Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In right wing gun control stunt, Barbara Lee staffer admits to owning guns

Rep. Barbara Lee's communication director
James Lewis got caught up in a stunt concocted
by right wing provocateur James O'Keefe.
Right wing provocateur James O'Keefe caught several Congressional staffers, including East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee's communication director, in a rhetorical bind. Even though their bosses espouse strict gun control stances, would they agree to post a sign on the home declaring the residence gun-free?

In the past, the O'Keefe has highlighted, among other stunts, alleged misdeeds by ACORN, an affordable housing non-profit. In the video, below, O'Keefe's group approached the congressional offices of several Democratic representatives, including Lee.

When asked to post a sign indicating his home is gun-free, James Lewis, communication director for Lee, sheepishly told the pair of phony gun control advocates that "I'm actually a gun owner."

Later, another staffer from Michigan Rep. John Conyers' office worried the presence of the sign on the congressman's home would make him a target for criminals, especially in Detroit.


  1. By MW:

    Of the prominent politicians who portray themselves as liberals, virtually all of them are nothing but demagogues, big phonies, and huge windbags who: one, don't actually believe in the public positions they take; and two, also are not willing to follow and subject themselves to the rules they have and want enforced for other people.

    To give just a few examples: one, Dianne Feinstein, and who has vehemently argued that guns should be totally eliminated for all civilians, AND WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER, and that only members of law enforcement should be allowed to have guns, JUST AS VEHEMENTLY INSISTS ON HER RIGHT IO CARRY A GUN IN HER OWN PURSE; two, extremely prominent liberal politician Carl Rowan, and who was also an extremely strong gun control advocate, one day heard some noise in his own backyard, and therefore got out the gun he secretly had, and then went in his backyard to confront the trespasser.

    So upon being outed as both a gun owner and also someone who would use a gun at the drop of a hat, Rowan then put out a lot of lies, garbage, nonsense, excuses, and PR statements "proving" that he wasn't just a big phony.

    And the above are just few examples related to the fact that most prominent politicians who say they are "liberals" actually are nothing more than big, sleazy, lying windbags.