Thursday, September 22, 2016

Stalker! Fired Hayward superintendent attended school board candidates forum

HAYWARD | Hayward School Board Trustee Luis Reynoso says his eyesight isn't so good in poorly-lit room, so during a candidate's forum Wednesday night he quietly turned to an opponent seated next to him and asked if that was indeed recently fired Superintendent Stan "Data" Dobbs seated in the audience. School board candidate Wynn Grcich nodded yes.

Dobbs was fired with cause by the school board on Sept. 14 for a long list of transgressions included the consistently display of what a investigator determined was an "explosive temper" and inability to be held accountable for his misdeeds. Dobbs also allegedly hit a former school district employee while having an extramarital affair with the woman.

According to source who deliberately sat behind Dobbs at the hour-long candidates forum at City Hall, he another person repeatedly giggled whenever Reynoso spoke.

However, Dobbs did not stay for the entire forum, which later turned combative after candidate Joe Ramos called another candidate Robert Carlson a "knucklehead" for supporting Dobbs and slamming Daniel Goldstein for saying he "admired" the former superintendent. Goldstein later boasted, in what is likely to became a classic quip, "I can read fast."

Meanwhile, Hayward's zombie superintendent appears to be in no hurry to move on from his controversial tenure at the school district. On Sept. 16, less than two days after being fired, Dobbs showed up among his former peers at a monthly meeting of Alameda County superintendents in Oakland.

At the meeting, Alameda County Superintendent Karen Monroe thanked Dobbs for his efforts and gave him a ceremonial gavel to commemorate his two years as chair of the group, known as the "superintendent's council."


Wow this thing with the sup in Hayward should be a b grade horror flick.

Starting as him self sup Stan Dobbs:
The Rise of The Sup Zombies

Only in Hayward the armpit of the bay.

By MW:

Anytime in the future I learn that any government agency in the Bay area is having a meeting in this or that building, I am going to stand outside on the sidewalk and scream at the top of my lungs, "Circus inside and with the world's biggest, craziest, and silliest clowns performing, only ten dollars a ticket."

Yet our city leaders and Walker think Dobbs should come back. Swalwell is his biggest fan. City council and the mayor just love him. He should have kept his mouth shut or not gone at all instead of snickering like a little brat. He's a CLASS act for sure! Blame the board because Stan did so much to lift up the kids. The man has no character.

It figures only in Hayward this can happen. Hayward the Armpit of the Bay is correct.

Nothing but contempt and disrespect for the board. Sour Grapes Stan. CLASS candidates Goldstein & Mr."Unified" Davis kept talking while others were answering the moderator's questions. Maybe they were rehearing their lines so they could echo each other. Moderator never told them to stop. Then CLASS candidates berated the board for talking out of turn and not respecting people at school board meetings. Goldstein even smirked and made faces when the other candidates spoke, so Halliday & Sweeney coached him on that. Guess what, that is disrespectful too, but vote for me because I are CLASSy. Moderator was biased towards CLASS candidates. Wonder if Lamnin or Fran David set up the seating chart on the dais. Very biased forum but yeah CLASS pac did the coaching and grooming for sure.

I saw Stan Dobbs by city hall, with the rest of the homeless, pushing a shopping cart with a bouquet of 1-800-flowers and lawn furniture junk. I asked what he was doing and he said very angrily yelling on the top of his lungs " Can't you see I am moving?"

Bet you Dobbs is waiting for CLASS PAC to get their shill candidates on the board so they can hire him back. If not as superintendent, maybe an overpaid consultant who will literally lift up kindergartners over his head. Thereby garnering more sweet and mushy tweets from Swalwell for lifting up the children of Hayward. Or Dobbs could be a motivational speaker to at risk young'uns. Teaching them to kiss the right political ass so they can skate from their crimes.

FOR EB Citizen: When someone presents facts that are taking place at HUSD on EB Citizen, why are they removed within moments of posting? Not one bit of profanity was made. A thank you to the employees of HUSD was also included and removed - WHY? The information shared was not inflammatory and with written evidence to back it up. I even included my initials so it was not posted as "anonymous". Can you explain why certain posts stay posted and others don't? Thank you!

Hayward CLASS PAC is a special interest group comprised of Mike Sweeney, most of city council, the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, religious leaders, Friends of the Library and other political cronies who are at Mike Sweeney's beck and call. They are trying to control the Hayward School Board election. Control by any special interest group over Hayward, is BAD for Hayward. I wonder how much money they raised? Do they have enough to buy the election?

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