Friday, March 4, 2016

Honda: Khanna’s accusations are ‘100 percent false’

Some Democratic convention-goers last week
were given this unidentified anti-Khanna flyer. 
CONGRESS | CA17 | Rep. Mike Honda’s campaign is making it crystal clear: We were not behind the anti-Khanna flyers seen at last weekend’s California Democratic Convention in San Jose.

The campaign repeated Wednesday statements it made Saturday night following the appearance of flyers depicting Khanna, a Democrat, as a puppet of the Republican Party.

During Khanna's remarks to party delegates, he insinuated the flyers were Honda's doing.

“Ro Khanna’s accusations are 100 percent false,” said Michael Beckendorf, Honda’s campaign manager. “Our campaign had nothing to do with these flyers. We did not produce or circulate them, though we are well aware of Ro Khanna’s ties with extreme Republican donors.

“Like the Republican donors on the flyer Ro is falsely accusing us of producing, Ro would rather distract, deceive and play political games than he would be straight with the voters. He's taken money from Republican donors, he has sought their support and embraced Republican views. It's no wonder he didn't get the Democratic endorsement over the weekend."

The offending campaign literature had no identifying mark as to its producer. One report this week asserted the flyer was printed at a union shop that once produced a Honda campaign piece for their 2014 race.


  1. This was a comment posted on a San Jose Inside article on this topic.

    "But today’s politico article states that the Honda campaign’s printer for its multiple negative hit pieces on Ro last cycle was the SAME one who printed these pieces (do you know how many printers there are!!!). In fact, one of the hit pieces used the same exact language. When asked, the printer did not deny that the Honda campaign was the client (nor, coyly, did they confirm it either).
    Honda’s doing the same hits he’s always been doing against Khanna, just this one was a bit more over the top. He didn’t want to have his hands on it. Sorry, that’s against the law. I’m a believer that when there’s alot of smoke, there’s always a fire. Given Honda’s numerous ethical lapses these past few years, he’s lost any moral high ground or believability of “trust me, I didn’t do it”. He looked smug on Saturday and not sorry/embarrassed at all that these pieces had been distributed. That is not how an innocent man acts. If he hadn’t done it, he would have been completely shocked and shown his distain for lit like that being passed out in that environment (also a violation). It was more of a “go ahead, catch me if you can” look on his face and in his own words. Nope, he did it."