Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gloria Allred blasts Hayward School District for allowing Ray McDonald to speak at Tennyson High

Gloria Allred says if Hayward can't find anyone
better to speak to students, she'll do it herself.
HAYWARD SCHOOL DISTRICT | Well-known civil rights attorney Gloria Allred sent a letter to the Hayward School District this week that was critical of its decision to allow former 49er Ray McDonald, currently on trial for rape, to speak to at-risk students at Tennyson High School.

In the letter to Hayward Superintendent Stan "Data" Dobbs, Allred called the decision "highly inappropriate," according to TMZ. Allred is representing the accuser in a Santa Clara County court next month.

Allred also speculated over the intent of McDonald appearance at the high school on Feb. 25. "It may be that Mr. McDonald through his appearance and speech to your students was seeking to have a positive impact on the potential jury pool in his upcoming criminal trial," wrote Allred. "I wonder, however, why you would appear to be amendable to supporting him in this strategy if indeed that was his goal."

Hayward Superintendent Stan Dobbs
Allred later asked for invitation to speak to Tennyson students about women's rights, "if you would be willing to invite me," she wrote. A source tells the East Bay Citizen that the school district intends to accept Allred's offer.

Meanwhile, the background behind McDonald's appearance last month is still sketchy. In the initial report, a spokesperson for the Hayward Promise Neighborhood, a $25 million federal program to help impoverished Hayward students succeed, unequivocally said Superintendent Dobbs knew of the event beforehand.

The school district, however, told NBC Bay Area that Hayward Promise was behind it. Last Friday, the same Hayward Promise spokesperson declined to make any further comment on the matter.


  1. Is this the same superintendent Stan Dancing Dobbs they talk about that attacked 2 board members? It could only happen in ghetto Hayward. lol
    Not surprised why he invited Ray McDonald, people alike hang together.

  2. Two dumb clucks working together to muck thing up--HUSD and the City of Hayward overpaid bozo's. Neighborhood Promises to waste that money on magic beans and felons. Allred can get plenty of future clients to sue HUSD & the City of Haystack.

  3. By MW:

    Every time a public official or high ranking person makes a statement or takes a position that is far stupider than severely mentally retarded, and such as for instance inviting Ray McOonald to give guidance to impressionable teenagers, the media should discuss at length the high schools, colleges, and universities that "sophisticated," fancy talking, and "highly educated" sub mental retard attended.

    To give just one example, Dianne Feinstein, and who over the years has "known" such things as that: one, extreme embezzler, forger, and money launderer Duane Garrett was a totally trustworthy person; two, Kinde Durkee, another bigtime embezzler and money launderer, was also totally trustworthy; three, Bull Clinton had not had sex with Monica Lewinsky, since Clinton had told DF that he had not; and four, organized crime kingpin M. L. "Larry The Liar - Arlington and Switzerland" Lawrence was a legitimate businessman - has a degree from Stanford.

    In fact when Lawrence's body was dug up and removed from Arlington National Cemetery, and as s result of it becoming totally obvious that his "history" as a "war hero" was totally made up out of thin air, the media, and although the talk shows started referring to him as Larry "The Liar" Lawrence, did not mention that Feinstein had been far and away the biggest force in the entire US Senate in the effort to get Lawrence the position of US Ambassador to Switzerland.

    (NOTE: Even though for decades it had been fairly well known that Lawrence, and who pretended to be a legitimate businessman, was actually as organized crime connected as could be, however since he was a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, therefore DF pretended that she "knew" Lawrence was a "legitimate" businessman.)

    And then of course we also had Nancy Pelosi's statement, "You can read it after we pass it." In fact Pelosi's statement was so totally ridiculous and world class stupid, that therefore if it had been made by a much lower ranking person, and such as for instance an ordinary janitor who was also a high school dropout, it is hard to imagine that the person would not have been declared severely mentally retarded.

    In fact, I am going to have to go on-line and review Pelosi's background, since I do not recall which high school and college she attended to obtain her "education."

    However in the school of life experience, Pelosi graduated summa cum laude while majoring in how to be a world class phony, scam artist, and blood sucking leech while pretending to be a great liberal and wonderful humanitarian.

  4. Of course Dobbs knew of the event beforehand. He probably wanted to pop in and get his picture taken with McDonald. You know those overpaid Superintendents like their photo ops, even if they are embarrassingly bad and shameful ones. Made in Hayward, Laughed at Around the World. What a joke. Fire Dobbs and the genius City staffers who oversee the Hayward Promise grant funded program. What a waste of money.

  5. By MW:

    High school students could "further" their "education," and at the same time also get inspiration and guidance in ethics, honesty, integrity, and proper attitude, if we arranged for them to attend lectures by fashionable and politically correct con men, scam artists, and bloodsucking leeches who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians.

    So I am sure that such public spirited people as Hillary Clinton and John Edwards would be delighted to show up and substitute for Ray McDonald as long as we paid then their fees.

    Last I heard that great liberal and wonderful humanitarian John Edwards wanted "ONLY" about 90K plus expenses to share his "wisdom." And that great liberal and wonderful humanitarian Hillary Clinton wanted "ONLY" about 250K for a speaking fee - PLUS ALSO a luxurious airplane and the very most luxurious hotel rooms for herself and her aides, plus a ton of other expenses paid, and for a grand total of about one million dollars to "honor" us with her presence and give a one hour speech.

    And if we pay Hillary her approx one million dollars to show up for one hour, we should also pay Data Dobbs at least a ten percent commission, in other words at least 100K, for making the arrangements.

  6. By MW:

    Concerning my previous post, actually we would not need to bring in Hillary or John Edwards, since the Bay area has tons of local talent who could be used to provide the young ones with examples of how to properly live life, or at least based on the "standards" of smooth and fast talking sophisticated scam artists who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians, but who are actually nothing more than politically correct scam artists and a modern version of sleazy slithering snakes.

    For instance, we could have Bill and Nadia Lockyer give lectures on staying drug free.

    We could have such great liberals and wonderful humanitarians as Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi, and whose husbands have made at least tens of millions of dollars due to the political influence of their wives, give lectures on the reasons to be altruistic and devoted to public service.

    And Willie Brown, and who over the last few decades has received far more money from the tobacco companies than any other politician in the entire country, could give lectures on why we should all be far more interested in the good of society than in being selfish and/or making a lot of money for ourselves.

    The above are just a few examples of the huge cesspool of local talent we have, so actually there is no reason to bring in Hillary or John Edwards.