Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mike Honda dons referee uniform, officiates Congressional Super Bowl bet

Rep. Mike Honda officiating a Super Bowl bet Wednesday
between congressmembers representing Colorado 
and North Carolina. PHOTO/@RepMikeHonda
CONGRESS | CA17 | After looking a bit morose at recent campaign appearances, Rep. Mike Honda struck a fun-loving tone Wednesday when he officiated a Super Bowl bet between North Carolina Rep. Alma Adams and Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette while wearing a referee's uniform.

Watch video of the coin toss here

The congressmembers represent the home states of Sunday's Super Bowl 50 participants--the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. Honda's congressional district is hosting the game at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

The boozy bet goes as follows: the winning team's congressmemeber receives some of the South Bay's finest wine, while the loser goes home with craft beer.

But, there was some controversy with the coin toss when Adams, representing the Panthers, caught the medallion labeled with team logos on either side, instead of letting it fall to the ground.

But, Honda may not be the biggest football fans in Congress. In the short video, he initially forgot the name of the famous game before throwing a penalty flag for no apparent foul. Just like you will see at Sunday's game. 


  1. I am so not surprised that Honda didn't know anything about Super Bowl. Now, if you put a drink in one hand and a microphone in the other, I'm sure he would have crushed singing karaoke. they should change the wager for him to sing "Rocky Mountain High" if the Broncos win or "Going to Carolina" if the Panthers win. Now, THAT's the Mike Honda I know. Legislation? too tough. Politics? too boring. His job? Puhlease. But karaoke? Hell yeah!

  2. Mike Honda borrows a page from Mike Dukakis.
    Once again proving he has hired a moron as his campaign manager.

  3. Honda's campaign manager is indeed an idiot! http://www.courant.com/community/hartford/hc-segarra-another-manager-gone-0320-20150319-story.html

  4. By MW:

    Altho I had never even heard of Alma Adams and nor of Diana DeGette until reading this article a few minutes ago, however from what I know about politicians I cannot imagine what any politician could possibly do with wine or beer - except perhaps drink as much of it as possible to get rip roaring drunk just before studying and analyzing a piece of legislation to be voted on.

    In fact since some cars are equipped with breathalyzers so that an owner with a history of alcoholism cannot get the engine to start if he is drunk, just imagine if anytime a public official or lawyer showed up to conduct any business he had to prove he was neither drunk and/or on drugs.

    For instance if we had such a rule applying to the Alameda County DA's office, it would probably have to layoff or fire over half of its lawyers.