Thursday, March 24, 2016

Community-based groups call on ALCO supes to appoint interim probation chief

Some Alameda County community-based organizations are calling for Chief Probation Officer La Donna Harris to be replaced now.

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors is in the process of finding a permanent chief probation officer to replace Harris, who is still on the job while a replacement is found.

Earlier this month during a meeting of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, some representatives of community-based organizations asked the board to appoint an interim probation chief while it continues its search for a permanent replacement.

“I think, in our opinion, things are really deteriorating to the point that not a lot of work is being done,” said Darius Young, representing Oakland’s Ella Baker Center, during a Mar. 8 board meeting.

Harris has come under criticism over the past six months or more for a number of questionable personnel decisions and morale over the same period is reportedly low.

Alameda County Chief Probation Officer
LaDonna Harris
Young and others said the process of seeking out qualified candidates and the hiring of a new chief could take months and the current state of the department which oversees more than 11,000 juvenile and adult probationers needs change at the top immediately.

“It’s our consensus that we should move for an interim until we can find someone permanent,” said Young. The CBO also sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors conveying the same sentiment.

In addition, a fraction of the funding allocated to probation in the fiscal year 2014-15 budget has been applied to employment contracts, they said.

Harris’s tenure as probation chief was numbered by the end of last year after she faced strong resistance from labor groups for filling some management positions with employees who did not possess requisite experience for the jobs.

A memo from Harris to her department in early January indicated her contract would not be renewed and the county was actively beginning the process of finding her successor. However, it appears little has been done on the county’s end.

Two months after Harris’s memo, on Mar. 11, the county’s human resources director met with all units within the probation department to ascertain specific qualities they desired in the next chief.

When the Board of Supervisors meet next Tuesday, Mar. 29, sources say more pressure will likely be applied on the county supervisors to opt for an interim probation chief more sooner than later. Harris has served as chief probation officer since 2012.


  1. Why isn't the Board of Supervisors taking action????....This woman is bascially doing WTF she wants..it so unbelievable that they are allowing her to destroy the Probation Dept..... The safety of the community is at grave concern right Now. This woman has done nothing but create a hostile work place among the employees...the entire infrastructure of this once great department has been destroyed under this lunatic of a Chief. Harris knew nothing about probation and during her tenured she never cared to learn...Her ultimate goal was to concur and destroy this department The leadership of the department has been depleted. The people she has put in leadership positions... no nothing about the positions at all. She recently tried to circumvent the civil service process and put a clerical clerk with NO probation education or experience in a supervising position...This girl would have been supervising probation officers!!!!...(Can you believe that!!!) it almost worked until a bunch of PO's and Supervisors banned together to stop it... but then...her evilness and cronyism continued... because it was stopped she put the same clerk in a management position to over see the IT unit...After she ran out the IT manager to retire....Once again this CLERK has NO experience in IT...Harris purposely overlooked all the experienced technicians who already do the job on a daily basis.. and put this CLERK in an IT Management position which jump her salary almost $50,000 over night. Once again bypassing Civil Service Rules and guidelines...Why is the Board of Supervisors allow this to happen...Harris would have never been able do all the crap at the Sheriff Dept..so why is she able to do it at the Probation Dept...Something need to be done!!!!!!!!! Action needs to take place NOW!!!..

  2. the board of supervisors is corrupt and Harris has a close personal relationship with one (or more) of them. They are allowing her to continue to pad her retirement, plain and simple. She tried this nonsense at the Sheriff's Office when she retired, as well. She and the board need to be called out by the unions, but the unions refuse to go there.

  3. This Chief fails to use progressive discipline and fires long term employees but promotes her son a felon, a drug dealer, a chronic gambler, with two DUI's and promotes all of his friends to supervisor how long does get to continue before someone does something.
    Chief La donna Harris is the most Dishonest Person in the building. She Needs to be removed immediately. !!!!!!

  4. This crap goes on in city, county and federal government. Glad they all stood together to get her replaced. Now that the employees did the hard work, the Board of Stupes ain't got no damn backbone. Boot her ass out now! Demote her puppets or test them to see if they can really do their jobs that she gifted them with.

  5. Sure would like to hear what the Board of Supervisors thinks of the paid vacation known as the phony Tolerance Tour in which a dozen or more of the Ladonna Squad used government grant money to fly cross country with a handful of delinquents and party at posh hotels. These people are as bad as the criminals they are supposed to be protecting us from. A lot of people are saying that the probation chief and some of her staff have inappropriate relationships with some of the delinquents. Why haven't those charges been investigated?

  6. What I get from all the post comments that I have read is that it is County employees who are complaining. I haven't heard anything from the probationers or others who have a stake. Employees are NEVER satisfied so I cannot take their criticism seriously. What I read above and in the last article are a bunch of fluffed up accusations of misappropriation and misconduct that are actually very valuable activities for successful recidivism program models used by organizations all over the country. I refuse to consider the supposed nepotism of promoting a foster son as a problem. Not after looking at the Alameda County financial departments. EVERYBODY there is related. I think that the main problem is that she is a Black female and people do not like taking direction from Black females. Especially those who previously had "privilege".

  7. "Refuse to consider the supposed nepotism of promoting a foster son as a problem. Not after looking at the Alameda County financial departments. EVERYBODY there is related."

    "I think that the main problem is that she is a Black female and people do not like taking direction from Black females. Especially those who previously had "privilege".

    Well Spoken Chief Harris another stupid statement from from you or a Bedford Crony. Your statement shows you lack critical thinking skills and intelligence.

    What is supposed nepotism? Bedford is a crook and you are a crook Chief Harris.
    How does a drug dealer brought in the side door with your help, run the Juvenile Justice Center, that is just an ISI. How did Derrick Lamont Bedford get to be the compliance officer with two Dui's ?, over all other ISI supervisors and ISII supervisors with more time and experience without the fair process of competitive examination? How is that Mr. Bedford is promoted to (acting) Assistant Superintendent with two DUI's one felony but the Superintendent, Christian Munoz is demoted for one DUI without progressive discipline? Why is Mrs Vaughn promoted to Acting ISI with a DUI.? What right do probationers have to partake in employment issues?
    fluffed up accusations of misappropriation? Chief Harris Why are You and Bedford(Compliance Officer/
    Assistant Superintendent) Assistant Chief Esa going on Tolerance Tour Vacations 2013,2014,2015, spending thousands of Dollars over 100,000 per trip at amusement parks and High end restaurants.
    Going to Universal Studios, Lasertron, in Memphis TN but you don't have time to resolve the disciplines of the many people you placed on administrative leave for years at a time, costing the County Millions of dollars?

    Derrick Lamont Bedford Supervised the following people in the Weta program, Twyan Taylor, Richard Valle, Tiffany Thomas, Jimella Pierson, Richard, Zomara, and Ms Vaughn. Everyone Supervised by Derrick Lamont Bedford has been promoted to ISI and ISII supervisors including his wife Cassie Bedford.

    supposed nepotism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no Name calling in this post just facts, and yes ISI Harper you have Drunk the Jim Jones Kool Aid as well as the rest of the Bedford Gang Named Above
    ( Twyan Taylor, Richard Valle, Tiffany Thomas, Jimella Pierson, Richard, Zamara, and Ms Vaughn.)
    who think you are deserving of the supervisor jobs you have ill gained, you are not. All of you have gotten your supervisors jobs through Cronyism with your association with Derrick Lamont Bedford.

    Chief Harris there is a special place in Hell reserved for you and Derrick Lamont Bedford for destroying this department and Cold Heartless things you have done. Chief Harris Your cell door in hell will say
    (Do it until they can stop us ) as you burn in hell!!!
    Derick Bedford Your door in hell will say,
    #ineverworry #emotionalintellgence and of course
    intelligence will be spelled wrong, as you burn in hell. Derrick Lamont Bedford I take That back you won't burn in hell (You will have to go to English class every day and fail tests for eternity sort like you're doing now with online school. ) Chief Harris You need to be removed immediately and all of your decisions will be reversed when your corruption is revealed.

  8. Debbie Licano is also complicit in a huge way! Apparently the fact that she has allowed many of the assignments and promotions take place are a violation of employee rights!

    Everyone must show up at the Board of Supevisors!!

    What about this most recent round of transfers and promotions??

    They are giving people acting positions when they have an active list!!

    They are involuntary transferring 30 ear veterans!!

    The only way this stops is go to Civil Service or file a grievance or a suit.

    Contact the Grand Jury and BOS!

    File also with EEOC and got to the news and the Union!!!

    Anonymous says: March 28, 2016 at 10:57 AM Reply
    We hear two people got walked out on Friday!!!

    Is it true?

    Moore and Barton got offered the Unit Sup!!

    The Chief is going after the Grave yard shift!!

    DB got cussed out by a staff and went to the Chief!!!

    People been watching movies on the grave yard since vhs tapes!!

    How they gonna come after Cogman and Yeargin!!

    This is getting real crazy now!!

    Is Muhammad coming back??

    John Keene doesn't want it??

    What day do the community based orgs go to the Board to Decry the Chief LaDevil Harass???

    Who is in charge of that Peso Committee they robbing the shit out that.

    Apparently its all going to clerical!!!

    Do not mention the James King Fund!!!

    They have plundered that fo sho

  9. these comments are so tasteless. If you have an issue take it up with appropriate action. If it has validity than I am sure something will get done. However, Seeing all this internet thuggin is horrible lol. I feel like I'm in high school when girls talked mess on facebook, If you have a problem do something about it. Go to the appropriate people. Unless you are convinced that every single person in the county is corrupt lol smh I am embarrassed. Some of yall are in yall 40s and 50s and this is the example you lead? This is how you show younger generations how to address so called "injustices"? Yea great example folks. I'm not saying yall don't have issues that need to be addressed. But I'm asking, how is coming to an internet site, name calling and making accusations helpful?

  10. Come on PLEASE!!!

    Did they give Coleman a job (no one else could apply for)and then he went and sexually harassed a staff(wearing those dark shades indoors) LOL SMH

    Did they give Money Bea (Spikes) Handis old position with no one else allowed to apply for it?

    What about did they give Haleh The head of IT and not allow anyone else to apply! (not even the current IT staff


    WTF DB

    They shaking it UP

  11. You are all some pussy ass cowards! Eat a dick you miserable fucking nobodies! This shit is hilarious! Keep stressing... Keep worrying about everybody... Worry yourselves to grave cowards! I think I need to make a visit and pass out journals cause you all love writing and typing!
    You are a nobody and always will be but keep trying to fuck your way to the top and keep up the good work ass kissing! ✌��️

  12. I am a person from the community and this is sad. And for the person that is saying everyone is going to hell to burn ... Where do you think your Rat, tattle telling ass is going? I'm going to pray for your heart and soul. And maybe you should get a new job if the one your at is so horrible and corrupt. Cry baby! Oh and I say keep chief harris! The lady must be doing something right cause she has so many crying on a public forum. And curious I wonder if the same people your talking mess about and airing dirty laundry so you smile in there face at work? Probably. Get a life!

  13. You are not a person from the community you are a Bedford Gang Member, Bedford Crony, or Bedford.

    Everybody can see you clearly every time you respond no matter what name you use.

    Do it until they can stop us Chief Harris. By the way(We're going to stop you), your Time is Up.

    You Always can spot a Bedford Gang Member they respond with unintelligent frustration, a lot of cussing, but no facts.

    So the Entire Grave shift, The probation officers, The IT unit, supervisors, line staff, The Alameda County community-based organizations The Civil service commision, all that stand up to Chief Harris, and her SON Derrick Bedford are all wrong ??????

    So Mason Cooper/a person from the community/Derrick Bedford. The only two People that will Burn In Hell are Do it until they stop us La Donna Harris, and the 7th Grade Compliance Director Derrick Bedford excuse me my mistake, Acting 7th grade Assistant Superintendent.

    Hopson make sure your bulletproof vest is on at all times.

    Derrick show everybody your your online school degree, oops Ya dropped out. But Derrick show everybody your PFN NUMBERS Yeah thats right the number they give your when Arrested No degrees but a whole lot of PFN Numbers. Bam that hurt. THE TRUTH HURTS!and not one Cuss word used. Please respond with facts. Mason Copper/ A person from the community/Derrick Bedford.

    And remember people who do a lot of cussing are stressing. See ya at the Oaks Club.

  14. I aint going no where but to the top
    #Say it to my face
    You probably cannot step foot on Probation property

    whats up with that?


  15. Ignorance personified!! You spelled Intelligence wrong again, Dumb Patna! Lol!

  16. # emotional-inteligence say's it all
    # emotional unintelligence
    # PFN #
    # Derrick Lamont(You big Dummy)Bedford.

  17. Your Best response Bedford is Ghetto Twitter Language. That makes our department look real good
    SMH !!!!

  18. This is all a bunch of nonsense. I sure hope that the county sups don't take any of this seriously. Just a bunch of employees going on about petty grievances. Obviously low performing employees to boot because many of the time stamps on the posts are during work hours. Neglecting their duties to go on about such rubbish.

  19. There is a free date (photo, cd,office )recovery software for you . You can find your lost memory,just in case !

  20. By MW:

    Since the position should be filled by someone who will be a beacon and fine example for the youngsters to emulate and look up to, therefore we should hire someone who has all of the important qualities, in other words: one, honesty; two, integrity; three, level headedness; four, sobriety; and five, always staying calm even in tense and trying situations.

    Therefore, I suggest we put the names of Stan "Data" Dobbs, Mary Hayashi, Nadia Lockyer, and Ray McDonald in a hat, and withdraw one name, and then permanently hire that particular person for the job, since any one of them would be a fantastic choice, or at least based on the type of modern liberal "standards" that caused the Hayward School District to have Ray McDonald give a talk to teenagers.

  21. This psychotic witch of a Chief needs to go. Obviously, Miley and Carson are going to keep her as long as they can. Therefore, Miley and Carson need to go. If Miley gets reelected, I swear, we should all move to North Korea, which is a less corrupt place to live than Alameda County.

  22. By MW:

    Let me add my comment in the above post of 5:57PM.

    If a person went to places all over the entire country asking the first ten thousand people at random he crossed paths with while walking up and down the street to give their opinion as to which major city or large county in the US is the very most corrupt, probably virtually all of them would answer by stating NYC, Detroit, Chicago, or New Orleans, or would indirectly answer the question by mentioning the entire state of New Jersey.

    However they would be wrong. Among the larger cities and counties and major metropolitan areas, the Bay area is far and away the most corrupt, and no other major city, county, or large metropolitan area comes even slightly close to the Bay area in corruption, and including to the degree in which virtually everything of significance is arranged through an illegal backroom fix in exchange for an under the table bribe.

    And in the Bay area the very most corrupt place of all is Scams FraudsFIXso, in other words the homebase of Dianne, Nancy, and Willie, and Alameda County is number two and gaining fast.

    In other words a few decades ago Alameda County, and while already extremely corrupt, still was not nearly as corrupt as Scams FraudsFIXso. However in recent decades AC has made a lot of "progress," and therefore now is almost as corrupt as Scams FraudsFIXso.

  23. "Obviously Miley and Carson are going to keep her as long as they can? Really...? You just co-signed someone's comment that this is a problem of race and privilege lost. I've heard only good things about her work so it has to be the fact that she is a Black female in a position of responsibility. Sad, sad commentary on the state of "diversity" in Alameda County.

  24. La Donna Harris. Chief Probation officer
    Derrick Bedford. Assistant Superintendent
    Watch the Power Of God.

  25. La Donna Harris. Chief Probation officer
    Derrick Bedford. Assistant Superintendent
    Watch the Power Of God.

  26. to say Miley and Carson are going to keep Harris indicates race and privilege, you say? well, as a black female, i can tell you, you are a clueless race baiter. i said it about the two members of the board who have been in Harris's corner.

  27. It's sad everybody is acting like a child. A Mexican or a white person would have never treated people like this it always take a stupid uncle tom to do this. I wonder if she so mad because her cancer came back. DB must be put it good on you because he have u by your ass. That young ----is good to u. You have no respect for his wife or maybe a 3 some. What go around will come back when u not expecting. How the chief going around saying she going to keep KT Ransom out as long as she is there. How stupid the Board is to alone her to have someone at home getting paid. You go Rams. Make your money at home.The ----- is hella crazy when she leave everybody will get there job back. She make people go out a drink all that stress at the hall. And she have hella people in her family that have DUI and crazy as hella at least that's what a Deputy said at the Sherr depth. Wow it's about time the class action suit got file the federal government. The board all might be in trouble for letting this go for so long Well God has the final answer. I am just going to be still and watch him work on everybody behalf.

    1. It's against the law for a chief to abuse there power. I haven't heard anybody say what's the best interest of the minor's forgot were your working and who is really being affected behind all of this BS. It's seems like a war and the only people getting hurt is the kids, because staff is retiring or getting fired, or out on medical and administrative leave. Or staff dieing behind her, Like Ron Williams, Davis in Internal affairs. Her ex husband bowls on a league I know when he get a strike he think about her knocking down.

  28. The never worry BS is almost over and the 7th Grade Assistant Superintendent with Moma will be in jail.

  29. ...meanwhile Bedford's wife is getting all her crony's in as acting supervisors ( Redd/Vaughn ) Redd was a terrible JIO!!! Couldn't run a Unit!! It's all about whose having sex with who at the JJC!! C.Bedford is a College Dropout, so is her daughter, and we all know how dumb, and unqualified Bedford is! This Felon needs, and his unqualified Crony's, need to be removed, when the New Chief is finally hired!!! Oh...Harper,and Lee, your Interviews should be coming up also!! We didn't forget you!! Demotions, for all the Chiefs Crony's!!! Firings!!!


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