Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hayward school board candidate takes a nap during important public meeting

Rip Van Winkle: Hayward school board candidate
Robert Carlson caught napping at a special board
meeting Monday evening.
New school construction and improvements to Hayward athletic facilities are more than $35 million over budget, the school district reported during a special meeting Monday.

The update on the status of the school bond measure passed two years ago is sobering news. But not enough for one school board candidate to stay awake during the meeting.

Robert Carlson, the former Chabot College president running for the school board under the banner of Hayward CLASS, was visibly asleep for much the early evening meeting.

Those in attendance said Carlson was seen nodding off near the end of the meeting which started at 6 p.m. at the district offices and ended around 8:30 p.m.

The school board race in Hayward has been unusual. The Hayward CLASS group is a group of business and faith leaders, who along with six of the seven members of the City Council is pushing to oust the three school board incumbents up for re-election next month.

Carlson is part of a trio of candidates recruited by the group, along with Hayward planning commissioner Daniel Goldstein and Todd Davis, who also attended Monday's special meeting but left before its conclusion.


Mike Sweeney trotting out older folks who need to get their rest. What a shame! That creep Sweeney should have had the stones to run for a seat on the school board instead forcing this older gent to be his puppet. CLASS is mistreating their elders for the sake of financial gain. Oh and of the $35 million dollars over budget, how much did "The Best Thing That Ever Happened To The Kids" Dobbs take for himself?

By MW:

If he does really sleep during important meetings, rather than condemning him instead we should give him a promotion.

For instance for years there have been assertions that US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg falls asleep, and in fact supposedly even frequently, during Supreme Court hearings, and in fact there have also even been accusations that she also has a drinking problem.

So if Carlson falls asleep during important meetings, then, and based on modern "standards," we should consider giving him a major promotion, and perhaps even to the US Supreme Court.

Reynoso must have been talking too long again.

Just another Zermeno. Instead of not reading the agenda and accompanied reports like Zermeno Carlson will just sleep through the meetings. That's more honest at least.

Oh come on, Carlson was just channeling his inner Honda

Nobody on city council seems to read their staff reports. They used to just do whatever Mike abd Fran told them to do. If I am not mistaken, they still do whatever they are told. City staffers must provide them with scripts to make them sound like they at least skimmed a staff report. The CLASS Pac learns from their city hall mentors on how to fake it. Thanks for photographic proof Steven. Goldstein and Davis are nost likely regretting their choice to be used as city council's pawns in their oower struggle for donination.

Let's not forget that Lisa Brunner and her Gang lied to the taxpayers of Hayward in the Fall of 2014 when they were pumping the Measure L bond. The phone bank script specifically mentioned fixing "roofs, asphalt and infra-structure" of our crumbling school district. Ms. Eyebrows and her cronies correctly calculated that the idiot voters wouldn't read the fine print, which gave her and her gang the authority to do whatever they please with $229 million dollars. So, instead of desperately needed fire safety systems to keep our children safe, these idiots are building a Performing Arts Center!!! Yo, Ms.Eyebrows: KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE!!!!
And, BTW: did anyone notice the amazing sweetheart deal Ms. Eyebrows and Co. gave to Dr. Kissy Wayne? He can't get fired for anything (hmmm, let's see how that goes).
Hey: voters and taxpayers of Hayward: you have all been hood-winked. Better think twice about giving these thieves another bond.

@ 9:04
You have to support your false statements whit something. What your saying is just stupid. The only gang in our city is college GANG!
Dr Wayne is an intern superintendent, if you have proof of his sweet contract why dont you show it. The only mistake the board did was taking to long to get rid of dobbs, he was the big problem, he was on charge of a lot important things that never got done.
About Carlson.
We have to show respect for his trayectory as a person whit his background in education but please the man was napping at the meeting i was there. Let this gentleman go back to his retirement in peace. Davis was there butt distratec on his phone all the time, maybe he was reporting to corrupt city councils.

The original school bond (first one in 50 years) that rebuilt/refurnished five schools in Hayward had incredible support of the business community, city council, HARD and all parties worked in unison to pass the Measure I. The Measure I bond came in on time, under budget, and monies were also used to put in security cameras for added safety at all schools. Different time, more serious board. Thousands of students, teachers, and families have enjoyed these new facilities. The current board members opposed measure I, then when it came to do the ribbon cutting, they were all there with there fake colgate smiles taking credit. Current board= unprepared, unqualified and sadly unaware of the first two.

Come on Zermeño!!! Stop lying to the comunity but most important stop lying to yourself.

$35 million over budget and the man presenting the slide show said,” The construction labor bids are not in yet.” They will be lucky to get two schools built. The finance man, conducting the slideshow ,talked about hard money and soft money. He got that wrong too. Hard money is materials and soft money is labor.(Business 101.)He had a cushion for inflation, but that is being used for the other two classroom the city council wants at Cherryland. There isn’t $10 mil. More for the additional classes.
The board needs a professional contractor to give a presentation. The longer they wait to start construction the more the project will cost. In my opinion: the presenter didn’t seem to know his job.
We need to take a look into the Reverend, who is getting into politics. She supports the class pack and Sarah Lamin. Check out her website. She was at this meeting and her cronies sitting around her would, not let the School Board candidates put the poster of the school projects on a chair so they could see it. Her group told Grcich to put it back on the table in the corner, so the candidates could not read it. That group should be reported to the IRS and have their nonprofit status taken away. The Rev also wants all the Emails of all the board members, not just the emails on Dobbs, she wants them all. This is costing the school district thousands of dollars. What does she think she is doing? Is she smarter than the investigator who interviewed the whistleblowers on Dobbs? Why doesn’t she pay for her own investigation to prove the professional investigator was incompetent?
Dr. Carlson was sheding doubt on the investigation, during the LOWV debate.
The REV should go over the illegal contracts Dobbs did in the investigation report and research his educational background. Dobbs was not qualified to be superintendent. Dobbs can’t even be a principal, because he has NO educational background.
Dr. Matt Wayne has all the qualifications for this job. Dr. Wayne was doing the job, Dobbs neglected to do. How come Dobbs didn’t know they were 35 mil. over budget? Was he spending too much time with his mistress?

Dobbs malfeasance lead to a lot of problems, missing funds, going over budget on construction projects and using HUSD employees to further the political career of his buddy Taylor. Taking away from the kids. CLASS Asses and all the local politicians still think that Dobbs was for the kids. He wasn't. I bet they haven't discovered all the corrupt things Dobbs has done and the total amount of money he frittered away to Salinas and other city hall numbskulls lining up to get their piece of the HUSD pie. Rip off artists!

All Dobbs cronies like reverend Dr. Arlene K. Nehring, Melisa Sigars, Dr. Willis, Ms. Leopold, Ms. Randolph, and the rest of the trash Class pac along with Lamnin, Zermeno, Marquez, Mendal, Halliday, Salinas need to read the investigation report of Stan "dancing" Dobbs before start making baseless accusations.

Read the investigative report all of you and share it with the trash Class Pac. It seems as mentioned above we have nothing but ghetto reverends, principals and community clown leaders endorsing Dobbs at any price to come back. Read the investigation report and see how much the kids were ripped off by Dobbs and his ghetto cronies mentioned above.Thank you Ebcitizen for posting the report otherwise I would not have known about how much of a train wreck this Stan "dancing" Dobbs was. All of you that support this man are nothing but weird perverts that would do anything for money or favors.

Let me guess, Reynoso was babbling. Anybody who was awake was probably checking their phones.

Who is watching the meeting right now on Channel 15? No Reynoso and you see how smoothly it's going? I even saw a smile or two. I can't wait for Nov. 9. I'm giddy from the idea that the next board might actually DO SOMETHING.

@ 9:41pm I always watch the meetings on Channel 15 like you do.
Oh, Oh, so I am thinking you must be ghetto like people are saying above. Are you from college ghetto or trash pac, city corrupt council, or that wacked lesbian Eden Church? A lot of stuff is getting done now just ask Mrs. Brunner. The measure L and Made In Hayward is a big mess and now finally is being fixed. So a lot is being done and fixed.
In the last meeting all was still going smoothly with Dr. Reynoso when he passed my $15/hr for my son that works for Hayward Unified, and that had lots of smiles there at that meeting and none of the board members were sleeping!
Stan Dobbs was the real problem just ask Mrs. Brunner and she will tell you the same thing. Stan and the college ghetto bound with trash city council pac are off the hook with that Melissa Sigars and that phony reverend Arlene Nehringeal are always be the real problem. Let’s send that reverend Nehringeal to a different church on Sunday and that principal Sigars back to west contra costa. We need to contain evil ghetto.
Look again! $15/hr is coming finally to all the young people that need it in HUSD and to all the contractors that do business with HUSD. So somethings are getting done now that train wreck Stan Dobbs is gone. Now I am waiting on rent control and I want to know how that will work because my friend’s rent went up $535 in those townhomes 3 months ago.
I will and my family of 5 vote for Dr. Reynoso, Wynn Grcich, and Joe Ramos. We need people with stones to actually get on that school board and not the trash pac.

@ 9:41
You are definatly out of your mine!! Every single meeting after dobbs was fire had been smooth,well,except for college GANG!! and that GHETTO woman ,melissa cigars.If you really watch the metting you probably saw tha Dr Wayne allow the vendors to anwser question board member ask,not like corrupt dobbs that always was blocking comunication.. Dr Reynoso is a very good member of this board, you like it or not!!

I finally looked at ghetto Melissa Sigars at the meeting you here all talk about.

Wow what a fat ugly CRAZY woman. I am so dumbfounded that any district would have hired this Sigars whacked loud monster to lead teachers. Proof West Contra Costa Unified is much worse than HUSD. Someone needs to show her how to put on makeup. She looks like she has to shave her face constantly.

@2:27 hmm ... I think that will be the last time anyone makes fun of Ms. Brunner if they know any better. What goes around comes around. I am curious now how this Melisa Sigars crazy principal from WCCUSD really looks like. It sounds the way you describe her that she is more like an overweight midget chewbacca hairy and all. I actually love ugly hairy fat short women with light hair because they remind me of Starwars. Can you give link to a picture of her and I hope she does not have black hair and she is loud and obnoxious. I break for midget fat chewbacca bitchy crazy chicks.

Ok 12:27 and 3:03 I get it. Damn don't cross Brunner or people will pay! I feel sorry for that Sigars principal. She deserves it.

In summary, right now it looks like the bratty reverend should behave like a christian and let her "idea" put to rest. Only if the district sacrifices other projects that will affect a lot of children will she get her way. She can't see beyond her selfishness, of course this behavior is constantly fed by her new god Stan. If you really care about children, you will care about ALL of them, not only Cherryland children. All our children deserved decent buildings in which to learn. Not only Cherryland, how about Winton children and Lorin Eden Children? What is her agenda after all?

The Eden church Rev, Freddy's Davis, city council, The Chamber of Commerce and the rest of those lunatics are tools for Sweeney to use to keep the poorer residents of Hayward down. Sweeney is a mean old drunk who wants to control the school board and keep Hayward ass backwards.

Anyone who ever saw a school board meeting can quickly determine that Brunner doesn't know her ass from her eyebrows.

3:04 AM: If all you do in order to determine someone's level of intelligence is attend college bound sessions, we understand, consider yourself brilliant. Nobody else will.

Ok at 3:04 am Sounds like Ms. Sigars is pissed on being called a midget chewbacca. I think she looks more like a heavy weight hairy midget witch than a star wars character.

I think too that Melissa Sigars should be looked upon by her WCCUSD board so they can see how their principal from Sheldon Elementary behaves in public to another board of education. Imagine if she talks like that to a board of trustees how does she speak to her students, parents, and teachers at her school. I am told that she even coached her daughter speak to that Hayward board in that loud crazy rude manner. WCCUSD should be looking at videos of Ms. Sigars and Dr. Willis from College Ghetto Bound if they ever think of hiring this racist group again.

It would be too naive to think that just because Ms. Sigars lives in Hayward she can behave like that to another board. Being a retired teacher and principal in other districts let me tell you and College Ghetto Bound that all school district boards of education eventually speak and work with each other. Incidentally, I will be voting for Dr. Reynoso again since he does have titanium stones to put up with groups like the Lesbian Eden Church of Hayward and the clowns from College Ghetto Bound. Also, Mr. Ramos and Ms. Grcich since those are the only that have actually given a damn to speak at school board and city council meetings.

Hell yeaaa,Reynoso, Ramos and Grcich!! lets show that TRASH pack idiots how is done!!!

Dr. Carlson is too OLD! He has the right to retire and take naps. He can buddy up with Fran Davis! How can you vote for the three stooges: Carlson, Daniel Goldstein, and Todd Davis? They are absentee candidates, who never came to the board meetings to pitch their causes. This special meeting was the only meeting, that two of them came to and slept through.
If any of you think you can do better. Get off your rear ends and run for school board. It takes a strong person to take constant criticism from the ignorant corrupt public, who sides with Dobbs. Reynoso, Ramos, and Grcich are the fighters for our children and against corruption.
You have three people who stepped up to the challenge and the three stooges who don’t give a damn. If every parent gave one dollar to Reynoso, Ramos, and Grcich, they could put signs out too. It cost money to run a campaign. This is why unions and corporations control the elections. Fascism is NOT how I want to live. Hayward students should be brought up to standards of the private schools. Take a good look at your child’s teachers and watch, “Waiting for Superman”. You can get it at the library. We have some good teachers who really care and we have bad teachers who only care about their pay checks. Any teacher who supports Dobbs isn’t someone I want teaching my child.
If another strike occurs, the parents can petition for carter schools and get a new staff.
I think the school district should pick the city council candidates, don’t you?
We can fix Hayward schools if you vote for Reynoso, Ramos, and Grcich. Get out there and vote and tell your neighbors who the best candidates really are. Michael Jackson’s song “I’ll Be There” is Reynoso, Ramos, and Grcich’s theme song.

There are two types of elected leaders; those who will be dogged in their desire to improve things and those who are recruited. Ron Delums was recruited to be Mayor of Oakland, and was largely absent while others called the shots and set the agenda. Same scenario, different city.

Fran and Robert sitting in a tree S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G.

Some people thought Dr. Carlson slept in his office at Chabot. However, most administrators except for a couple who actually work, slept.

@3:04: 11 days until election day. I hope you are putting a lot of energy into campaigning for Reynoso. I hope you are at the farmer's market, talking about evil lesbian churches. I hope you are going door to door talking about college bound thugs. I hope you are at the library and other public spaces passing out flyers about how white people are the victims of racism in Hayward. Please keep up the efforts! Finish strong! It's like watching Trump dig himself a hole while Hillary collects all the votes.

Also, please watch the board meeting again. I think you are confused about who Melissa Sigars is. There is another lady who kind of fits the physical description you mention, but that's just mean.

How some use the CRISIS word to their convenience! The CLASS QUACK has a mailer featuring "Latino Leaders supporting new leadership to Hayward schools" phew! These so called leaders are not connected to K-12 education. My respect to Anthony Ochoa, however his daughter when she was Hayward's first lady didn't do a thing for our schools. Nothing! Now she is promoting the PAC, she is so worry, because the schools are in CRISIS. Really? The Latino leaders in City Council and their cronies are sending HUSD families out of Hayward with the exorbitant rent prices. The real CRISIS is the price of rent in Hayward!!!!!The Latino Leaders in City Council are selling out to developers and apartment owners. PAY ATTENTION HAYWARD VOTERS these Latino Leaders are not interested in our children, they are paying back to their campaign donors.

Bill Quirk' mailer says: "We have a housing CRISIS in Alameda County..." HUSD Families are leaving Hayward or living with other families in small apartments because affordable housing doesn't exist. Mr. Quirk is a backer of the CLASS QUACK that wants to take over HUSD Board. All of them are benefiting from campaign donors (70,000+ on special interest) for the HUSD race, yes for Carlson, Davis and Goldstein. None of them are interested in the children in Hayward. They can care less about the children! They want HUSD prime real state. CRISIS! We have a real CRISIS in Hayward, city politicians without scruples! Mr. Quirk you need to spend more time in Hayward, find out how many HUSD families are closed to being homeless because there is no affordable housing. Quirk, don't worry about the schools, worry about where the children will sleep when they are done with their school day. PAY ATTENTION Hayward Voters, do not vote for Corruption. CLASS Candidates are not thinking about our children, they have a lot to pay back to their supporters for a chance to sit on the dais.

Quirky Bill worries about himself, just like Fran David and her city council Flying Monkeys who will sell you the biggest load of slop that they can concoct. Sweeney and religious leaders who are in a CLASS induced trance will lead you down the path to get the "techies" into Hayward and run out those folks who can barely eek out a living. City council doesn't care if you can't pay you rent or if 5 families live in the same house in the flat lands. They care about the new 90 million dollar library, providing new homes for people who have the big money to buy them and paying back the special interest leeches who contributed to their campaigns. Corruption by The Bay.

The funny thing is, some people blame Zermeno for some of this but true is that Zermeno is just a weak puppet. Look at city council mettings he's just a sheep that agrees to anything the other idiots said!!! But he claims that he is there for our latinos and our students..

City council is a classic example of a group that goes along to get along. Not what Hayward needs. None of them have a backbone or the conscience to do what is just, for the people. The school board doesn't need the same type of parroting that goes on at city council meetings. Reynoso, Ramos and Grcich have deterimation, spunk and they aren't spineless jellyfish like council and their CLASS Pac of Trash. Goldstein, Carlson and future city council candidate Davis were recruited to run for the school board and they are bought and paid for by people who profit off of Hayward residents. Stop being exploited. Vote for real people for a change. We have to many fake leaders in Hayward.

I'd like to see a better Class of parents attending the school board meetings. The good people of Hayward need to fill the seats and replace the immoral people who attend the board meetings, who support Dobbs. Take a good look at any teacher, church, city council and chamber of commerce member who support Dobb’s corruption should be fired, not voted for,shunned,and boycotted. Dobb’s removal was the best thing that ever happened in Hayward. Shame the people who support corruption on public record. The Class PAC wants Dobbs back. They support corruption too.
Is Mrs. Mellissa Sigars Dobbs’ lover? Did he offer her a job in the district? Can she read? She has a copy of the investigation. The college bound group has a copy, too. Fire the College Bound vender. She is the greatest waste of the school board’s money.
Dr. Walker went to China; another waste of the district’s money. Dr. Wayne is going to South America. How does that help the poor Hayward schools? Unless Board members are going to meetings to learn to be better Board members, this globalization fraternizing needs to stop. We don’t need staff to fly out of the US, in the name of the failing Hayward schools. There are plenty of books and studies on other nations and their better ability to teach. http://www.centerforpubliceducation.org/Main-Menu/Organizing-a-school/Time-in-school-How-does-the-US-compare

Look you all I know who Melissa Sigars is and she is like that one person describes her at another postings. She is one ugly fat crazy nut of a hairy principal at WCCSD at Sheldon Elementary. At the school she is always making wild accusations against the teachers parents and students. She should not be spreading lies and accusations here either. I don't think people in her school know what she is doing in Hayward.

City council has tax payer funded retreats so that they can work together as a so called team. At election time you can listen to the way they all talk about "bringing people together, and fostering partnerships in the community blah blah blah." Yet they can't work with the school board like adults. They have to back stab, name call, sellout and conive to replace the board members whom they dislike. Remember that when city council incumbents go sniffing around for your vote at election time. They go where the money and influence is. Trading favors for votes and helping special interest groups get their way at the expense of others. Barbara, Al, Francisco, Mark, Sara and Elisa say "How high?" Whenever Sweeney tells them to jump.

Quit bashing Mayor Mike, he served two separate times and always was for the people. He just doesn't have a left hand. Also, Francisco only has a 2 inch vertical and Mark has a 1 inch vertical so jumping high and those two never appear in the same sentence.

City council are weak, vain little puppets of Sweeney. The most work they ever did was pushing their own PAC of rats for the school board. How did they reward themselves for running their campaign of knuckleheads? They cancelled city council meetings and took an all day tax payer funded retreat. True, city council does not jump, they stoop really low.

ho well. Non of the TRASH candidates had ever attend the board mettings except that special board meeting where their oldest candidate was napping most of the meeting and momas boy davis was on his phone most of the meeting to after all leave the room before metting was over,not to mention that the other candidate, the only one with kids dont even bring then to HUSD. How in the hell this TRASH PAC think that candidates like them can do a good job in our district??
I tell you the truth.They had been pick by corrupt city council members, no to serve our kids but to serve the corporations that donate all the thousands of dollar for their campaings so i really hope that voters of hayward can see this and dont fall for corruption!!

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