella funny Harris would have gotten rid of him.

Bedford doesn't even have a H.S. Diploma! Another County, would never hire him. He's a Felon!! He shouldn't have gotten hired at this place, but he definitely needs to be "Fired" when "Harris" is!!!

Thank you but have you forgotten how ghetto and ignorant our coworkers are. This is a reflection of the people there. It's the same type of people leaving comments showing off our department.

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If anyone strongly feel that any of the above comments are mine, call me. I don't do anonymous stuff.

Why won't she just go!!!!..Her contract was up!!... Her type of leadership is clearly not wanted or needed for this department. Allowing her to stay while they find someone eles is just allowing her to continue with the madness...After her children/minions run and tell her all this...the whole department will be punished. Just go already!!! She has damaged us in the worst way possible!!..Just reading the threads indicate a SERIOUS problem. I'm not gonna credit her for the good work that is being done. The work good is being done by folks who love and value the probation profession!!! She hasn't done anything but created a big divide. What chief in their right mind would go to a civil service commission hearing in support of and rally for a F*** clerk to become a supervising probation officer....No probation casework experience just CLERK work..o_O Only because the person is on every committee that has ever been created qualifies her...What a JOKE!!!! Please tell me where they do that!!..It's ridiculous!!!! and they almost pulled it off. Under her regime CLERKS are on the RISE!!!!..They are more than welcome to come in at the DPO1 level and work their way up...that how its always been and it should stay that way...But not with this devil of a woman. All you need is committee credit, tell her how great she is and call her moma!!! Its a damn shame!!!! that this is being allow to happen to us. Because of this ..I wonder which clerk or criminal will get promoted now! or better yet how many made up IA's will be started. This has truly let a bunch of worms out of the can!!!!

The count is down because LaMomma wanted overtime cut off, thus sending kids to GPS, and Home Sup.!! Oh, and maybe...just maybe, the kids are staying out because they are handling they're business!!!

Bedford the post at 8:03 am is you or one of the Bedford Gang try to redeem your image; not gonna happen. Those things happen at every work site and most probation departments. But its no excuse for LA Moma Harris to kill maim and destroy the staff by throwing out progressive discipline out of the window She is La Donna Harris She is not God, and she needs to stop acting like she is God. she is a power hungry maniacal person who wants to prop up Bedford and all of his never worry friends. Don't get it twisted; your Pro Bedford mini drama has no impact; come back and tell me how many college units Bedford has and if he does not qualify( no college units), he should be walked out placed on admin leave and fired for fraud. He is out of compliance if he does not have the basic college units to have the job,right 8:03 AM ?

If she is cutting out on overtime...than why is DB getting overtime??? What overtime work is he doing...Hmmmmmm

Come up missing...you sound as ignorant as Bedford, and his Foster Moms hiring Mark!!

Most of Bedford/Weta Gang couldn't "Run" a Unit, if it only had 2 kids in it!!

Mason Cooper, stop wasting space! You heard about " The Truth! " while you were getting your hair done.

Name dropping = Diversion/ploy to take the focus off of who is REALLY leaving the comments. Don't believe the hype.

Karetta Williams is "Clerical" staff but she was Services as Needed. The Chief promoted her to a permanent employee because she could not pass the test. So it's not just DPOS and JIOS enduring all of the foolishness from the Chief.

Lawsuits would come, and are coming because of LaMommas unjust actions. We're "Notworried" Get it! Lol

College? What H.S. did Bedford attend? Post that! This is Nepotism at it's best.

Name Dropping= D.Smith uses profanity against kids, R. Diew (Union) uses profanity against kids, B. Bingham uses profanity against kids, S. Slaughter uses profanity against kids, etc... and 95+... stop the madness.

Yes, criminal. We know they're kids but we listen to them when they're on the units and at Rec and they will run into your house and have you, your Mom and your Grandmother lay down on the floor while they pistol whip your Dad and steal all your belongings. Yes, criminal...who will see you at a stop light...pull a gun on you and order you out of your car... What would you call them? The count is down because the judges are letting most of the kids off on electronic monitoring or home supervision. Crime is not down. Soon your idol, Ms. Harris will be laying off JIO's because the count is down. Don't praise the devil too soon.

R. Harper choked a kid. J.Lee calls kids "Niggers" Bedford and LaMomma used the " James King" fund, to travel and put him through school, which he promptly dropped out! Look on FB. The Bedfords are always on Vacation. Their in New Orleans now! He also has a gambling problem. An Oaks Club regular!

She should have the status of a Lame Duck Chief! Harris should not be allowed to make Executive Decisions, beyond this point!

D.Smith, R. Diew (Union), B. Bingham, S. Slaughter, don't make policy, and are not the topic, and are not the issue here. You are trying to spin this in another direction, and it's not gonna happen. The issues here are Queen La Momma Harris, and her 0 college credit having Foster Son Derrick Bedford: former Weed Kingpin of Oakland CA also he has 2 DUI'S. This article is about how she screwed up the Probation Department so bad, that her contract is not being renewed. Get it! Not stupid things, from Stupid People, about using profanity against the kids, dummy;or has Fred would say "You Big Dummy".

Then why bring in "minions" if it's not about them?

Bedford & Harris obviously are the reason the Raiders are looking to leave Oakland. O yeah they also need to to take responsibility for the incarceration of Suge Knight. Its an outrage........

It's amazing how those who throw around all these letters behind their names and throw out credentials want to talk about "work and life experience" as a qualifier until it comes to their job. If you work towards a degree and get passed get passed over by someone who had the hook up without the requirements met you would have a problem too. Also when it comes to minimum requirements to work for Alameda County Probation in those positions it states clearly that ANY FELONY CONVICTION IS DISQUALIFYING. Look at the human resource website for the county. Would you want to hire cops who had felonies in their backgrounds? Judges? I not one to knock any person's hustle but when you get in under those kinds of circumstances you might want to tread lightly and not alienate those who know the truth.

Check this out. I don't know why they mentionEd my name (Ryant Diew). I don't EVER write post without putting my name on it. If you think I'm a hater, say it to my face! I didn't write one word on this posting. I'm not a keyboard gangster, so leave my fucking name out of it please!

There are over 150 JIO who have all used profanity while dealing with a minor at one time or another. There were only 4 names listed, making your unwarranted comment appear personal, attempting to remove the heat of the administration. None of the 4 people listed have ever hurt a kid, but everyone wants to forget about Mr. Bedford breaking the arm of a pregnant girl, telling a kid that's why I shot your uncle! I see when it comes to accountability it only applies to the JIO's. These people have countless offences only to be washed under the rug, Cassies Bedford was involved in physical altercation with Derrick Bedford ex-wife police were called, report was made, but she received a promotion. Jimmy Lee
(Compliance Officer) stores is truck on county property, attempting to move it around so it won't be noticed. Derrick Bedford conducts is Kaiser work shop during county hours, wondering if the county is paying him while he is off site conducting other business. They run the department like a organized crime Family. LaDonna is the Boss of all bosses Derrick Bedford reference to himself as her under boss,then you have the lieutenant's. You get to be a lieutenant if you are willing to do the dirty work for the boss or the under boss, you have to prove to be loyal only to them and shady to line staff. LaDonna Harris looks for write-ups from supervisor on line staff using them like quota to feed her vindictive spirit. This is not about a hand full of staff, but about a corrupt department and poor leadership.

Some simple questions for you Mr. Bedford. What high school did you graduate from Mr. Bedford? What college did you graduate from Mr. Bedford? How many college units did you turn in with your application for employment Mr. Bedford? Is the answers none, none, none, and none? Yet Mr.Bedford You are the Compliance Director for Alameda County Probation Department right? How is this Possible? You refer people to your Foster Mother Chief La Donna Harris to placed on Administrative Leave with punishment up to termination, yet you Didn't graduate from high school; and you have no college units yet you were hired, how? You were a drug dealer and you have been locked up for attempted murder and have 2 DUI’s 1 felony. You have 0 college units but yet you still are the Compliance Director for the Alameda County Probation Department. If you have college units please correct me Mr. Bedford. Is Chief La Donna Harris of the Alameda County Probation Department Your FOSTER MOTHER ? Four none’s , yet you are still the Compliance Director for the Alameda County Probation Department. It must be your Foster Mother your mentor helping you. Doesn’t it look like nepotism to you Mr. Bedford ? Mr. Bedford do you think you should be arrested for fraud and walked out of the building since you don’t have the minimum college units to qualify for employment ?
Mr. Bed ford these commits, all 150 plus, will be mailed to all members of the Board of Supervisors, to each one at their offices ,Cc copies to all members of the Civil Service Commission, Cc copies to the Mayor of Oakland CA ,Cc Copies to the Attorney General, for the state of California, Kamala Harris, Cc copies to Governor Jerry Brown. I sure you won’t answer because Chief Harris won’t let you, but the People mentioned previously above will make both of you answer a whole lot of questions.

OMG!!! This really sounds Criminal!!! I'm calling the San Leandro City Office at 510 577-3200. I suggest some of you do the same! How long has this sort of thing been pushed under the rug? Where's the Media? Why is the Mayor of San Leandro allowing this? This hurts!! Those poor kids!! OMG!!!

Why staff bring drugs into facility for the kids. Why staff show rated r movies.why staff fight kids like grown men. Why staff staff talk about their sexual activity in front of the youth. Why staff show up to work when they want too.why staff get into near physical altercations infront of the youth. Why staff show porn at work. Why staff drink on duty.why staff falsify legal documents.why staff do fraudulent workmen comps claims. I'm not a big fan of Harris either but all these things existed before she got here. So it dont matter how many years you been with the department if you didn't do your job and was corrupt the entire time. This place is ghetto.they need to randomly drug test the staff this will show what Harris was really up against. Bedford felon yeap. Bedford excon yeap . Bedford in the system as a youth yeap. You Judas hypocrites that are hired to change the young men and women lives we service. I thought the goal was to find something in an individual that's redeemable and then rehabilitate that person. It took a white man to find him redeemable and a group of us to destroy him. Everytime I go to work I'm trying to mentor and create another Bedford.

Prove it, or take your violin assed statement somewhere else!

It was proven. That's why they were on Adm leave!

Every time you go to work which or are you trying to mentor and create? The weed dealing attempted murderer or the fraudulent unqualified manipulating drunk driving crony? BTW Mr. Bedford had all the respect in the world initially and WAS a model for rehabilitation/redemption until he developed this God complex and started beating down those weren't on his team. You would think the person with the biggest mistakes would understand those who make minor ones and not try to fire them without and kind progressive discipline. Respect has been lost over time this isn't anything new. People are jumping all over Mr. Bedford because Chief Harris was virtually non existent to line staff at the Hall. There are staff that STILL has never seen here face to face or even spoken to her.

Management by responding has shown that it is unqualified to lead! Where education might not be a big issue, leadership abilities is. Management must think that it's employees are stupid not to know it is them fighting back with their defense of Harris and Bedford! The street mentally has a place it is called the streets or the head of Rap companies! To speak of people coming up missing and to challenge put your body of work with other peoples is what niggas on the streets do, not professionals! Management to throw employees confidential acts out into the public is really a no no! To be in management you have to have thick skin but they say truth hurts. Even if nothing on this blog was true I would not have any confidence in the Management of Alameda County Probation Department for how they acted on this blog! No one is that blind they can't see those in management positions hiding behind Anonymous quotes. There was a better way to deal with this! Just saying smh

Damn I wish I had a secret anonymous detector...LOL!!! This thread has been more entertaining than all of reality TV combined.

DB, LaDona, Issa and Ian should be charged under the RICO statute. Organized crime at its finest.

This is only the tip of the ice burg. There is no accountability once u become a supervisor you are protected. Just ask the female supervisor who took a minor out of a max unit the day before he was leaving for prison into an empty unit and went off camera for 45 min... ???
Check the tape...

Here's a question, who came up with the idea for the "pop-up" probation supervisor, Akiyama is the last one. Why not offer that gig to a deserving candidate who has expressed an interest in promoting, such as someone who actually sat for the supervisor test.

This thread is getting personal. Please keep this coming, it's entertaining by the minute.

That comment sounds like the ol' ball & chain protecting her husband. Would she protect his job lovers who look her in the face daily. Come on, this is the place where infidelity is bred. Come on baby let's kick box tonight. Sorry, I got you now, no need, no one else can have you, now play your position and watch my bad ass kids dearest.

Trivia question of the day, who had a baby by one of the kids in max. Ummmmm, I'm not telling.

Drug test the all the staff...hint hint hint

Y'all need Jesus. ... being and outsider looking in, majority of these post look bitter filled with a bunch of emotions! Altho it seems like some things definitely needs to be looked at and addressed, not sure this is a proper way to get a solution. We've read getting the media, Governor Brown, the San Leandro number.... what can YOU do? Other than this form of "cyber bullying", let my voice encourage you to be more than hot air...just hot air

Drug test the all the staff...hint hint hint

Akiyama is one of the coolest people in the department. Always pleasant. In addition I can say he loves his work. You can not have a problem with someone who is truly invested in helping our youth. More than I can say for others.

Outsider looking in? Bullshit!Thanks Pitts-Johnson for your input now that you never had to test to be an IS1, but here you are, wow, an IS1. You and chief Harris became best of buddies and then all of a sudden you became an acting IS1, and now, how blessed you are to now be an permanent IS1 without never having to compete with other qualified individuals. I worked side by side with you at one point. Keep it real! Stop giving every girl in unit 6 your personal cell phone number. They don't even have access to their probation officer's personal cell number.

You are so out of line! Even if this was Ms. Pitts-Johnson commenting why would you be so disrespectful...She has been with the department forever and has seen it all. Why wouldn't she deserve to promote??? She was suppose to stay a line staff forever??? Are you mad because she helps the kids in and out of custody???? She will give anyone the shirt off her back on any given day. She has a good heart. Stop being a hater and take the test....being mad will get you NO where.

I agree with that statement, but 95% of the JIO'S couldn't run a unit with 2 kids!

Dumb people who can't pass the test want to put blame elsewhere! Julius Irving you don't deserve it! Stop hating! I'm seeing you write these posts!

In the earlier post, E. Akiyama's name was mentioned. This was no acting to Eric, it just draws attention to the bigger issue of failed leadership and lack of an adherence to policy.

This Eric guy sounds cool, maybe he should lead the department.

Drug test the all the staff...hint hint hint

Was DB involved in the perp walk of Dan Pagter at the PC?? He has helped empty out the JIO's at the hall.

Damn DB must be Darkwing Duck y'all insecure fools thinks he is everywhere. I just seen Tupac in a NeverWorry shirt. Ha Ha Ha Ha

Why did Beatrice who was the head clerical supervisor get magically promoted to Dennis Handis old job, but just with another fancy title? She didn't have to take a test. So she went from clerical supervisor to Chief of Staff.

The notorious b.i.g. Was seen rocking a full never worry sweatsuit, retro style

Beatrice, aka Big Bird got juice, you know them clerks do it.

Is Beatrice the real wizard of oz running the show at probation? That explains the continued demise of the department. Please bring back David Muhammad or Donald Blevins

How did Rev Coleman get a promotion? Is he on Team DB?

Its Mr. Coleman

what staff got knocked up by a Juvenile Hall resident?
Are you kidding?
This is a serious thread!!!

Damn db or his crew y'all our stupid as fuck just shut up! You can't win! Let the people vent it will pass over! It would have stopped but dumb ass had to put that challenge out there and the door flew open everyone at the damn place tried to rush in! Just shut the fuck up! In fact don't read no more just get off the site! I have the feeling that this is going to get a lot worse for the db crew! Don't fuel the fire let it go!

Patna it's all good!

Make me get off!

I'm reading ery word y'all write!

But honestly since i don't read very well, I select text and my tablet reads it to me and the wifey!!!!

Gloves coming off###

#ineverworry #emotionalintellgence

Well, heck, I'll join the future IA investigation you all have going here, but just to say that I think we need to stop bashing our peers and focus on the real problem, the Administration.
Like Tojo, I'm putting my name on my comment -- Michele (note the single L, if you're wondering).

I'm getting overtime laughing at you idiots!!!!

My Mamma aint worried about y'all

#ineverworry #emotionalintellgence


My bad, Rev Coleman is what he answers to.


Question...is this Brian Bingham guy caught up in this gay church sex scandal an officer or supervisor? Is he one of DB's people?

Lets talk about Trudi Bryant-Williams. How did she get a special title?

With all this heat on DB and his mama, they should both be on ankle monitoring, 2 flight risks taking plenty of county loot with them. Oh, Issa and Ian will join them.

What kind of title was Trudy given? There goes another clerk on the rise in 2016. Who said a GE D has no value.

That ESa is a busy little witch. Duck, or she will cast a spell on you or on DB

DB's crew is involved in a church, sex scandal, they are busy.

Who needs to watch the Super Bowl, just get a few Patty Labelle pies and read these posts. That's entertainment.

I'm getting overtime laughing at you idiots!!!!

My Mamma aint worried about y'all

#ineverworry #emotionalintellgence


Trudi's title is: VIP coordinator. What does she even do for the department?

Is the dept accepting clerical applications?

Stop insulting DB's intelligences, he has a GEED certificate from Community Day School

Where does Brian Bingham work? Is a clerical worker?

# YOUR STUPID #emotional intellgence IS THIS YOUR BODY OF WORK?

If DB is looking for an apprentice, I'm interested. Ask your mommy first.

This is not DB Patna. It's all funny until your ass comes up missing

This gay COGIC gay clergy predator tie in to the juvenile hall is devastating!

No wonder there are no kids there! In the old days the kids knew staff they had sold crack to.

Now the kids know staff who have raped them in exchange for gifts and freedom!!1

I am curious to see how deep this goes and now the AUTHORITIES MUST INVESTIGATE the DB (dickbooty) gang!!!


GAY predators at the Juvenile Hall? Is that what you mean when you say "It's all funny until your "ass" comes up missing"

Attention Staffers... Do your homework. Go to acgov.org check out theHUMAN RESOURCE section. Now check out the Civil Service Rules section . All of the answers are there.

Here's an interesting topic.
2100 General Provisions -54- DISCIPLINARY ACTION The tenure of every employee in the classified service shall be during good behavior and rendering of efficient service. An employee with tenure in the classified service is subject to disciplinary action and may be removed, suspended, or reduced in rank or compensation for cause as provided in Section 40 of the Charter. No employee shall be reduced or removed or in any way discriminated against or favored because of his/her political or religious opinions or affiliations, or because of sex, or race, or national origin. 2102 Suspension of Management Employees Employees exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act may have their salaries reduced, due to the imposition of discipline, in increments of one or more full days of suspension without pay. Exempt employees may not have their salaries reduced a pay step for a specified number of pay periods. Adopted 3/9/94, amended 1/11/95; amended 1/12/11 2104 Causes Each of the following may constitute a cause or reason for disciplinary action, but such action shall not be restricted to the particular causes listed: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) Fraud in securing the appointment. Unfitness for the position. Inefficiency. Neglect of duty. Drunkenness on the job. Addiction to the use of narcotics or habit-forming drugs. Willful disobedience. Insubordination. Inexcusable absence without leave. Discourteous treatment of the general public or fellow employees. Forbidden political activity. Willful misuse of public property. m) Immorality. n) o) p) q) r) Dishonesty. Conviction of a felony. (Removed from Rules on 8/9/82). Any failure of good behavior or acts either during or outside of office hours which are incompatible with or inimical to the public service. Engaging in business or accepting outside employment, while an employee of Alameda County, which gives rise to a conflict of interest.

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