Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Alameda mayor threw a tantrum before annual Fourth of July parade

Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer waving to the crowd
at Monday's Independence Day parade.
ALAMEDA | Alameda's traditional Fourth of July Parade is one of the largest in the Bay Area. In turn, it's no easy task organizing the 100 or more individual floats and marchers to function smoothly.

Unfortunately,, Mayor Trish Spencer didn't make it any easier.

The mayor, who hosts the annual parade that runs from Park Street to the West End, threw a tantrum shortly before the start of the event.

The reason for the fit, according to sources, is Spencer disliked the type of automobile she was assigned and refused to ride in it.

The last second change in plans added more pressure for organizers already scrambling to put on the late morning event without a hitch.

But they did not secure another car for Spencer and her husband. Instead, she found her own car, a refurbished classic truck that allowed Spencer stand on the pickup's bed and wildly wave to Alameda parade-goers while shaking her money maker.

A year ago, during her first parade as mayor, Spencer rode in a low rider car with hydraulics.

The incident on the Independence Day holiday may seem trivial, but runs parallel with a growing number of acts that paints Spencer as a primadonna, or, at the very least, a public official who often rides alone.


  1. By MW:

    In regard to the issue of whether or not Trish Spencer is a primadonna, she is a lawyer, and an extremely high percentage of lawyers are primadonnas. In fact decades ago I read a book on negotiating techniques, and the book's author, and although he considered himself to be an extremely skilled negotiator, said his techniques would not work when dealing with lawyers, since he said lawyers (or more accurately law school students) are brainwashed while in law school into thinking they are better than everyone else.

    While lawyers delude themselves with the beliefs that they are the masters of logic and the proper methods of thinking, actually there are few creatures on earth less logical than the typical lawyer, and actually most of them are nothing more than scumbags, parasites, and totally illogical big windbags, and with extreme delusions of grandeur. And of course one of the more extreme examples of the "quality" of the type of "thinking" that lawyers regularly engage in is Nadia Lockyer.

    In that many lawyers are far too stupid and far too illogical to understand anything and nor to know how to negotiate - in fact, the primary skill of the majority of lawyers is making most situations many times worse (for example, study the actions of the jokers with law licenses in Alameda County's County Counsel's office) - they share a primary characteristic with drug addicts, since, and as some have observed, "You can't reason or negotiate with a drug addict."

    And Trish Spencer is also a graduate of UC Berkeley, and which is one of the very "top" schools in the entire world for producing "highly educated" phonies and windbags with extreme delusions of grandeur.

    In fact, a considerable percentage of the very sleaziest con men, embezzlers, money launderers, white collar criminals, and crooked lawyers have degrees from UC Berkeley.

    1. A whole army of strawman you just torched right there, yet not a single point related to this fake journalist's accusation. Got a single eyewitness or video clip to support it?

  2. She needs a snail car like that cool lady mayor in Oakland.

  3. I wish she would worry more about the traffic issues and rent problems...and maybe even talk about the lack of police in Alameda .... No, she worries about her parade car...SMH
    I can't wait for a new mayor.

  4. it's pretty clear this message has a SEXIST hidden agenda. Written by a male and denigrating a female for throwing a tantrum (without any evidence), this screed is emblematic of the oppression faced by Alameda females on a daily basis. Love, Imogen T. Longlips, feminist activist vegan.

  5. What did I tell you, Steven Tavares? Cheap shot of attacking woman mayor who happens to be an attorney. Did you forget this was the mayor's parade? Focus on policies next time.

  6. What kind of hearsay "reporting"is this post? The car assigned to her went missing - and there was a last minute scramble from other parade participants to get a car for her.

  7. What weak attempt to slander the Mayor. If you have some video showing said "tantrum" or at least some eyewitness quotes, please fill us in. Otherwise this sounds like the ramblings of a bitter blogger who has a axe to grind. EBCitizen is a fishwrap rag, not even suited for TMZ.

  8. Nice way to come together for our national holiday. This is a time when we should celebrate our togetherness not try to stir up controversy with an obvious axe to grind.

  9. By MW:

    Related to the post of 10:54, while I have never met Steven Tavares, and do not even know what he looks like, however the East Bay Citizen is in most instances willing to discuss items that the bigger publications do not touch, and including since the editors and publishers of the bigger publications usually have far too close relationships with the bigshots, and therefore usually go out of their way to avoid embarrassing them.

    For instance, there have been times when the SF Comical, and which usually acts pretty much as the house organ of SF City Hall, has published articles containing extremely and totally wrong information, and when I have talked to the particular reporter who wrote that lies, garbage, and nonsense, and then mentioned clearcut and undeniable facts extremely relevant to the story, each time I would be told, "We don't want to talk about that."

    Of course earlier today we had, and this time in Emeryville, another one of those huge 3AM fires (3AM is the standard time for arson fires in vacant buildings when the fire is set by a "torch" working for organized crime), so it will be interesting to see whether any and all "investigators" working for local fire departments do "investigations" definitely "proving" the fire was caused by "bad luck," and not by arson.

    The profession of firefighters for at least several decades has been extremely heavily infested with alcoholism, and in recent decades also pot smoking, but that still does not keep the mainstream media from regularly parroting the lies, garbage, and nonsense from this or that fire department that a particular fire was caused by bad luck, and even in instances when any person with an IQ higher than his shoe size would realize it had almost certainly had been caused by arson.

  10. Ummm... look for whom Steven Tavares "writes" and you'll see that he's not made of substance. Period.

  11. ding ding ding... and in this corner, you have idiot Steven Tavares on his last breaths and energy to type into his keyboard for anything "news worthy"


    ding ding ding.... in the opposite corner, people who live in reality.

    In a decision by TKO, "reality" wins!

    Bah bye, Steven Tavares, you have proven yourself to be useless and a poor reporter. Rather, kudos for attempting to be a muckraker, but apparently, you are not successful at that, either.

    I've followed your "writing" for some time to give you the benefit of the doubt, and also because you've covered some interesting topics, but what has turned me off is your poor understanding of reality, and the lack of transparency in creating a platform with credibility.

    Whoever is supporting your crummy website, your writing, or your poor "investigative" resources, well, I shall say they have not received great ROI on the investment.

    Give it up, you look foolish and probably feel really dumb and ashamed. Somehow I guess you'll be okay with the feeling since the money and financial gains you get for slamming people, and not writing factual accounts is what you prefer.

    I don't think the Mayor really cares about this story and she was probably too busy running before the parade, and getting to the parade. Over a car, really?!!!!!! Is this newsworthy??????

  12. This is as bad as this!


  13. I like turtles.

  14. would have been nice to hear the positive of the parade instead of this crap