Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hayward ballot initiative to change city elections date heads to June ballot

A campaign flyer given to Hayward residents
advocating for the charter amendment. The
literature was paid for by SEIU Local 1021.
HAYWARD CITY COUNCIL | A charter amendment to move Hayward municipal elections from June to November starting in 2018 is heading to the upcoming primary ballot.

The Hayward City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night directing the Alameda County registrar to place the issue on the upcoming June 7 primary ballot.

The decision does not represent any opinion of the council, but is merely a formality for any initiative to be placed before voters.

The initiative, backed the Service Employees International Union Local 1021, not only moves the city elections to November when voter participation is higher, but extends by months the terms of current councilmembers seeking re-election in 2018 and 2020. The short extension is meant to fully align the city’s elections with the fall electoral calendar.

Union members and other volunteers gathered 13,106 signatures to petition for the charter amendment. The number easily exceeded the needed 9,321 valid signatures required by the Alameda County Registrar’s office and was certified Jan. 21.

The proposed charter amendment has faced some criticism from sitting members of the city council who say attention for Hayward elections will be drowned out by national and statewide races and initiatives. However, voter participation for Hayward City Council June elections in recent years has been far lower than the county average.


  1. Okay, now if we only had City Council candidates worth voting for! No more Sweeney Trash in Hayward. We need to raise ourselves out of the sewer.

  2. If people payed attenion to Hayward Elections, most of those morons would not be elected officials. Time to shine the light on those cockroaches.

  3. Take a moment to read the comments on chief probation officer to be replaced. Crazy stuff. Probation Chief has to replaced as of Today. the lady is nuts!

  4. Why not have an election in November when more people vote. That's called Democracy.

  5. The old curmudgeons on council pander to the rich old folks in the Hayward Hills. Vote for people who can think for themselves. Replace Fran David's parrots or you taxes will keep going through the roof!

  6. Why doesn't Dr. Reynoso from the school board run for Hayward city council. We need a kick ass council that will go after corruption the way that man does. I enjoy watching this guy on tv always asking about eficiency and coming hard on the overpaid executives of the school district when they do not do their job. That is what we need on the council a kick ass knowledgeable council to ask the city manager Fran and her staff the really tough questions and make them do their job.

  7. I think city council is afraid of Fran. City staff puts their own twist on the facts and council lets her walk all over them. Then the tax payers clean up the mess that Fran creates. In the city of the big green H, ignorance is bliss. Expensive bliss at that.