Monday, February 29, 2016

Honda on Obama's no endorsement: So you're saying there's still a chance?

In better times: President Obama and Rep.
Mike Honda in early 2013.
CONGRESS | CA17 | Rep. Mike Honda still thinks there is a chance President Obama will endorse his re-election campaign this year against Ro Khanna.

Over the weekend, it was reported the president would not be making an endorsement in the rematch between two Democrats. In their previous race, Obama endorsed Honda unusually early in the contest—a full 16 months before the June 2014 primary, which Honda won.

But, Honda isn’t take no for an answer this time around.

Following the results of Saturday night’s endorsement of his campaign by the statewide Democratic Party, Honda said he plans to give the president a phone call in a few weeks to discuss the matter.

“I think the allegation was that I was rejected—that I had lost his endorsement because he endorsed me last time and he’s taking his time,” said Honda. “He’s got things on his mind.”

When asked what the president’s backing means in the race, Honda responded, wryly, “I would like to have it. So would my opponent.”

Some of the speculation around Obama’s withdrawal of his endorsement has surrounded uncertainty over Honda’s pending House ethics investigation. Some local Democratic Party insiders, however, believe the snub is retaliation for Honda opposing the president’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, reviled by labor unions.

Adding fuel to the belief TPP is the real reason for Obama’s removing his support, many note, is Honda, a strong defender of labor unions, only last month offered official opposition to the trade bill. Khanna also opposes TPP.

On Saturday night, Honda also deflected accusations by Khanna that the party’s endorsement process is rigged toward incumbents, which in many cases, have appointed most of the voting delegates.
During his remarks, Khanna predicted he would lose the endorsement vote, which he did, 48-7, with 2 no endorsements.

“He didn’t say that when the clubs voted. I didn’t challenge him on that,” said Honda, referring to a number of once loyal South Bay Democratic clubs that had voted recently to issue no endorsement in the race.

Then there's that mysterious hit piece that was placed on seats in the caucus area before Saturday's endorsement vote at the California Democratic Convention. No group has taken credit for the piece depicting Khanna as a puppet of the Republican Party. And Honda and his campaign strongly denied involvement.

Meanwhile, Khanna's campaign is suing the indident to its advantage. A fundraising email highlighting the anti-Khanna flier was sent Tuesday morning to supporters.


  1. By MW:

    Back when Richard Nixon nominated a total joker by the name of Harold Carswell for a US Supreme Court opening, one of Nixon's allies "justified" the selection of Carswell, and who absolutely no one could find anything actually positive to say about, by instead declaring that promoting Carswell to the Supreme Court would be giving the mediocre an opportunity to have something. IN OTHER WORDS, THE ULTIMATE EXAMPLE OF PUSHING DIVERSITY AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.

    So therefore we should use similar "standards" to make sure that Mike Honda stays a member of Congress, since obviously at present we do not have nearly enough incompetent clowns and jokers in high ranking government positions, and therefore we need to ensure that we not only keep all of our present incompetent clowns and jokers in government, but in fact also take steps to get still more circus clowns in high ranking positions in which they can enact laws and policies that the rest of us have to live with.

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