Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fired ESPN analyst Curt Schilling calls Mike Honda a coward

Rep. Mike Honda
CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | Earlier this week, Rep. Mike Honda called on ESPN to fire baseball analyst Curt Schilling for his comments on North Carolina’s new transgender law. After the network relieved Schilling of his duties Wednesday, Honda tweeted support for ESPN’s decision. Honda has a transgender grandchild. Schilling, however, responded Thursday morning, by tweeting Honda was a coward.

“As the proud grandfather of a transgender grandchild, Curt Schilling’s post on social media was personal. The Sportscaster's booth is no place for such hate filled speech fueled by intolerance and divisiveness,” said Honda in a statement Thursday.

ESPN fired former pitcher and analyst
Curt Schilling on Wednesday.
“Apparently, posting hateful and derisive memes was not enough for Mr. Schilling, who through his Twitter account went on to call me ‘a coward’ for standing with my grandchild and the transgender community.”

Last year, Honda drew nationwide praise for posting a photo of him and his transgender granddaughter on Twitter.

“I implore all Americans to reject any brand of rhetoric - whether it is on the baseball field or from a podium-- that is demeaning to individuals of any race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. I applaud ESPN on their decision. Now is not the time to give a platform to any individual who has a history of spewing such insensitive, racist, sexist, and intolerant discourse as Mr. Schilling.”

Following the statement from Honda's campaign, Schilling again took to Twitter to slam Honda. In one tweet, Schilling included a link to an article on Honda's House ethics investigation. "And that? That's you too?" tweeted Schilling.

Honda is currently facing a rematch with fellow Democrat Ro Khanna in the 17th Congressional District, along with four other candidates in the June Primary.


  1. Well done, Mike Honda. Mr. Schilling's Tweet was just pure hate. That type of speech hurts the innocent and solves nothing.

    In my view, the jihadists (the target of Schilling's comments) are not even real Muslims. They use Islam for fake authority to argue their actions are inspired by Allah. ISIS jihadists even behead other types of Muslims. Rather, jihadists are just immoral brutes. Vicious brutes. Just like Stalin, Mao, Che Guevara and Pol Pot, who were responsible for the deaths of millions for an ideology that is all about centralizing power in a few cronies, while selling their supporters on some type of utopia...that always dissolves into some form of tyranny.

    Perhaps that is what Schilling was getting at...but he was not intelligent enough to aim his anger at the real target...the brutes.

    There are people around the world who plot to change our country, our faiths (or right to have no faith), our material wealth and our precious, precious liberty.

    Let's change or destroy the brutes. I'm sure Mr. Schilling has now learned that it is near impossible to make an accurate point about anything by using a picture of Hitler and applying it to a different crisis. On this, Mr. Honda and I completely agree.

  2. I don't agree with anything that Schilling said, but I loved how he shut down Honda via his tweet replies late yesterday when he called him out for his ethics scandal. Honda is a hateful, hypocritical POS but in a different way. Honda shouldn't really give Schilling any crap for being fired by ESPN, because the voters are going to show Mr. Honda's arse the door in November!

  3. By MW:

    Not even the sheep, lemmings, stooges, robots, scam artists, parasites, puppets on a string, and pseudo liberals who are automatically in favor of whatever is considered to be politically correct at that particular moment, and right now it is allowing anyone to use whichever restroom he or she feels like at that moment, would be in favor of such an insane policy if they thought that one minute from now people who are biologically men, but who might decide they are women whenever they so desire, would be entering the restroom their own daughters were in.

    However those scam artists, parasites, "liberals," and members of the politically correct fad of month club are so extremely stupid, that therefore it never occurs to them that the extremely mentally retarded policies they are in favor of as long as they think it will only be in someone else's neighborhood will eventually come to their own neighborhood.

    In fact as an illustration of the "ethics" and "consistency" of the typical liberal, I used to define a liberal as someone who was in favor of integrating someone else's neighborhood but not his own.

    So therefore rather than trying to have new laws and the government forcing store owners to have policies allowing any creature to go into any restroom he or she desires, instead the government should stay totally out of it, and those "superior" and "enlightened" creatures who pretend to be "liberals" can own and operate their own stores and restaurants, etc, and they and their customers can do anything they want in their own place of business.

  4. By MW:

    Let's see if the politically correct jokers in Congress, and such as for instance Feinstein, Boxer, and Pelosi, etc, and who will undoubtedly pretend they think it is a wonderful idea to allow anyone, and regardless of gender, to go into any restroom or locker room he or she desires, will allow the same policy in the particular restrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, and showers that have traditionally been used only by the female members of the US Senate and House of Representatives.

    And let's also see if the clowns, stooges, and puppets on a string for phony liberalism in the mainstream mafia, and including the editorial writers for the NY Times, LA Times, and SF Chronicle, etc, and who are almost always in favor of whatever is the latest liberal nonsense, will allow anyone, and regardless of gender, to use any restroom, locker room, changing room, and showers in their own building, and including the particular restrooms and showers that were traditionally used only by the female members of their staffs.

    For instance, let's see if most of the more prominent members of the mainstream mafia and Democratic Party are real liberals and who are actually willing to practice what they preach, or whether most of them are nothing more than sleazy windbags, scam artists, and parasites.

  5. Schilling is F'd up on abortion, but on this one he got it straight-up right!

    Bathrooms are based on anatomy. Anatomy is based on biology. Biology is based on chromosomes. Chromosomes DON'T change.

    This is not 'hate.' It is common sense.

    Put another way: If you've got a dick, use the men's; if you've got a pussy, the women's. End of story.

  6. By MW:

    The way prominent liberals and their co-conspirators, and which includes their high priced lawyers, consultants, and "experts," actually want such policies as anyone and everyone to supposedly have access to any restroom to work is that those sleazy scam artists, scumbags, and parasites who pretend to be liberals will make a fortune by manipulating the gullible sheep into following all sorts of insane policies.

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    In fact, we should pay Hillary 250K per speech to go all over the country "educating" us on the "wisdom" of this latest liberal mentally retarded nonsense.

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