Thursday, September 1, 2016

Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer is violating the city charter

Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer, right, during a
City Council meeting in July.
ALAMEDA | Alameda's city charter, like many others in the East Bay, gives more day-to-day administrative power to its city manager than to the mayor.

It's a distinction many constituents in Alameda and beyond are not familiar with. It's apparently, a fact Alameda Mayor Trish Spencer has also repeatedly failed to grasp.

In the September edition of Alameda Magazine, learn the lengths Spencer has gone to usurp lawful control of City Hall from the city manager and department heads.

In one instance, Spencer openly advocated against a city code enforcement decision that determined a local building was too dangerous for tenants to reside and gave the appearance Spencer was acting on behalf of the tenant over the city's interests.

In another case, Spencer served as a de facto internal affairs agent as she personally investigating a citizen's complaint against one Alameda police officer. However, the officer involved in the complaint was also the person who two weeks prior had pulled over her husband for a DUI.

Read the entire article here at Alameda Magazine. On newsstands now. 


  1. By MW:

    In regard to the comment, "a fact Trish Spencer has also repeatedly failed to grasp," since Trish is a lawyer, therefore let's discuss the "intelligence" and "ethics" of lawyers.

    Some decades ago, and in fact long before I even moved to the Bay area or even heard of Alameda County, the city of Alameda, or Trish Spencer, I first heard the observation that "Even the village idiot knows more about the law than the average lawyer." And proof of that is all of the sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals hiding behind law licenses who are totally incapable of comprehending the First Amendment which guarantees free speech.

    But than, and on the other hand, Trish Spencer, and in order to get a law license, was totally checked out by the totally corrupt California State Bar, and I am absolutely one hundred percent sure that the jokers at the CSB would not issue a California law license to anyone who did not meet the very highest standards of intelligence, ethics, and competence.

    "Proof" of that is the fact that the totally corrupt CSB issued law licenses to such jokers as Nadia Lockyer and Sharmin Bock.

  2. Spencer issued a Proclamation Tuesday Sept. 6 to AMP stating "Whereas, Alameda Municipal Power is a dependable and trustworthy institution whose lower rates translate into significant savings for Alamedans, while directly contributing to the City of Alameda's economic well-being and quality of life with annual transfers of over $2 million."

    That's right "while directly contributing to the City of Alameda's economic well-being and quality of life with annual transfers of over $2 million." That's UMA, which she opposes and praises.