Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sneak Peak: Alameda's mayor intervened in an incident involving the cop who arrested her husband for drunk driving

ALAMEDA CITY COUNCIL | Last spring, Alameda resident Parminder Dhingra sent an email to Mayor Trish Spencer, Police Chief Paul Rolleri, and others, alleging that he was treated unfairly by one of the city’s police officers. Dhingra was complaining about Officer Brandon Hansen, who had been dispatched on March 31 to deal with a dispute between Dhingra and one of his neighbors. The issue was minor: Dhingra’s neighbor had accused him of driving over some ornamental rocks on the neighbor’s property. But Dhingra became upset, alleging in his April 1 email that Hansen had sided with the neighbor in the dispute.

Mayor Spencer quickly responded to Dhingra’s email, replying just before 9 o’clock that same morning. Later that day, Spencer was sitting in Dhingra’s living room for about 30 minutes to discuss the March 31 incident, said Dhingra, in a recent interview. Spencer subsequently demanded in an email to Chief Rolleri that he discuss the issue with her.

But what Dhingra didn’t know is that the mayor’s husband, Joel Spencer, had previously been in a serious run-in with the same police officer. Just two weeks prior, on March 17, Hansen had pulled Spencer over for allegedly speeding and driving his car through a stop sign on Central Avenue, according to Rolleri and court records. Spencer was later booked into county jail on suspicion of DUI. The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office subsequently filed misdemeanor drunken driving charges against Spencer,alleging that his blood alcohol level was 0.15 percent, nearly double the legal limit, court records show. Joel Spencer, 57, pleaded not guilty on April 18, and as of press time, was still awaiting trial.

Mayor Spencer’s demand to talk with Chief Rolleri concerning an issue involving the cop who arrested her husband is not an isolated incident. Interviews, emails, and public records show that since Spencer was elected mayor in November 2014, she has repeatedly inserted herself in routine city business in apparent violation of the AlamedaCity Charter...


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  1. By MW:

    Since Alameda mayor Trish Spencer, and who is a lawyer, also still has has an active California law license, in other words, and even though right now she is a public official, she is also supposedly still being "monitored" and "regulated" by the totally corrupt California State Bar, in other words that extremely sleazy agency that: one, has a secret system of two sets of books; and two, also sells pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses - we should have Trish Spencer's conduct "investigated" by the sleazeballs and scumbags in the CSB, in other words the jokers and professional pathological liars who pretend that the primary purpose of the CSB is to protect the general public from lawyers who are corrupt and/or incompetent.

    (NOTE: Actually, and in spite of the CSB's non-stop PR, the real primary purpose of the totally corrupt CSB is to protect crooked lawyers, and especially the higher ranking ones who are politically connected.)

    And if Trish Spencer's husband is an alcoholic, does that also mean that Trish herself is also an alcoholic!!!! Studies have found that while if an alcoholic is married to a non-alcoholic that usually the marriage does not last, but however if both husband and wife are alcoholics, then the probability the marriage will last a long time is the same as if both husband and wife were non-alcoholics.

    And of course in that Trish is a lawyer, she is a member of that sleazy mafia, and which calls itself the "legal profession," that has far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession.

    ALSO: Supposedly tonight Channel 11 will have a segment on the California State Bar. I believe part of that segment will include a high ranking member of the CSB insisting that it: one, is reputable and trustworthy; two, has an effective system of discipline for erring attorneys; three, is constantly trying to improve and does not merely engage in phony "reforms;" and four, is always trying to get still better.

    So if you think you feel an earthquake or hear a nuclear bomb going off, it will probably just be me laughing so hard that I will be falling out of my chair.