Monday, March 21, 2016

Glazer attacks BART employees after latest system breakdown

State Sen. Steve Glazer is again taking the right
side of the tracks.
STATE SENATE | 7TH DISTRICT | Day Four of East Bay State Sen. Steve Glazer's Twitter rant against BART workers resumed Monday.

Following the malfunction of dozens of BART trains near the Pittsburg-Bay Point station and subsequent shut down of services, Glazer has taken to social media to lay the blame on BART union employees and their salaries.

Rest assured, his sentiment is nothing new. Glazer's nascent political career first gathered steam after he began demonizing the BART strikes in 2013. Last Thursday, Glazer kicked off his string of tweets critical of BART, including management and, of course, transit employees
Glazer has been willing spar with whomever rebuts his position, including one who equated Glazer's position toward workers to Donald Trump and another who questioned why Glazer is a Democrat.
Clearly, Glazer is trying to capitalize on the recent BART shut downs for political points in a state Senate district that largely agrees with his anti-union rhetoric. Glazer is facing re-election for the first time year, but his continued reliance on the BART strike/shutdown meme coupled with his strong insistence to link himself to Republican Assemblymember Catharine Baker is beginning to show a slow, but deliberate descent toward the right. Look at it a different way, Glazer is clearly not showing any signs of veering to the left. That's for sure.

UPDATE: Glazer's Twitter rant, Day Six:


  1. This DEMOCRAT is proud to support our amazing tag team of Glazer-Baker. Steve doesn't take shit from the dirty and poisonous union whores. He knows that BART is about the PEOPLE, not the dirty entrenched union sluts who vilify the public every time their contract comes up and threaten to strike. Cowards!

    Steve and Cathy are the only ones fighting to protect the people by making sure that BART union whores can't strike--like every other major public transportation entity. Lord love Steve. You the man!

  2. By MW:

    I am not nearly familiar enough with the wages being paid to BART's lower ranking employees to comment on whether or not they are being fairly paid, overpaid, or underpaid.

    However in the Bay area it is standard procedure to extremely overpay higher ranking public employees, so therefore I would be extremely surprised if BART's upper management, in other words the five star generals, were not extremely overpaid.

    In a large government organization you would normally expect that each promotion in rank would cause a slight i9ncrease in pay. However in the Bay area, and to a much more extreme degree than in other metropolitan area I have lived in, the five star generals in public agencies do not make moderately more than the lower ranking employees in the organization, but instead several times more.

  3. By MW:

    As an example of how absurdly ridiculous and totally outrageously high the financial packages are of some of the highest ranking public employees in the Bay area, Susan Muranishi, and who is Alameda County's Administrator, has a total package of over seven hundred thousand dollars per year.

    And if you try to bring to Muranishi's attention situations of extreme wrongdoing involving the managers below her, in other words people she is supposed to be monitoring and supervising, her response basically adds up to that she "knows" the managers below her are " extremely honest," "very intelligent," and "extremely competent" people; and two, therefore she is not going to get involved in investigating whether they are involved in wrongdoing, since she "knows" they are "qualified" to investigate themselves.

    In other words, Muranishi "knows" that none of the managers below her, in other words people she is supposed to monitor and supervise, would ever engage in: one, lying or fraud; and/or two, award contracts on the basis of under the table bribes; and/or three, engage in phony "investigations;" and/or four, attempt to silence whistleblowers and retaliate against whistleblowers.

  4. Glazer's claim to fame is bagging on BART Workers. Beating the drum got the stooge elected. Now he doesn't have anything to do besides suck up to Cathy B, because he's a stumble bum politician, so he goes back to blaming BART to get attention. Dude is a joke! God watches over drunks and fools like Glazer.

  5. Goes to show that our great Senator Steve Glazer is looking out for the people and not the union sluts. I'll take that kind of a dude everyday of the week!

    Thanks for making our point. Also, be sure you clocked out for that coffee break, union whore.

  6. The facts are we have an aging public transportation system that needs upgrades and investment in new systems and equipment. There hasn't been enough investment - money, bonds and taxes - to meet current and future demands. Frontline workers who run the system are highly trained and have kept this aging system working - safely and as reliably as possible and earn a fair salary and benefits. As a daily rider, I want qualified, well compensated professionals ensuring my safety. We also have staff planners and consultants who spent years working on bond measures to improve BART and some politicians who want to politicize this for campaign contributions by attacking employees.

  7. Right on, 7:59! that's not Democratic, that's not leadership and that's not solving problems. Vote the bums out.

  8. Boo hoo. People who pick on Glazer make my want to cry! I have to put onmy big boy pant and change my diapee.

  9. Union whores unite---in futility!

  10. The Great Glazer is a big joke. BART, tampon tax and confederate flags. The Man of The People Who Have No Clue!

  11. Steve Glazer: The People's Choice!

    You rock, Steve!!

  12. Glazer is a fool!