Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hayward councilman received $9,000 contract without school board approval

Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas was given
a $9,000 contract by the school district without any
apparent approval by the school board.
HAYWARD | Hayward Councilmember Mark Salinas received a contract for unidentified services with the city's school district worth nearly $9,000 last year, and the school district has no idea how it was approved or what job he performed.

Salinas was given a "professional expert" contract for roughly three months of work from March 2015 to June 2015, according to public records. Salinas turned in time cards with work totaling 149.5 hours, billable at $60 an hour, for a grand total of $8,970.

However, Hayward school officials say the contract was never approved by the school board, said Board President Lisa Brunner. "There is no record of what he was supposed to do," Brunner said of Salinas' contract.

Brunner said the school board had no idea so-called professional expert contracts were being used by the district until last Spring after an investigation was launched over the existence of two Made in Hayward Foundations. She believes Salinas' contract was moved forward by now-fired Superintendent Stan "Data" Dobbs. "I don't believe these types of contracts should be given out and I understand this was done under the direction of Dobbs," said Brunner

School Trustee Luis Reynoso said the board requires any contract worth more than $5,000 to be submitted for approval and, in this case, its procedures were not recognized. "This is another example to the board of how the superintendent was not providing good financial stewardship of the student's money," said Reynoso.

Just last week, during a Hayward City Council meeting, Reynoso charged that some Hayward councilmembers had personally profited from ties to the school district. A majority of the City Council is backing a political group hoping to replace three incumbent school board members this November, including Reynoso.

“Some of you or all of you are making money off the district,” Reynoso said Sept. 20. “We don’t need your services. Please don’t make money off our children. Now I can see why you support our superintendent.”

Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday, however, strongly admonished Reynoso for his allegation, saying “We were just accused of many things that we as a council have not done,” said Halliday. “I am not going to sit here and be accused falsely and have my councilmembers accused falsely of doing something that we have not done.”

In an interview last week, Salinas declined to answer any questions about the work he performed for the contract. "You guys are just fishing for something," said Salinas.

The use of professional expert contracts came under scrutiny recently in the school district's report on Dobbs, who was fired earlier this month. A similar type of contract was used to give former Hayward Councilmember Olden Henson a contract of up to $40,000 to create a non-profit group named the "Made in Hayward Foundation." The school district's investigation into Dobbs found the contract was surreptitiously placed on the board's agenda in 2014 under the guise of Henson being a "substitute teacher." However, Henson was never paid for his work and retained ownership of the original non-profit's paperwork.

The premise behind professional expert contracts is they sidestep the normal and transparent bidding process under the notion the type of services needed require specific expertise not available within the existing staff. When Brunner was asked whether she believes the type of administrative knowledge required of Henson and Salinas was absent among the school district's staff, she answered unequivocally, "No."

It is not clear how Salinas' contract was initially approved, but each of the three time sheets submitted were approved by the school district's business department. Over the course of the contract, Salinas almost exclusively billed the school district for two hours during the work week between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. On some days, Salinas billed an additional two hours in the evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Salinas is also a teacher at Chabot College and Cal State East Bay, in addition, to working for the Hayward Promise Neighborhood, a federally-funded program to help students in the city's impoverished Jackson Triangle neighborhood.


That's because the school board was too busy fighting and being dysfunctional according to council, PAC Daddy Sweeney, Friends of the Library, Freddie Davis and the rest of the CLASS Pac robots. So the school board bounced Dobbs and now the CLASS backed Carlson, Davis and Goldstein will bring Dobbs back so the payouts can keep going.Transparency folks!

Helps if your old lady is Leti Salinas who pushed through Olden Henson's consultant/substitute teacher position. Yay Leti! You go girl. Remember when HUSD was gonna pay a mint to career politician Ellen Corbett? Maybe she can get a contract with the City of Hayward so she can teach council about The Brown Act instead of the phone a friend method of instruction.

That explains why the Asst Superintendent for Human Resources (Lety Salinas) left the district earlier than expected.... Especially when she could have retired from the district with benefits. Wow. Puts a new spin on things. Who's reviewing the Purchase Orders on file for the 3 years under Dobbs' reign as both the Business Services and Superintendent....? How many other fundings are there for the picking?

That city council with zermeno, salinas, Halliday and dirty exmayor Sweeney are disgusting people to take money away from our hayward children. The school board needs to keep going after their corruption.

So if Zermeno didn't see a dime of the thousands that his business made since 1997 courtesy of HUSD, where did that money go? Towards Motel 6 and lawn furniture for Dobbs? Crazy and illegal stuff happening with city council. If Sweeney hadn't pushed them into CLAS, their own ahady dealings wouldn't have shown up. Thanks to Mikey and Dr. Reynoso and of course Tavares.

No wonder you can't say anything bad about council at city council meetings. Maybe city council can write a citzen's handbook outlining the rules for public conduct. Along with suggesting praise worthy comments for the public to say about council. The truth is not allowed. Halliday should get advice from the mayor of our sister city in China. Bet they don't want the truth there either.

Be very careful how you vote for the school board. Change is needed. Good Grief.

The Hayward city attorney is working on the authorized phrases of compliments a speaker can used in addressing the mayor or council. No other phrases will be allowed or any criticism of the mayor or council because you will be thrown out. I think that is more like North Korea than China. It seems the school board is the only govt body with gutzpa enough to take on the horns of the city council.

Mark Salinas is a pox on Hayward residents. He must have been an expert HUSD consultant on back peddling and double talking. Total waste of money. Makes me mad that Dobbs rewarded his cronies with money meant for the education of children & adults. Bow they are pledging their allegiance to him and trying to get their own weak meat to replace Reynoso.

Good grief! Go get them school board I am so tired of these do-nothing city council and mayor. Hayward school board, We Hayward citizens are behind you.

I wonder how much money Salinas makes off the Jackson Triangle neighborhood? Probably takes home the free fresh Neighborhood Promise produce for himself.

Oh s**t I just heard Dr. Reynoso on the school board about bringing in $15hr minimum!!! Hooraay Finally minimum wage of $15 at least, if I was listening correctly for the employees and the contractors that do business with the board. It's a start in Hayward.

goverment should not allow the same corrupt crooks to be part of different public posicions.Mark Salinas is been stelling money from our kids all this years!!!! And now been part of HPN, and city council and a chabot teacher!! ,my god, he have access to many diferrent money sources.He broke the law by using Tennyson students to campaing for him in exchange for their final assignment in the class he teach at tennyson.

@8:22 What do you mean by last assignment?

Thank you McGee, Brunner, and Reynoso for staying strong. Walker hopefully you wake up to the truth. Hayward community please do not let this CLASS PAC get in there and further take from the students. Found out they do not even know what ELLs are. This is because they are not here for the students they are here for political gain for themselves and council members.

Yes @ 10:18 pm. CLASS PAC RATS are on an ego trip. City council needs to tend to city business first and stop wasting time and energy to get their Man Stan back as the school superintendent. The PAC RATS will turn a blind eye to the students and condone wasteful spending and shady contracts because they don't know any better. Goldstein, Davis & Carlson are beholden to Mike Sweeney and city council. City council needs to do the job they were elected to do. Lead the city, not the school district. They let Sweeney talk them into making fools of themselves, so they can get a slice of that HUSD money cake.

Why is Davis running? Davis got money from the district in the past. So did his mom who is trying to win the seat for herself. He was horrible at the endorsement meeting last night and horrible at the League forum. Follow the money and you will find it with him and his program that didn't serve kids. He and his mom collected a check. More cronyism. Walker, leave. She was horrible too. Can the board only have 3 members?

I want to be clear on something. Just got my sample ballot. Who are the candidates that are sponsored by Class Pac? Thank you.

Davis is a shill CLASS PAC candidate. Hos mom Freddye is always mixed up with Sweeney politics. Would not be surprised that he is making money off HUSD, or if he made money in the past. City council's democratic club green lighted Davis and another shill candidate of theirs. That was a given. Dobb's friends on the HUSD gravy train adore Goldstein, Davis and Carlson. Don't let CLASS fool you.

In every public agency, the Executive Director/Manager/Superintendent (person in charge)has the authority to sign contracts below some set figure without going to the governing board, if the item is funded in the budget. $9000 would be below Dobbs' limit and he could approve it without going to the board. The argument should be whether it was an appropriate contract rather than whether the board should have approved it.

Subterfuge is to blame the school board and make Reynoso look like a dummy. Dobbs supporters say "Look at crazy Reynoso, making accusations that we are profiting from HUSD and why would he admit to not doing his job by approving those contracts?" The answer is that Dobbs aoproved Salinas' contract. Much like council rewards contracts to their friends, endorsers and lackeys. It boils down to who you know. Not how much you know. Council is corrupt. The school board should be upset with city council. The Hayward Residents derserve better. Hayward deserves better. Impeach the "I'm the mayor" mayor and city council. Kiss those dumb clucks goodbye.

All politicians are "professional experts" at stealing tax payers money

Are you Mark salinas? i mean assignment for the students final grade,they were suppost to make an essay but mr crook salinas told them that if they campaing for him, they will pass the class!!! isn't that illegal ?

what about Zermeños translations contract whit HUSD.
The district has allready translation services, so they dont need Zermeños services!!
Was Dobbs the stupid idiot who approved Zermeños contract? Is this the reason why corrupt Zermeño support dobbs?

Most politicians have never had a real job in the private sector. It's real easy to waste money when it's not yours. Why is Donald Trump doing so well? Your answer is easily found here.

I bet Letty Salinas approved her husband's contract with HUSD. Meanwhile, school black tops, facilites and equipment are deteriorating. Yet Salinas is making $60 an hour to twiddle his thumbs. Bet city council is praying for a quick wrap up of the Chief of Police's personnel issue investigation so that scandal can take the heat off of them. Unless it turns out to be something that they knowingly condoned. Oh the corruption!

So before Salinas got cocky and ran for nayor, he was sent on an excursion to China as a city councilman. Supposedly to scare up businesses to come to Hayward. Most likely, he did not use his own funds to pay for the trip. The tax payers probably picked up the tab. They sent Salinas during his absence from city council, to peddle Hayward as an "All America City." HUSD, Neighborhood Promise, Halliday, Fran David, Stan Dobbs, city council's arch enemy Lisa Brunner and other assorted poster children also attended the contest in Colorado. Did the NP Grant pay for tbeir trip to Colorado to compete in the All America Contest? Or did HUSD or the City of Hayward waste our tax dollars on that b.s.? Hayward should enter The Most Corrupt City Contest. They could all dance, clap and sing about coming in first place. Ridicudorks run out city.

this is so dam entertaining that's why I'm tempted to vote for J Ramos, Dr Reynosa and one of Mayor Sweeney's choices to continue the show but I'm staying out of it and not voting for School Board this year and like the parents on Grove Way who want to have Marshal School only interested in what happens in CV but stuck with Hayward

Ramos said,"If Dobbs was fired for corruption, and the three clowns from Hayward Class want him back as superintendent, they must be corrupt, too" Go get them Joe Ramos, Dr. Reynoso and Wynn Grcich.

Do Goldstein's kids attend HUSD schools? If they are achool age and they aren't enrolled in Hayward public schools he shouldn't be running for the school board. Mendall's kids don't attend HUSD schools, but their CLASS PAC daddy meddles in school board business. What a jerk!

This thread has gone from insane to bizarre. Get back on your meds, ppl. Anybody who has ever seen or been to a board meeting can see clear as day the dysfunction that goes on, and can see exactly why. We don't need your conspiracy theories and crazy-ass reasoning to understand it. Reynoso is a professional obstructionist. As long as he is on the board, business will never get done. The others need to go too, they are all pushing their own agendas and are saddled with their personal baggage, and have forgotten about the kids long ago. Go watch another episode to house of cards. This is just Hayward. Whoever wins is not going to get much more than 1.000 votes anyway. For the record, I'll vote for the CLASS PAC over Reynoso and his minions anyday. Have you heard them speak? Each one is crazier than the next.

Let's bring Stan Dobbs back lets vote for the CLASS PAC. Dobbs is the best superintendent ever. The investigation report on Dobbs and police report are all lies and conspiracy theories. Reynoso is the latino diablo worst than Trump that has been controlling the audience on those meetings, the school district and school board, and now is controlling all the people in Hayward by trying to start the nonsense of $15/hour minimum wage and rent control. Don't listen to him Hayward. Hayward will go bankrupt if we have $15/hr and rent control. Our city council has been our best leadership just look at the good things we have done in Hayward. Vote CLASS PAC and ignore all of those false stories and lies that tell people the city council has taken money from the school district. Salinas and Zermeno along with Halliday and Lamnin are honorable honest people that follow the law. Just compare the city council meetings with the school board. The council meetings are always very civil and the votes are always 7-0 and never question the staff because they get along fine. The school board can NEVER do that since Reynoso has been elected. That obstructionist Reynoso questions all things his staff puts together for the children. Get Reynoso out then Brunner and McGee. Vote CLASS and bring back the commander Stan Dobbs.

First of all, there are no personal agendas except the ones Taylor and Dobbs cooked up without transperancy and following proper procedures. That is why this happened. Secondly, our city council does not represent the majority of the city of Hayward and they definitely do not respect them unless you tell them what they want to hear and do not interfere with their personal agendas! Thirdly, how dare you say $15 min wage and rent control will bankrupt Hayward! People deserve a livable wage and a home to live in! There are just greedy people who want to keep people down. Hayward do not let corruption win! Get out there and vote!

Hmmm...if Reynoso is evil because he wants to fix HUSD and have minimum wage at $15 and rent control then I will vote for Reynoso and his minions I don't care what you call him. Go Reynoso Go. And Ramos with Grcich. Down with the city council Sweeney pop cycle stick CLASS pac. Exmayor Sweeney's little brain is now growing cow webs.

Hayward city council can't even run their own meetings in an orderly civil manner. Practice what you preach city council.Fran David, Mike Sweeney and Quirky Bill are pimping their sleazy candidates for the school board. They want their people to line each others pockets with district dollars. Dirty politics. Sarah Lamnin says the school district manages more money than city council does. Maybe that's the reason why council suddenly gives a rip about the "kids." Why not have your own CLASS PAC nobodies & know nothings bought and paid for by rich meddlers, on the school board? City council, do the job you were elected to do. Fran, go ride your motor bike and stay out of Hayward politics.

Why doesn't someone like McGee run against Quirky Bill? He needs to go.

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Unfortunately, Reynoso needs to go as well. He is not as pure as new fallen snowflakes. He is just as bad and does have many skeletons in the closet that he does not want exposed. On many votes during Board meetings, he should have abstained yet didn't. Truly a conflict and he voted... Like I said before.... he needs to go

current Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso “a disaster” for the district.He is somebody who causes dissent,“One person can ruin a board; a bad board can ruin a school district. That is happening right now. I can’t think of any more reason to support these people up here running than to get rid of Luis Reynoso.”he is just like Trump...)

October 9, 2016 at 12:56 AM wrote...

"Let's bring Stan Dob..."Dobbs is the best superintendent ever. The investigation report on Dobbs and police report are all lies and conspiracy theories..."

The writer of the above quote must be Carlson, Davis or Goldstein or one of there followers.

Go read the report and you will discover that Dobbs was a crook, and still is a crook...
you either have not read the facts, or do not believe the facts or you are also in league with the crooks. Do not vote for class or we will not have any class but trash...

right on october 16, at 11:16
That Class is a lot more like TRASH...
The same whit College Bound is more like College Gang!! nothing else.

For dzzuy..
Is theres so many things in reynoso like you said how can no body exposed anything on him? i tell you, there is nothing bad on him .. if you vote for Class is because you are part of the corruption and the problem.

Vote for Trash = Vote for Class
lol I love Ebctzn

@dzzuy I know who you are and I must say you are very corrupt. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. Yes we do need Reynoso since he is the only one with any backbone to put his foot down and take a stand against the Stan Dobbs, CLASS pop cycle stick trash monkey candidates....lol

You'r right..Reynoso is smart man, because he know how to kick ass on right time , he did that on his second term election , now he try to do it again ( during his eight year trustee in the HUSD.. he made HUSD got worse) . This is time we need to clean the whole house ...( Reynoso, Walker , Taylor) NEEDS TO GO
I am a Asian American parent in the HUSD..As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades,
How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.

@3:05 you are 100% and that is why I will vote again for Reynoso

@dzzuy you are completely wrong. I am a teacher and I can tell you that if it was not for Dr. Reynoso I would not have a job today. He has stood up for so many teachers and for classified staff too for 8 years, He has not changed . He is still the same sole voice against corruption. So , I guess the person above is right and I don't know you but you must be corrupt too.

i will vote for Dr Reynoso!! Class is just a trio of puppets the city coucil wants to have at HUSD to control everything. The city council had allow companies to build several houses and apartment complex that natives of hayward can't afford they want people whit more money to buy properties in hayward but this potencial buyers wont bring their kids to the city because HUSD sucks. Whem corrupt dobbs was here he keeps lying to everybody including media about the district standings!! just to try to help the city and the companies to sell their new houses.He was nevet her for our kids. So just look at Class first flyers those were paid for association of realtors, they dont care about our kids education all they want is to sell their houses

Zermeno has been a hayward resident for years and never done anything for the kids or the district. but now he has friends in the real state development sector that are pushing the crooks at city council to help them sell their houses they want to control HUSD so they can keep lying to everybody about the real situation of our district. Zermeno claims he is there for the kids education but in the other hand he is stealing our kids money whit his translation services?!! his company allready collect more than $100,000 fron the district!! but wait a minute, who are the person that his company give services ? because the district have translation services allready.
ho and i was wrong , he did somthing for hayward residents he brings mariachis for cinco de mayo celebration.

Uh oh... looks like your boy Reynoso owes the district $75K for taking benefits he wasn't entitled to. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!


Political posturing. The city council gets by far a hell a lot more in benefits during the year and life time befits after they leave the council which are in excess of $1,000,000.00 with the health and life insurance. I know as a former Alameda County Office of Education trustee we also get the same benefits as the Hayward board but much more. It is very standard for boards to get those benefits. By the way, the health benefits are included in all of the Hayward employees salaries that go back from the 1990s so that they would have more for their retirement. Truth be told always tell the truth. Just ask Sweeney how much he is getting now and his family until he dies? Way over $1,000,000.00 at 35,000 x 30 years that is way over 1,000,000. Zermeno, Lamnin and the rest of the council gang are making a killing off the Hayward citizens.

@9:42, I can't read your whole comment - all the comments are cut off on the right. Tech issues I guess. I think you are comparing city employees to school board members, or HUSD board members to the county board. What is standard in other places is irrelevant. HUSD has a board policy that states that everybody in the district gets the benefit package that the teachers get. By the way, if you want to know what it is, it's 0. Teachers pay 100% of the cost of health insurance, to the tune of nearly 10K per year per person. I remember watching the board meeting years ago, when this came up, and the board member who is prone to tantrums threw a hissy fit. Whether or not the board members SHOULD be entitled to these benefits is a different issue entirely, the point is they are NOT. If they benefited improperly, they should pay the district back. I tell you what, I'll give them a $150K pass if they resign effective immediately. It would be a bargain. Where is the outrage on this page, the concern for the kids, the doubts about the district leadership? Where is the outraged tweet from Tavares? Crickets...

@942 You are correct..
I am a teacher now and I remember also when our salary was increased to have health benefits transferred into our salary for our pensions.
The hayward school board has done nothing wrong and the policy does say they can can have benefits up to what we as employees get.
So now we get it on our salaries and the board should continue to get that also.
Not sure what the argument is about and why they don't get benefits like the Alameda county office of ed board since the edcode language is the same. The county uses the same language as I verified.
Nothing more like politics at play.

It seems that the popcycle CLASS trash pact and their supporters are grasping at anything to come in even at lies and false accusations.

All of us employees that have been there for a while understand that we get our health benefits through our salaries.

My fellow teachers should stop asking for more free stuff too.

i said this before!! Is a lot more TRASH THAN CLASS!!!

Oh please, I've been around awhile too, and you know darn well that our salary schedule has not kept pace with the increases in the cost of health insurance. Or maybe you decline the district benefits, in which case you are fortunate to be able to spend the extra money at your discretion. If you are a teacher who ignores your union's endorsements and supports the current board, I hope you live somewhere else and I hope that place has a far more functional board than ours.

As you know .For several years, the Hayward Unified School District has ranked the bottom among all school district in the region , to fixing these problem requires new leadership . That is why to elect school board member who will focus on student and work together to improve their education experience
I am Asian American , I will vote for Bob Carlson, Dan Goldstein on Nov 8 .. I vote for them because I think this is a time ( Reynoso, Walker, Taylro) NEED to go . If you see this video , you will know why I hate them
In a school district like HUSD , your child Need your voice

As you know .For several years, the Hayward Unified School District has ranked the bottom among all school district in the region , to fixing these problem requires new leadership . That is why to elect school board member who will focus on student and work together to improve their education experience
I am Asian American , I will vote for Bob Carlson, Dan Goldstein on Nov 8 .. I vote for them because I think this is a time ( Reynoso, Walker, Taylro) NEED to go . If you see this video , you will know why I want them out
In a school district like HUSD , your child Need your voice

Melissa Sigars should have run for the Hayward Board instead of being a principal at West Contra Costa Unified so we can all see what true ghetto Class can be like. She is one creepy ghetto admin.

What a great idea! I would vote for her. Melissa Sigars in 2018!

@10:11 I finally looked at ghetto Melissa Sigars at the meeting you here all talk about.

Wow what a fat ugly CRAZY woman. I am so dumbfounded that any district would have hired this Sigars whacked loud monster to lead teachers. Proof West Contra Costa Unified is much worse than HUSD. Nope I would not vote for that crazy ugly fat monster Melissa Sigars for any elected position. Someone needs to show her how to put on makeup. She looks like she has to shave her face constantly.

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