Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Assembly Speaker endorses Mike Honda

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon
CONGRESS | 17TH DISTRICT | One of the most progressive and union-friendly officials in the state has endorsed Rep. Mike Honda's re-election this fall over challenger Ro Khanna.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon announced his support for Honda Tuesday.

"He's been a powerful and caring leader who has been instrumental in bringing critical federal resources to address and invest in many issues facing the state," said Rendon, in a statement. "Mike has always done what is right for working families and I'm proud to endorse his re-election."

The last two speakers, John Perez and Toni Atkins, have also previously endorse Honda.

The leadership in the state Legislature, however, appears to be split. State Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon endorsed Khanna early in the current election cycle.


  1. By MW:

    You just have no idea how totally impressed and completely overwhelmed I am whenever one prominent politician endorses another one.

    For instance, both of the Browns, in other words Jerry and Willie, endorsed Nadia Lockyer as the best and most qualified person for the AC Board of Supervisors, and even though they were undoubtedly extremely well aware that she: one, was a total and completely erratic dingbat and extreme drug addict; two, had an IQ lower than her shoe size; and three, was actually supposed to be nothing more than a figurehead for her husband, in other words Bill Lockyer.

    And before Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, moved to Guyana, he was a prominent resident of the Bay area, and while he was still in SF, Willie Brown, SF mayor George Moscone, and the SF Chronicle never missed an opportunity to "inform" and "educate" the general public to the "fact" that Jim Jones was one of the very most honest, honorable, and wonderful people of all time. and even though anybody who had looked even a little bit, and even with their eyes only ten percent open, would have easily realized that Jim Jones was nothing more than a sleazy con man.

  2. By MW:

    Jerry Brown and Willie Brown both endorsed Nadia Lockyer, in other words the extreme drug addict, total dingbat, and world class mental retard, for the AC Board of Supervisors, since they "knew" she was far and away the most qualified candidate.

    Richard Nixon "knew" that Spiro Agnew was a wonderful person, and which is the reason Nixon chose Agnew to be his running mate.

    LBJ "knew" that his buddy Billie Sol Estes was wonderful and totally trustworthy.

    Willie Brown and SF mayor George Moscone both "knew" that total con man and world class scumbag Jim Jones was one of the very finest and most wonderful people ever to walk the face of the earth.

    Paul Powell, and who was one of the very sleaziest creatures ever to infest that extreme cesspool of bribery and corruption also known as Illinois politics, had a long line of prominent politicians who at his funeral eulogized him and praised him to the skies.

    So if some of the most prominent members of that extreme cesspool of sleaze, corruption, and illegal backroom fixes also known as the California State legislature have endorsed their good buddy Mike Honda, that is more than good enough for me, and in fact therefore we should make it illegal to vote for anybody except Mike Honda.

  3. Why is a baseball player getting involved in a congressional race?

  4. "The last two speakers, John Perez and Toni Atkins, have also previously endorse Honda."
    Well, well, that makes a hat-trick of Sacramento hacks that give knee-jerk endorsements to incumbents.
    What a trio...
    Thank God that Perez got dumped, finishing 3rd in his only statewide race. Shows how much we like Assembly leaders.

    Honda is "cooked"...finished, just going through the motions...

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  6. Who cares about Rendon! The California legislature in the laughing stock of the world for its liberal policies even Jerry Brown has to keep in check. Honda got his endorsement because they are on the same trendy, liberal, social justice warrior, Hillary band of people bent on reducing the quality of life in California, just so they can get another term in office.

    Ron Cohen For Congress 2018