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Hayward’s Barbara Halliday exclaims ‘I am the mayor!’; ejects school trustee, another from council meeting

Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday booted two out
of a City Council meeting Tuesday.
The controversy surrounding fired Hayward Superintendent Stan Dobbs moved from the school board to the city council Tuesday night after Mayor Barbara Halliday ejected two members of the public, including School Board Trustee Luis Reynoso, from the chambers.

Reynoso and several other public speakers excoriated the city council for supporter or staying silent over Dobbs’ dismissal. Reynoso again slammed the council for interfering in the school district’s decision-making process and admonished them for supporting Dobbs in the past. “Shame on you,” he told each councilmember by name.

Last week, a school district investigation included testimony from a former employee who had an affair with Dobbs that he once struck her. Reynoso told the council during public comment, “We cannot tolerate violence against women or corruption in the district,”

Hayward School Board Trustee Luis Reynoso
Few councilmembers escaped Reynoso’s wrath Tuesday night. He also charged the City Council with inaction over a rise in homicides in Hayward. “We have had nine murders and one of them solved. Eight of them were Latinos. And [Councilmember Sara] Lamnin and [Councilmember Francisco] Zermeno said in the press that we’re safe. I guess it’s only safe when Latinos keep dying.”

Then, in a comment that set off the explosive conflict, Reynoso suggested some members of the City Council have previously profited from the school district. “Some of you or all of you are making money off the district,” said Reynoso. “We don’t need your services. Please don’t make money off our children. Now I can see why you support our superintendent.”

The comment riled Halliday, who began a response to Reynoso’s explosive allegation. But, before she could finish a sentence, members of the audience shouted her down.

“Brown Act! Brown Act!” exclaimed Jim Drake, a Hayward resident and frequent public commenter. “You’re not allowed to talk!” (Listen to the audio below.)

While rapping the gavel on the desk, Halliday said, “I am the mayor! I am in charge of this city council and I am always allowed to talk.” Drake was later kicked out of the meeting, as was Reynoso, who also protested the mayor improperly responding during the public comment portion of the meeting.

Such interaction is not permitted under the Brown Act, the state’s government transparency law, since it is viewed as an non-agendized item. Public comment is reserved for citizens to speak on any issue not included on that night’s agenda.

In the recent past, Halliday and some council members have been called out for similarly skirting the Brown Act, especially when it has occurred in response to public criticism of the City Council.

Once Reynoso and Drake were escorted outside the council chambers, Halliday continued. “We were just accused of many things that we as a council have not done,” said Halliday. “I am not going to sit here and be accused falsely and have my councilmembers accused falsely of doing something that we have not done.”

A few speakers later, however, on an unrelated topic, Halliday and another member of the council appeared to acknowledge the prohibition on addressing public speakers and obliquely offered further information to the individual, rather than addressing the speaker directly.

The angry exchange, however, is another example of the controversial tenure and firing of Dobbs that has roiled the community and delved both elected city government bodies into uncommon chaos.

Councilmember Al Mendall said his support for the political action committee seeking to drive Reynoso and two other incumbents from the board this November was not predicated on Dobbs, but only a desire to remake the board. Councilmember Mark Salinas added that at no point during the past few months did he support Dobbs.

However, amid the sense of obfuscation by some councilmembers and their support past and present for Dobbs, Councilmember Marvin Peixoto said he did not participate in the push to defeat Reynoso and others on the school board because of a fear the campaign would further divide the council and school board.

“What’s the Plan B?” Peixoto said if two of the three incumbents win re-election and maintain the current majority that fired Dobbs. Peixoto, a strong opponent of special interest expenditures in Hayward elections after SEIU Local 1021 spent more than $100,000 in an attempt to unseat him in 2014, said he reasoned he could not support the same gambit being used against the school board this year.


That Mayor Halliday of Hayward needs training on the Brown Act!

It is a complete disregard for freedom of speech in a democracy that people cannot speak freely on anything that might even include criticism of their elected officials without getting harassed by their elected officials.

Halliday needs to step down or get training on the Brown Act to protect the right of people to criticize their elected officials. So glad I don't live in Hayward anymore.

Hayward the armpit of the bay.

Funny that school Board Trustee Luis Reynoso is the biggest violator of the Brown Act at School Board meetings. He is needs to go.

The cackling mayor cannot help herself from cackling after anyone speaks badly about the council. She got her training from Sweeny so Halliday really just got bad training. I stopped going to the city council meetings because just got tired of Sweeney giving his 2 cents right after I spoke and Halliday did the same thing to me everytime I spoke. So I don't go there anymore. Kudos to Mr. Drake and the school board for standing up against this mayor.

By MW:

If Barbara Halliday is afraid of free speech or if she believes in the modern "liberals" "improved" version of "free speech," then anytime someone says something she does not like she could engage in a "Nate Miley," in other words "prove" that her critic is "stupid" by ranting and raving and yelling and screaming like a totally out of control idiot.

What Reynoso and Drake did is what Reynoso does quite often at School Board meetings. He rants and he raves and he yells and he screams like an out of control idiot. Get rid of Reynoso asap. I'm no big fan of Barbara's either.

If it was not for Reynoso the people would have never known how much corruption there is at the school board and the city council. I say let Reynoso be the Mayor. I like it when politicians take a stand against the odds to clean up corruption. We are behind you Mr. Reynoso. Go get them. All of them.

You are a stupid idiot liar!! Dr Reynoso never yells or screems at anybody,neither interrup speakers. Very odvius that dont know Dr Reynoso and most likly attend the board mettings, i feel very sorry for you.In the othet hand we have that crazy mayor sitting in that chair violating the brown act everytime a speaker has a complaint or comment sonthing she dont like,abd noy only her but the rest of idiots at every metting, the whole group needs to go ..Zermeno,Salinas,Mendell,Marquez but especially that idiot we have as mayor Halliday!!

and Yess @5:39
Go Dr Reynoso!!!! Reynoso for Mayor,so he can clean all the corruption in our beutiful city of hayward.

Halliday should have been ejected from the meeting. She violated The Brown Act. She should know to hold her tongue during public comments. She calls out the school board for the way they conduct their meetings and she is worse than they are. Making faces, scolding, shaking her head in disagreement with a speaker and making jokes at the speaker's expense isn't proper either. According to Barbara and the rest of council that only happens at school board meetings. What a crock. Recall Halliday because she supports Dobbs and she is inept.

I don’t see where anybody is talking about the fired guy giving his friends jobs. People who work inside the district office know that if you are not in his clique you can be fired or not get promoted or tortured into quitting. The Hensen part of the report is only the surface of what goes on there for workers. Management jobs have been created with top pay only to be handed to his friends. Personnel agenda Jun-17-15 $179 grand for Benson to work from home plus $125 a day if she has to come into the office. To do what? Create professional development plans for classified staff from her couch? What programs are those? Did anybody notice any classified professional development courses going on? CBO job posting $150 grand to $185 grand and only his ONE friend ended up on the ranking list? Another job also “A1” range pay like Benson’s had 7 people ranked, but only ONE ranked for a CBO job? Then her deal was sweeter than the job ad $187 grand plus a minimum 12 months pay if she’s let go or the rest of her 3 year contract whichever is greater. Did the CBO before her get that deal? No. Did any employee get that type of contract but her? No. Check personnel agenda Jun-29-15. Director of Institutional Advancement, communication coordinator - all big money jobs, all friends. What do you think the coalition is to replace the board members? If he gets his people in place and then he comes back by miracle, sorry for us, sorry for the supplies the kids won’t get. School districts have money, you see where corrupt leaders put it. So yea, I can see why everyone is trying to be his friend.

Walker said that Dobbs shouldn't have been fired.she said that he should have been "suspended or something similar" at the candidates forum this past Wednesday. The stooge candidates of CLASS seemed to agree with Walker. Dobbs should have been arrested. Only in Hayward can a "leader" be a real POS and get away with it. Guess its like Ramos said CLASS's ringers can't read and they are knuckleheads.

Ho lord!!! Walker is no good for our kids, everytime the board try to make a desicion, financially or economicaly speaking, in benefit of our kids or the district but differ from what dobbs plans were,she always kichen out and always uses her stupid statements like, i want to give the superintendent another opportunity!!she for sure needs to go, her devotion to a violent corrupt man like dobbs make her loose her sense of her duties as board member.
Dr Walker, dont you ever said again that you are there for the kids!!!you had been there for dobs all along, you idiot!!!

Barbara Halliday should not be in the city council let alone the mayor. I too stopped going after I saw how she and her gang treat anyone that criticizes them. Wanted to speak but why subject my self to such abuse from these morons. The mayor needs to step down if she doesn't understand what comments of the community means. She needs to shut up and not say anything after a speaker speaks. Its true we are the armpit of the bay in Hayward with this cackling mayor.

They readily accept compliments and don't want to hear dissenting voices to the problems which they create. They can't accept criticism and that is ridiculous. Such thin skin, get out of public service. What a bunch of phonies! Marvin dressed them down for being part of the "Attack CLASS Pac." Mendall & Jones complained about Pac's, wrote up some rules and regulations against Pacs, only to join a Pac to oust school board members. Total hypocrites, like the rest of council.

Cackling is as cackling does. Barbara Halliday, what a piece of s*** mayor we have for Hayward not to allow free speech. The city council and mayor are major hypocrites to not take criticism but yet will give it. Major losers-Zermeno, Marquez, Mendal, Lamnin, Halliday, Salinas support Stan Dancing Dobbs and the CLASS. Good to see in the video that Peixot has some sense. All of you better hope Reynoso loses the election or he will come after all of you in a recall. That Reynoso is the only politician I have ever seen that will take on any corruption. He must have a titanium balls. Go Reynoso Go, we are behind you.

@7:01 LOL I love ebcitizen. Nice pic. Says it all.

The Sweeney Machine is alive and kicking. Brunner, Reynoso. McGee and Petrified Walker should address city council on the same night Halliday's head will explode. Salinas & Mendall were quick to back peddle on their support of Dobbs. Zemeno still tweets praises towards Dobbs, but he stopped short of saying how much he supported Dobbs at the meeting. Maybe council is actually ashamed about shirking their duties to change the school board and keep their man Dobbs. I wonder how many of them signed that change.org Stand By Stan petition that was presented to the school board so Dobbs could keep his job.

By MW:

Since I have gotten the impression that the majority of people who seem to be familiar with the Hayward School District consider Dobbs to be horrible, and yet on the other hand there do seem to be some who consider him to be wonderful, I have been wondering whether he ran an operation in which he showed a huge amount of favoritism to some of the very most extreme jokers, crooks, and incompetents, and while perhaps at the same time regularly stabbing in the back many of those who were honest, competent, and hard working. (NOTE: Also somewhat related to that, there is the theory "That first rate people hire first rate people and while second rate people hire third rate people.")

For instance, three of the very sleaziest and most dishonest managers I ever experienced ran a gravy train for those who were extremely lazy and/or totally incompetent, and therefore had the very strong support of those horrible employees the department would have been much better off without, and while at the same time regularly mistreating, and sometimes even harassing, the department's better employees.

For instance, one of those horrible managers I experienced was almost certainly collecting a fortune in under the table bribes, and including based on which businesses he chose to award contracts to, however he did, and through various gimmicks, manage to keep a small portion of the employees in the department strongly supporting him, and they were generally employees who were extremely lazy and/or extremely incompetent.

@12:05 MW you are dead on. Dobbs and his group of council and the interfaith group and College Bound

Peixoto's moments of clarity regarding council being hypocrites for trying to over throw the school board seemed sincere. Until I realized he is a hypocrite too. Didn't vote for Peixoto because he was divisive and he put a wedge between city labor and leadership when he voted Yes to illegally impose on 300 city workers.

The Hayward Chamber of Commerce kowtows to Sweeney and the city council. Swalwell is an idiot. Lamnin most likely wants Dobbs to return, as most of council does. Vote for CLASS's PAC rats if you want Dobbs back running the show.

Reynoso for mayor? I can't stop laughing. With Jim Drake as his campaign manager maybe? Even funnier. We have our share of wackos in Hayward, but not enough to get him elected. Still laughing...

Mayor Hailliday shouting hysterically "I'm the mayor," was laughable. She looked like a tiny white haired baby pounding her rattle in her high chair. I'm laughing on the outside and crying on the inside because I live in Hayward and my city leaders are in their own little corrupt world. A place where "Do as I say, not as I do," and criticism is not allowed because it hurts city council's feelings. Aww, poor widdle babies.

They need to be reminded that they work for the people, not the other way around.

Talk about letting a tiny bit of authority go to your head.

@8:13, Reynoso is a very smart man. Not a wacko, but I think he scares people like you when he talks about cleaning up this town. Only the corrupt wackos are afraid of Reynoso. Are you a corrupt wacko? Yes, go Reynoso go.

Reynoso would be a good mayor but he never runs for council or mayor. If he was the mayor he will very quickly eliminate all corruption on that council. We need someone with a backbone like Reynoso up there. Not needed are people that are afraid of being labeled a wacko when he or she is speaking against corruption.

I didn't know Lou Dobbs was in charge of Hayward schools. I thought he just had a show on FBN

I'm the Mayor and its time for my bottle and a nappy change.

I am mayor Halliday cacklin my way while crying like a baby. Don't forget to change my diaper and put some powder too.

current Hayward school board member Luis Reynoso “a disaster” for the district.He is somebody who causes dissent,“One person can ruin a board; a bad board can ruin a school district. That is happening right now. I can’t think of any more reason to support these people up here running than to get rid of Luis Reynoso.”he is just like Trump...)

Unfortunately, Reynoso needs to go as well. He is not as pure as new fallen snowflakes. He is just as bad and does have many skeletons in the closet that he does not want exposed. On many votes during Board meetings, he should have abstained yet didn't. Truly a conflict and he voted... Like I said before.... he needs to go

@dzzuy I know who you are and I must say you are very corrupt. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black. Yes we do need Reynoso since he is the only one with any backbone to put his foot down and take a stand against the Stan Dobbs, CLASS pop cycle stick trash monkey candidates....lol

You'r right..Reynoso is smart man, because he know how to kick ass on right time , he did that on his second term election , now he try to do it again ( during his eight year trustee in the HUSD.. he made HUSD got worse) . This is time we need to clean the whole house ...( Reynoso, Walker , Taylor) NEEDS TO GO
I am a Asian American parent in the HUSD..As far as I'm concerned, HUSD has always had serious problems and always will. The low performance of students in HUSD has been going on for decades,
How can you have a healthy district when those at the head of that district only care about furthering their own agendas? When all is said and done, they could care less about the students. They care even less about the teachers, most of whom are hard-working and dedicated. And the classified staff isn't even on their radar. Continue fighting for your child, Very Concerned Parent. In a school district like HUSD, your child NEEDS your voice.

@3:08 you are 100% and that is why I will vote again for Reynoso

@dzzuy you are completely wrong. I am a teacher and I can tell you that if it was not for Dr. Reynoso I would not have a job today. He has stood up for so many teachers and for classified staff too for 8 years, He has not changed . He is still the same sole voice against corruption. So , I guess the person above is right and I don't know you but you must be corrupt too.

Like you said .(Reynoso gave you a job.. That why you act stupid.. As a teacher , you need to work harder to earn you job) .,For several years, the Hayward Unified School District has ranked the bottom among all school district in the region , to fixing these problem requires new leadership . That is why to elect school board member who will focus on student and work together to improve their education experience
I am Asian American , I will vote for Bob Carlson, Dan Goldstein on Nov 8 .. I vote for them because I think this is a time ( Reynoso, Walker, Taylro) NEED to go . If you see this video , you will know why I want them out
In a school district like HUSD , your child Need your voice

As you know .For several years, the Hayward Unified School District has ranked the bottom among all school district in the region , to fixing these problem requires new leadership . That is why to elect school board member who will focus on student and work together to improve their education experience
I am Asian American , I will vote for Bob Carlson, Dan Goldstein on Nov 8 .. I vote for them because I think this is a time ( Reynoso, Walker, Taylro) NEED to go . If you see this video , you will know why I want them out
In a school district like HUSD , your child Need your voice

You tube: 60 minutes/ Saint Benedicts
It is how a priest turned a ghetto school around and the children worked together. Hayward needs this type of approach.

The mayor is a witch. The city has been broke ever since she has been on the council. She critizes many people who speak on public record, so it causes other not to want to speak. They read the Brown Act at the school board meetings about the council not being able to commment on the speakers and non agendized items. The mayor lied. She is NOT suppose to speak when anyone comments.

Your child needs your vouce, not Mike Sweeney's, Zermeno, Narquez, Salinas, Halliday, Lamnin, Mendal and Retired City Manager Fran David's voices. Don't let hayward's bumpkin politician's tell you what is best for your children. They raise the taxes and cut city services which ends up having an impact on hayward families. Carlson, Davis and Goldstein don't even know which end is up. They have never run for school board before. CLASS Pac handpicked those losers. One of them can't even stay awake at meetings.

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