Friday, February 5, 2016

LISTEN: East Bay Citizen Podcast with guest ALCO Supervisor Scott Haggerty

EPISODE 17 | The East Bay Citizen Podcast is back following the holiday break. Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty joins the program for a lively, entertaining discussion. Haggerty had some new insights into the Raiders stadium saga and, of course, revealed some of his gripes.

In the past week, Haggerty laid into some Castro Valley residents during a Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting. He's unapologetic about calling the group "unappreciative" of the board's leadership in the unincorporated area.

Haggerty also touched upon the county campaign finance ordinance he authored in 2010 and its first real test coming with Supervisor Nate Miley's re-election campaign against a well-financed challenger.

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  1. Take a moment to read the comments on chief probation officer to be replaced. Crazy stuff. Probation Chief has to replaced as of Today. the lady is nuts!

  2. I seen scott and shawn wilsonn in strip clubs in Richmond all the time,

  3. This guy is such a douchebag. The poster boy for bad leadership. He is what is wrong with Alameda County.

  4. King Haggerty is RUDE and can't do math! There is no tax base or room for a "Best Buy, a Target or a couple of car dealerships" It is not possible to incorporate today. Don't bother to put that on the ballot because that is a waste of $. Since when do you get reimbursed for elections Scott? And Nate Miley MIA. Anyone have Parker's phone #?