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Friday, November 11, 2016

Hayward still has Luis Reynoso to kick around; Annette Walker also returns to embattled school board

Hayward school board trustees Annette Walker
and Luis Reynoso win re-election Tuesday night.
After an expensive campaign seeking to unseat a majority of the Hayward school board failed, much of the status quo will remain.

School board incumbents Annette Walker and Luis Reynoso won re-election to three open seats Tuesday night. Walker received 21.6 percent of the at-large vote, followed by former Chabot College president Robert Carlson with 16.3 percent. Reynoso won the last seat, finishing third, with 15.8 percent.

However, the results were a mixed bag for the group of Hayward public officials and civic leaders who formed the political action committee, Hayward Civic Leaders Advocating for Student Success (CLASS), to remake the school board. Three candidates from the group ran as a slate, including Carlson, Daniel Goldstein and Todd Davis.

The group’s main argument claimed the current board members essentially privately and publicly bickered with each other more than did their jobs as stewards of education in Hayward. The group also publicly voiced a willingness to challenge in 2018 two additional school board members up for re-election--Lisa Brunner and William McGee.

Voters somewhat disagreed, deciding to bring back Walker, and the main adversary of Hayward CLASS, Reynoso. The third incumbent in the race, school board member John Taylor, was largely absent during the campaign after he was accused of misusing district funds for his ill-fated City Council race run earlier this year. Taylor finished sixth in the eight-person race, behind Hayward CLASS candidates, Goldstein (13.7 percent), and Davis (13.6 percent).

Reynoso, who will now begin a third term on the school board in December, believes Hayward CLASS largely failed because it ran its campaign like a city council race and neglected the school district’s outlying boundaries in unincorporated areas of Alameda County. “They forgot about those places," said Reynoso. :When the voting data comes out, they probably beat me in Hayward, but I trashed them in Fairview and Cherryland.”

His opponents, backed by Hayward CLASS, also lacked passion and a message, believes Reynoso. “Their heart wasn’t in the game. They were recruited to run. I had a message: ‘I’m running to get rid of corruption. I’m running to get rid of no-bid contracts.’ Their message was the board fought too much.”

Meanwhile, the contentious election also exacerbated a rift between elected officials in the city that is likely to spill over post-Election Day. During the campaign, for instance, school board president Brunner unbraided the City Council during one of its meetings for meddling in their affairs.

Reynoso lashed out at elected officials Thursday who endorsed the Hayward CLASS effort to oust him and his colleagues from office, including Rep. Eric Swalwell, Assemblymember Bill Quirk, and a six of the seven members of the Hayward City Council. “What we should take from this is the school board is much more in tune with the needs of Hayward voters and its schools than all these other public officials.”


  1. Don't worry Reynoso. You are stronger than our weak city council, our nasty little former mayor, a recently retired, greedy bumbling city manager, the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, Quirky Bill, Swallowable Eric and CLASS's "Hey you, come here!" School board candidates, and the other special interest groups. They wanted to recreate the school board in their own image and to everyones benefit, they failed. It wasn't "for the kids." It was all for Dobbs. They won't give up, but we can vote them out when their terms are up. Our politicians have no shame here in the East Bay. Hayward stinks!

  2. Do not vote for the cucumbers. Do not vote for the cucumbers... that is what Reynoso has been joking about the Trash PAC campaign literature (do not vote for the incumbents). Reynoso can be a funny too. Congrats Dr. Reynoso and thank you for your titanium balls in all of your board meetings. I really really enjoy you letting people have it when they do not do their job or try to cheat the district. You kick ass!!

  3. Now that Dobbs is suing the school district, I hope Dr. Reynoso gets to be the chair of the board. He has been on that board 8 years, with another 4 to go. It will take a strong person to fight Dobbs in court. Dr.
    Walker and Carlson are Dobbs backers. If one of them gets to be the board’s chair person, the district will be shelling out millions to Dobbs. There goes the school rebuilding money… Dobbs lied again in the Daily Review article on Veteran’s Day. He is a disgruntled worker who was fired, for good reasons and disserves nothing. Dobbs did not have the educational background to be a superintendent. Hayward school district needs a restraining order on Dobbs.
    This will be fun going to court. Walker will have to testify, so will Taylor. Will Taylor continue to lie about Dobbs chest bumping, after Dobbs claimed, “Taylor forged his name, for Taylor’s council treasure position?” Carlson was shedding doubt on the investigation of Dobbs, during the debates. He is a Dobbs supporter, too. If they all lie to save Dobb’s reputation, will the Dobb supporting liars get a cut of Dobbs settlement? All in the name of the children, Dobbs is playing everyone like a harp for his own benefit. The investigation was $70,000. What will it cost to go to court?

  4. "unbraided" lol. Journalism school much?

  5. I would like to see the voting data when it comes out, too. Where can we see that? I seriously doubt that Reynoso trashed the other candidates in Cherryland and Fairview. I don't know which neighborhoods he won in... where the looney toons are, I guess.

  6. Third place. This is a lame duck term for him. If I were a betting man, I'd say he's not going to make it in 2020.

  7. Don't think the Trash Pac canvassed all of Hayward. Most likely their own city council neighborhoods, and the Hayward Hills and The Promise Neighborhood. I can't see them knocking on doors in T-Flats, Gading, Dixon, Palma Ceia etc. Places where people don't have a lot of money and no political clout. Reynoso has the last laugh on the Trash PAC. Next time, spend more of that Chamber of Commerce and Apartment/Real Estate Conglomerate money to buy votes for your spur of the moment "I wannbe on the Skool Bored" candidates. The only Trash PAC phony who got elected will probably have to be woken up to vote, or fight. That's not even half a victory! How much did it cost to get Carlson elected?

  8. For coming at 3rd place he kicked ass of the council and trash PAC. Congrats Dr. Reynoso. Anything that is 3rd place and above is 1st place. Anything below 3rd is dead last. The trash PAC must be in tears after spending so much money on those mailers I got. I was getting sometimes 5 a week for the trash PAC and they all went on the trash. Yes Doc Reynoso keep on the fight for minimum wage and rent control on Hayward since the 7 dwarfs at the city council are really the lame ducks. Maybe after this defeat the city council can get to work on Hayward.

  9. East Bay Times endorsed Freddye's little sonny for the school board. Guess the public didn't buy in to their praise. Rule of thumb, don't vote based on the paper's endorsements. They also endorsed Halliday, Mendal and Salinas who are perhaps the worst elected officials in the Bay Area. No wonder the CLASS PAC efforts failed so miserably. Poor coaching of the pretend candidates and the broken record argument that the current board has conflicts and chaos during their meetings. No depth of knowledge of the position's duties nor a heartfelt earnestness to do the job. Reading fast and uniting people were the best ideas that city council's candidates could muster. It's easier to run for a seat on city council because you need no knowledge what so ever. Slick talk and slight of hand combined with shuck and jive are what it takes. That was one fishy smelling, Limburger cheese PAC. Glad the special interests did not get their way because Goldstein and Davis were not for the kids as it was so loudly proclaimed. All those Class mailers went straight into the recycling bin. Green and clean, one of city council's priorities!

  10. @11:03pm. It seems the Trash PAC along with city council Lamnin and the rev Nehring of Eden United Church of Christ did not know how many people actually like what Reynoso is doing on the school board. These are knuckleheads to think the idiots of Zermeno, Marquez, Sallinas, Halliday, Mendal would replace someone with an actual pair of stones. Not sure if I have ever seen someone like Reynoso in politics have such a strong backbone to go after corruption in Hayward. The people have spoken, and we want Reynoso back. Too bad the Trash PAC proved that so many endorsements were insignificant against Reynoso. Yep I also thought there campaign literature was very simpleton becasue it really seemed as you mentioned " Do not vote for the cucumbers". LMFAO I am sure these trash pac people spent a shit load of money with so many fliers going to my trash can too.

  11. I wonder if Trash Pac figured out that most voters saw the what real Trash agenda was? Reynoso was their main target because he doesn't rubber stamp and not question spending like city council does. City council wastes time and rewards contracts and consulting fees on inane pet projects and pipe dreams. Wasting time, money and city resources. For example, changing the Hayward BART sign to Downtown Hayward, as if Hayward is a big city. Then there's the ridiculous Hayward Loopy Loop, some nice new little parks and more brand new housing that the people of Hayward cannot afford to buy. Yet council has time to run school board campaigns for their chosen ones. You play dirty and you lose the trust of the people. They made it a personal attack against Reynoso. Don't listen to Mayor Mike mext time city council. You don't have the power and the following outside your city sandbox to stage a coup against Reynoso who is not a lame duck. He does his job and he exposed a few of you for helping yourselves to some HUSD funds. Dobbs is a criminal and he was fired for just cause. Made in Hayward equals Played in Hayward.

  12. I'm not sure if the voters just voted for the top three, but regardless a big thank you must be said. This showed Hayward officials that corruption does not always win. Hopefully the Hayward community will show the city council that we are watching and they are not going to push the Hayward born and long term families out for big interest groups! None the less, a big Congratulations to Luis Reynoso; and Annette Walker you have a lot to prove so we hope that you do and that you have learned from your mistakes.

  13. Yes, city council has nothing to do besides target and expose the school board's short commings. It is easier to do than examine their own faults and short comings. When citizens try to get explanations from city council regarding their poor decisions that make Hayward look like a laughing stock of The Bay, they get shut down or kicked out like Jim Davis. The drunk Fire Chief not getting fired is a prime example of the lunacy that goes on at 777 B St. The Police Chief being suspended with pay is another looming scandal. Why is it taking so long to investigate her personnel issue and whatever happened to transparency? What are they keeping from the residents of Hayward? How much is that investigation going to cost the tax payers? Plus the lawsuit, when the Chief goes after the city for besmirching her character and firing her? Are they just waiting for her to give up and resign? Have they offered financial incentive for her to leave Hayward? Does it take 2.5 months off with pay for the Chief to write an "I am satisfied with what I have done for Hayward & now its time for me to move on" speech? What gives in a city that doesn't give up its secrets? I support hard working working police and fire who risk their lives everyday. I do not support police or fire who break the same laws that the rest of us are held to. Contreras drove city vehicles while he was intoxicated 4 times. Yet the head of the Hayward Fire Fighters Union tried to shame Mr. Drake for "always bringing it up." Some things can't be swept under the rug because the Fire Fighters Union President comes out acting like a thug. Something is seriously wrong in Hayward. Let's keep Dobbs, he beats women but is the best thing ever for the kids! Druken Fire Chief?, why he's a stand up guy! Corruption and incompetence rules in Hayward

  14. What a kick in the butt the Hayward establishment got from Dr. Luis Reynoso getting reelected. I voted for him because I have seen him for years on TV board meetings relentlessly going after bad deals. Congrats Reynoso and continue your fight for minimum wage and rent control because like you said all these council inepts are not doing the job they got elected to do. Reynoso your school parents and their kids need your help. Oh yes and Sarah Lamnin you need to be recalled along with your other clowns of Francisco Zermeno, Mark Salinas, Elisa Marquez, Barbara Holliday, Al Mendall which are completely useless on the Hayward city council. Marvin Peixoto was very smart to stay out of this school board race. Just moved into Hayward 6 years ago and I see what Reynoso complaints about corruption in Hayward.

  15. Sarah Lamnin couldn't even get elected to the school board. If I were a betting man, I'd say she won't be reelected. However, when she sat in for Haliday and ran the council meeting, I didn't miss hearing Haliday's annoying cackling. So the bottom line is that we need a new mayor and city council who can focus on the duties assigned to city council. Next time listen to Marvin.

  16. I have to agree that their Mickey Mouse Sweeny and Idiot Sarah Lamnin trash pac school board race was ran like a city council race. The school board race really requires people to know something about education. Before that is why Lamnin could not get in. No one on the council knows anything about education. So, Carlson got in and he comes from Chabot college. Lets see if he is able to work with the school board after talking so much trash about Lisa Brunner and Luis Reynoso.

  17. Trump and Reynoso is all s***. We need to protest the election of Reynoso in the next board meeting on 12-14. You all need to be there at 6:30pm and let him have it cause he is a racist like Trump. Bring your signs and be ready to make this guy resign and go away. We need to bring back the best superintendent Hayward has ever known Dr. Stan Dobbs. Reynoso made the district investigate a good man and came up with phony charges. Dr. Dobbs is a good man an we all stand behind him Dr. Dobbs is our man to fix our schools. Trump maybe won but in Hayward we need to stop people like Reynoso. Reynoso must be stoped. All those people that voted only picked him cause he is on the top 3 comon people lets be real. We need someone else that will have more respect for Black Lives Matter cause and I remember when he said that all lives matter and I even talked to him and he kept on tellin me his bs that cause his christian all lives matter. That man Reynoso is so racist he does not even know when he is beign racist. We need to have a recall against Reynoso and put in our true people candidates Davis and Goldstein that our faith and civic leaders picked for us.

  18. @10:37pm - hmmm, guess that Dec. 14 school board meeting protest didn't quite come together. In fact, I've never seen the room so empty. Phony charges against Dr. Dobbs? So, the investigators just made the whole thing up? You can't be serious.

    All most of us saw was the public Stan Dobbs, always smiling and bullshitting and ready for yet another photo op. Then, there was the real Stan Dobbs, who explodes in a bullying rage when he doesn't get his way and really doesn't think he needs to play by any rules except his own. The board fired the real Stan Dobbs and I salute them for having the courage to do so.

    I DO agree with you about Trump though. Now, THERE is a piece of shit, who pushed his hateful agenda during his entire campaign and now has the gall to say stop with all the racism now that he is president-elect. Trump with access to the nuclear codes. Now, THAT should make us all feel warm and cozy in our beds at night.

    Forget about Reynoso, at @10:37. Since Nov. 8th, you now have MUCH bigger worries. Those of us with any sense at all realize that.

  19. @10:37 yeah yeah I hear you 12-14 @ 6:30pm I got you. Recall Reynoso but don't forget that we need Brunner out too. Let's all be there with our kids and parents and don't forget to wear our purple shirts and I will invite the people with black shirts. I will work with Ms. Lamnin and Eden Church in our next meeting to recall Reynoso. We can do it don't forget that we have Swallwell, Quirk, Miley, Valle, Sweeney and Hayward city council that have been helping us and will help us again. We are the people. We can do it. On 12-14 let's all stand up in that school board meeting and hold hands all around the room so people can see that we want Brunner and Reynoso out. No room for racism. Black lives and Black minds do matter. Anyone that says all lives matter are really closet resists and need to have the light shine on them so all can see for what they really are.

  20. November 14, 2016 at 8:51 and

    November 13, 2016 at 10:37 PM

    I can tell you went to Hayward school district. The only ones spreading racism is YOU! All lives do matter. We live in a city which just had 11 murders and they weren’t all black…How stupid are you to say,”All lives not matter only Black lives?” Those killed were someone relatives, parents, or children.
    School Board is a position of education. The public voted for 3 PhDs. Academics are suppose to be smarter than anyone, without a PhD. The educated people of Hayward voted for the PhDs. Get your degree and run for the Board. Sarah Lamin will have to get people with PhDs to run next time. But, who would want to deal with the uneducated like you two, who want to protest and recall the elected? It takes guts to deal with the mentally ill and uneducated.
    You shame the city of Hayward by showing your stupidity.
    Quit being a sore loser. No need for a recall. Reynoso won because many voted for him. He has been fighting corruption in the school district. We need him.
    Dobbs can go to hell where he belongs with all the other liars. The clergy, who supports Dobbs, can’t read either. This will all come out in court when Dobbs sues the school board.
    I suggest you pay for a corrupt investigator to re-due the investigation that will come in your favor. Can you raise $70 thousand for another investigation? Can you bribe the witnesses to not testify? Can you change the fact Dobbs did illegal contracts without board approval?
    If not SHUT UP and learn to be a good LOSER!

  21. @8:51 you come across as someone who is so much into race, and into dividing people by color.
    ALL MINDS MATTER, all Hayward kids matter.
    Too bad some claim race when they don't want to face the consequences of their actions.

  22. @8:51 Oh negro pleeeaseee, listen here I am African American myself and Doc Reynoso won the election fair and square. Stop this nonsense about holding hands and protesting on the board. Election is over people. You all need to accept the results and support the people's choice for the school board.
    Congratulations Dr. Reynoso, Dr. Walker and Dr. Carlson. We will pray for you to do a good job for the kids.

  23. Dr. Reynoso has escaped many prior attempts to unseat him. If he was as bad as the Trash Pac claims, the people of Hayward who actually do take the tim to vote, would have not relected him. Trash Pac's motives were clear, which is why Davis and Goldstein failed miserably. Stop picking on Reynoso and take ownership for the mistake of hiring Dobbs, who is a vindictive, lying phony and a bad example for the kids. If you Trash Packers wanted your 3 Musketeers to win, you should have campaigned harder and given bribes for vites.

  24. Reynoso is a just like a Trump loud mouth bully!

  25. Recall all of city council. They are the worst city council in the Bay Area. They are spineless jellyfish controlled by grumpy old man Mike Sweeney. Failed at getting what THEY WANTED. Go Reynoso! Take them down a peg whenever you get the chance. They are keeping book on you. Return the favor. Their flubs are many. Bide your time and wait for the next big one to make the papers. Its coming....

  26. Dr Dobbs?? pleaseee. Who said hes a Dr? thats pure ignorance ,he is a pathological liar, bully coward piece of ... and more. If you really want to support him them take hi. with you to your house and let our kids at HUSD safe and far away from him..

  27. When Stan Dobbs refused to pay his friend Olden Henson, Olden went personally bankrupt. What a friend.

  28. Dobbs doesn't care whom he screws over. He's worse than aa politician. A pathological liar and he abuses women. What a loser. Just like the CLASS Pac losers who believe in him.

  29. Council is getting an ass whipping by Husd parents right now at 8pm at city Hall. They supported the trash class PAC instead of looking into rent control and minimum wage. They even congratulated Dr. Reynoso. Council got served.

  30. Yeah, of course Halliday had to argue and talk over speakers. She learned from Mayor Mike. No decorum at city council meetings. Deny, deny about their campaigning for CLASS. Council got reamed for not doing their jobs. High crime, high rents and low wages. More parents and renters need to organize and call out council for not doing their jobs. Easy to play at council, much harder to do the work and listen to people let alone help them!

  31. Stating the obvious here, Hayward city council does not like to receive push back from the public. They get it from regular people who show up at council meetings and laugh them off as though ut is a joke. Then Charlie Peters or Kim Hugget will start speaking in defense of city council before they make their speeches. Someone is always there to lick council's wounds. Looks like council needs to hire some more ego boosters because people are fed up with this CLASS Pac baloney and council not doing their jobs.No rent control and people getting murdered in the streets. Mayor Halliday is worried about drivers speeding through Hayward. They are speeding because Hayward has had so many murders and it is a hugh crime area. Doesn't Halliday remeber praising a youngster at a recent city council meeting for calling 911 when her family was car jacked in Hayward? Her dad was shot, but he survived. Wake up mayor mccheese!

  32. " Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientiuos stupidity." Martin Luther King Jr. We have a whole lot of this in Hayward.This comment section proves that.
    Go get them Dr. Reynoso! We are counting on you to fix HUSD and bring up student grades.

  33. HEA the BEAST otherwise known as the teachers union needs to be dealt with but if I understand it right Reynoso needs 3 votes to really make that Mercedes Faraj and Mary Walsh to really make the teachers work. It matters not who gets elected if the BEAST is not forced to work then HUSD goes no where. All Reynoso can do us raise hell and see who on the board will support him to make those needed changes. I do like the hell Reynoso raises and all people in my house voted for him. Yes Go Reynoso!

  34. November 14, 2016 at 5:29 PMReply
    “Reynoso is a just like a Trump loud mouth bully!”
    Another ignorant Hayward resident who didn’t read the investigation report, which is on EBCitizen.com.

    The Loud Mouth Bully Liar is Dobbs. Lying Taylor is gone, too. Now that the two worst corrupt liars are gone, except for Dr. Walker, the School Board will work in harmony. Walker is the person who will lie for any reason, for the teacher’s union. She is the one that will give the board problems. The board made a rule to tape their close door sessions, because Walker lied to the press about NOT knowing they were voting to fire Dobbs. When Dobbs takes the district to court, she will have to testify. The Brown Act will NOT save her, this time.
    Reynoso isn’t the bully. It is Dobbs.
    If you listen to what Dr. Reynoso says, you might learn something, about the corruption in our city. He is our hero.
    What will the district and kids do without, when Dobbs sues the school board? More money will be taken away from the children, from this idiot fighting the district, in court.

  35. Hayward school board gets $200 a meeting and meets twice a month. They make $400 a month. Whoooow… Who would want to take a job like school board trustee for $400 a month and put up the crap from the public like the outlandish remarks on this blog? The board needs a raise!
    I wonder how much Fremont pays their school board members?
    FREMONT CITY COUNCIL | Fremont councilmembers will now earn $2,118 a month in salary, after approving an increase last week. In addition, the City Council approved bumping up the mayor's monthly pay to $3,764. But Mayor-elect Lily Mei said she might, instead, donate her salary to charity.

    Past council had agreed to revisit the issue of pay on an annual basis based on Consumer Price Index, but had not in two years. Current council members receive $1,970 a month, while the mayor earns $3,500.”
    Hayward needs to be kinder to their school board members.

  36. City council cut city workers pay and they had no problems giving themselves raises. They banged the drum and wailed about the city going btoke. Mayor Halliday is overpaid. We aren't getting our monies worth with that cackler. Council went two years without a raise. Many employees went 4 years without raise and were threatened with layoffs too! Council should learn from the School Board. They are making an earnest effort to take care of business now that punk Dobb's got booted out.

  37. According to 2:17, the criteria for being a "loud mouthed bully" is being Black. @6:10 - no raise for the board. The board is a volunteer post, with a small stipend. The members serve to fulfill their sense of civic duty. It's not employment. And if it were, they'd be fired in a heartbeat.

  38. @9:03 Just watching from Oakland because we like Dr. Reynoso and what he is doing for Rent Control and Minimum Wage. Well it looks like Dr. Reynoso did not get fired again. He keeps on getting re-hired 3 times already. So, no... many people like what he is doing or he would not have gotten elected 3 times. I just want to know why the Hayward Trash Pac with so many elected official VIPs they still did not get their 3 man Trash Pac slate elected . Maybe these so called VIP elected officials like Congressman Swallwell, Assemblyman Quirk, Supervisors Valley and Miley, along with city council Sweeney, Halliday Mendal, Zermeno, Sallinas, Marquez, and Lamnin in council are not VIPs to the community. I think Hayward is waking up in declaring that these elected VIPS are not in charge in Hayward. Good job Hayward School Board on helping yoour community.

  39. @9:03 December 7
    Exactly! The board is a volunteer post.
    So who do we believe is really for the children?

    A board member getting no money or a guy who wants to sue the district for millions?
    Who is suing again? That's right The Dobbs.
    That guy was never for the children.
    "If the leaders of civil rights movement were alive today, they would spit on him"

  40. Reynoso is a voice for the silent majority who are sick of the corruption of government officials. We need more officials like Reynoso to clean the cesspool to put Hayward on a course of prosperity which is long over due. While silicon valley is investing billions in the Bay Area, Hayward is being left behind because of their corrupt government officials.

  41. The writer of this post November 13, 2016 at 10:37 PM is an idiot, or at least expresses him/herself like an uneducated fool. Either you are a product of Hayward Schools or you were not to successful in your high school English classes. You wrote "You all need to be there at 6:30 pm... and let him have it cause he is a racist like Trump...
    We need to bring back the best superintendent Hayward has ever known Dr. Stan Dobbs."
    What do you know about the best superintendent? Dobbs was a crook, an idiot and a fool. He could not even speak correct English. As a matter of fact he sounds like you. You are either a low life person from the ghetto or come to think of it you are probably Stan Dobbs.

    Stan Dobbs was unqualified to be a superintendent. He did not have an educational background unlike Dr. Reynoso who was a phd. Get a life Dobbs and take some remedial college English classes at Chabot College...