Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Luis Reynoso again disparages Hayward City Council for inaction

Elections have consequences. But curiously, in Hayward, those reeling from an Election Night loss last week weren't even on the ballot. On Tuesday night, the Hayward City Council faced the music for its mixed attempt at remaking the city's school board at the ballot box.

Two of three school board members won re-election Nov. 8, including Annette Walker and Luis Reynoso. School board member John Taylor finished a dismal sixth after he previously admitted to misusing school district resources for his past city council campaign. The transgression left the door open for one new member of the school board--a member of the slate opposing the incumbents--former Chabot College president Robert Carlson.

But recent city council meetings have been jolted by the presence of Reynoso and school board president Lisa Brunner, who have sharply criticized the political action committee comprised of local leaders, including the City Council, for interfering in the elected body's school business.
"It got nasty and it got personal," said Brunner. During the course of the campaign, several councilmembers had criticized her, she said, even though she was not up for re-election this November. Brunner also claimed the council and PAC essentially attempted to buy the election with more than $72,000 in spending for its slate of three candidates. "You found the time to raise money and badmouth us and tear this city apart," added Brunner.

In yet another whirlwind of criticism by Reynoso against the City Council, he railed against its lack of movement to address rising rents in Hayward, its citywide minimum wage and a recent plague of homicides this year, currently totaling 12.

Reynoso asserted the City Council--six of seven of whom supported the PAC--put more time into dismantling the school board than tending to the city. "You were working for the PAC while murders were going on," said Reynoso. "I expect the same level of energy to  reduce crime." He later dismissively called the City Council "a very embarrassing bunch."

Afterward, Reynoso said he will continue raising the issue of exorbitant rents and low wages until the city council takes serious action. “They said, it's the first time this has been brought to them," he said of the council's respone to the rent control issue in Hayward. "Well, get use to it, there’s more coming.”


With all due respect Dr. Reynoso and Ms. Brunner should stay out of the city council meetings. Minimum wage, rent control, and homicides have nothing to do with education. They need to let the city work on those issues since we already have rent control in Hayward and are waiting for the state to determine the minimum wage. All the murders are related to gangs and not our law abiding Hayward residents. Each of the government bodies need to work on our respective specialties.

Reynoso and Brunner have every right to school city council. Council became so distracted with campaigning and fund raising for their puppets that they became dumbstruck to everything else going on around them. Go Reynoso and go Brunner! City council isn't finished picking bones and kicking up dirt to get their hero Dobbs back. We do have a rent control ordinance, but it has almost no teeth to it. It is weak, like our mayor. However, we have tough ordinances that protect mobile home parkers. That's because mobile home parkers get out and VOTE. Apartment people need to organize and fight for the same treatment as the mobile home parkers. We need to vote out council who plays favorites with the Hill people and the mobile home parkers. Stand up for your rights and stand up to council and the mayor.

Oh no now it's not OK for the council to be told what to do but the council can tell others what to do? Luis Reynoso is right that council is an embarrassing bunch. I want to know what are they going to do about so many car thefts in Hayward.

Francisco Zermeno and Sara Lamnin with Barbara Halliday went to the restaurant trash PAC fund raiser and I asked them about the crime and all 3 gave me bs answers. I even asked why they are not out there doing what we elected them to do. I walked out of the trash PAC fund raiser and did not give them a dime and I did not vote for any of that PAC. Hayward city council needs to resign for not performing what they were elected for. Payback is a bitch! Council are nothing but hypocritical bullies. Luis Reynoso and Lisa Brunner are not your typical push overs these two can bite back. Welcome to being served council.

Dr. Carlson didn't do anything to get involved with the Hayward school district, while he was trustee of Chabot. Why not? He could have tried to get the Hayward School Board to graduate students worthy of the freshman level of college. Chabot gets students who need high school Math and English re-taught, before they can go into college level classes. The Hayward teachers need to be accountable for not teaching the children what they need to know to be college ready. Dr. Carlson could have made his mark years ago. How can he do it better...No one knows! Is he a rubber stamper?
What kind of ethics do our teachers have, when they support Dobbs: a violent PTS depressant, crook? It is time the district goes to charter schools and lose the incompetent teachers who can’t produce college ready graduates.
We have many Hayward students who are homeless. The council tried to pass a law not to let homeless people sleep in their cars. A man froze to death behind Safeway a few years back. The council doesn’t want people feeding the homeless but once a month, with a permit. Our council has legalized murder of the poor and mentality ill, through their legislation. Most homeless die from exposure every winter. The council should spend a night on the streets with no shelter, on a cold winter’s night. People can’t survive on $10 an hour. Pay the council $10 and hour. That is still too much for the council, since they bankrupted this city. If we don’t take care of the poor, there will be more crime.
Our council supports greedy corporations and doesn’t give a damn about the city’s own residents. Out with the present residents and in with the new wealthy educated foreigners. The council is building, but not for us! Any more building and we will be sharing and rationing our recycled toilet water, with the new comers. How can you build with no water for the people?
Go get them Brunner and Reynoso. You two represent the people and their needs. We all need to work together to make Hayward better for all.

Pay council what the school board makes or downsize council. Do some budget cutting on unecessary council positions. Other cities don't have as many paid figureheads on their city councils! I don't care if foreigners move here, but I do care that city council is pricing out long time low income Hayward residents for rich techies. Too much traffic in Hayward and too much of a drain on services and resources due to council being greedy and getting in bed with developers. City council needs to be put in check by Reynoso and Brunner more often. Brunner has my vote when her term is up.

Fran David waged a war on Hayward's homeless and poor. Outdoor camping and feeding the homeless. No toilets downtown which is why the city parking garage and stairweels are urine soaked. People are crapping on the streets and sidewalks. Not cool city council.

The school board is letting the community know how out of touch the council is with the community. Now that I have seen the video of the council. WOW that Reynoso and Bruner outshine the council x100. I want Reynoso and Bruner to be on the council leading our city. The video reminds me of that famous movie Godzilla vs Bambi, our council is too much like Bambi. I never realized how incompetent our council really is until I saw the comparison against the Godzilla Hayward school board. We need to recall the council Lamnin, Halliday, Zermeno, Marquez. Salinas, Mendal. I think Peixoto must be psychic to avoid getting in the way of the school board. Yes, pay back is a bitch. We need to remove these people that are useless council before they create more damage by not doing anything for fix anything.

Give me a break. Reynoso has been on the School Board for how many years? He has been a huge part of the problem of the schools very low test scores. Hayward should have a $15 minimum wage, like many other cities, before the State of California kicks in in 2023. Nobody can live here making 10-12 dollars per hour.

It is very encouraging that this election has woken people up to the corruption and how important it is to be involved for change to happen. The school runs great when all decisions are student centered and is what everyone expects to see. Hayward will be great if we get a council that makes decisions based on what is in the best interest of the community and not for special interest groups and their wallets!

I hate to break it to you, @1:47pm, but HUSD has had low test scores for decades, going back at least 30 years. You can't blame a problem going back that far on Reynoso. HUSD has a long history of being a low-performing school district. It's one of the reasons my husband and I moved out of Hayward when we decided to start a family. After doing some research, we knew they would not receive a quality education through HUSD. It was long before Reynoso became a school board member when we made that decision.

Yes go Reynoso and Brunner.

The BEAST of Hayward also known as the teachers union is the real reason why education is not moving up fast enough for over 30 years.

Reynoso needs help to battle the BEAST. The board only works by getting a majority. I too have seen Reynoso try his heart out and all he can do is let us know when there is corruption. It's up to us to support him get rid of that corruption.

Right now he is getting plenty of public acknowledgement because he has brought out on his own the minimum wage and rent control to help the parents of HUSD and people are listening and his board is supporting him. In the mean time the council has been campaigning for the Hayward trash council pac against the school board. I think people need to come out and support Reynoso and Brunner for being the only politicians having the balls in Hayward to criticize the council for not doing a thing to improve the living conditions of Hayward. Now is the time to change Hayward. Yes I am glad I voted for Reynoso and Brunner has my vote too when she runs again.

Btw I spoke to Reynoso the day before the election since he was the only candidate that put his phone number on his candidate statement. He actually answers his phone! The man might be a Godzilla with brains in meetings and we in Hayward like that, but he is actually very pleasant and a professional gentleman. Reynoso really should be the mayor of Hayward. We need a Godzilla with brains on that council to improve hayward.

How long has Barbara Halliday been on city council? Too long! Bad decisions like The Loop. Who says we needed a 90 million dollar library with Italian marble and glass sculptures across from the Hayward Fault? Lunacy! Supporting scandalous characters like Dobbs & hard drinking Fire Chief Contreras. Impeach our bumbling mayor.

School board should only worry about the students and not the parents for their minimum wage and rent control. The Hayward schools have made some gains in the last 10 years and the board should continue to just concentrate on schools only and keep improving them. Leave rent control and minimum wage to the city council. The council has the expertise to get that done. We already have rent control and the council started talking about minimum wage 3 years ago. The loop us not a bad thing for Hayward because now the traffic can flow better. We now have many shoos opening for business on B st because of the council. The public library will be a good thing too for thousands of people to come and read.

I think the whole point that Brunner and Reynoso are making is the city council started the problem by interfering with the school board affairs by condemning the firing of Stan Dobbs and then spending $70,000 to replace the school board. They are doing this when they should be working to reduce crime in the city.

Talking about minimum wage for three years is not enough, that is embarrassing. Having rent control laws that are unenforced is a joke. It was obvious the council had no response for those tenants who have been retaliated against by landlords.
It was disappointing to see how out of touch the council is with the Latino community. The city council needs to focus on city problems and let the school board run the schools.

Council is good at talking, not actually doing. Lack of following through, with the exception of raising taxes and take aways for city employees. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Using your name and elected title to bring back the most embarassing excuse for a school superintendent is sheer idiocy. Help the citizens of Hayward. Rents are too high. Instead of running campaigns, listen to the residents for a change. People have to be alive to pay rent.

we all,as citizens have the right to exprees our opinion on school issues or city issues. In this case of hayward is very particular the way city council members and the noisy mayor try to use their political influence whit the comuinity to bring back a very dangerous man like dobbs, back to our district. He was a liar abusive corrupt, intolerant man who cause a lot of issues. But those were HUSD issues not city council.
No one is asking them to refrein from attending HUSD mettings, as citizen!! they can go anytime, and address the board whit their concerns,but they are so cowards that prefer to hide behind there position in the city. In the other hand,HUSD president Brunner and Board member Dr Reynoso are just responding to the stupidity of our council!! and they are espressing them selfs as members of the comunity!! whats so wrong about that?

Salinas doesn't even speak Spanish, but he trolled the low income hispanic/latino neighborhoods to get reelected. Salinas is corrupt and he lacks empathy for the citizens of hayward. Lame Duck city council doesn't care about what is going on in hayward. The Rubik's Cube Festival and trying to oust members of the school board are their top priorites. Epic fail with the school board elections. Go lick your wounds city council because Reynoso and Brunner will give you wedgies and take your milk money all over again.

Reynoso and Brunner need to stay in their lane. The election was last week. Let the council continue with the good work they started 3 years ago for the minimum wage. We put in place rent control and people just have to learn to read English to apply the Rent control law we already have. Those people complaining in spanish are not even here legally. The real problem is that racist Reynoso and Brunner both of them need to step down. Black lives matter and Reynoso needs to stop responding to people by saying "All lives matter". That response is very racist.

@ 5:46
are fucking kidding me now??!! You piece of shit are talking about racist people?? just read you coment one more time, to find the real racist!!

spanish speakers pay taxes and pay rent too

@5:46 Proof that Hayward council promoters are plain stupid. Sounds like the Hayward chamber or any of the 7 dwarfs in the city council. This is what a xenophobe sounds like. You are a piece of s***.

@5:46 Woaooo really the council start talks about minimum wage 3 years ago?? What a bunch of incompetent politician we have in hayward!! After 3 years they haven't acomplish anything in that matter?? I wonder why?

By MW:

In regard to Luis Reynoso making insulting remarks about the Hayward City Council, since he accuses it of inaction, I have found that politicians, and especially Bay area politicians, generally cause a lot more damage when they do something than when they do absolutely nothing.

So I suggest that we put all of our local politicians in a big field totally surrounded by quick sand and an electrified barbed wire fence so as to restrict their movements, and that way they will not be able to engage in as many stupid, ridiculous, and outrageous actions and activities so as to "help" and "assist" us and "improve" our lives.

Hayward city council doesn't care what any of us have to say or what language we use to say it. All they want is to raise taxes and have residents provide the votes to pass their latest Tax Measures.

November 18, 2016 at 5:46 PM (“Black lives matter and Reynoso needs to stop responding to people by saying "All lives matter". )That response is very racist.”
The only racist is the bitch, who wrote the above statement.
Every one of us matter and we all need representation. This fool, who wrote this in the above statement, needs to move to a totally black community and shout (Black Lives) matter all you want. In a diverse community you are the racist! Each and every one of us matter. If you don’t know that, you must have graduated from a low scoring Hayward school. Keep studying, open you mind and heart, and love your neighbors no matter what color they are. Find a nonracist church to go to.
Shut your mouth before you write and say something stupid like that again.

LET IT GO BRUNNER AND REYNOSO. it's over. You won. Your point is out. FFS. you are getting so ego inflated. brunner you know that apology from CSBA was probably a courtesy. The board is filled with egos. let it go. move forward. FFS

Tavares, take a journalism class. Learn objectivity. It's obvious you are being fed information by the board. Brown Rules violation? Hmm. You are not Alexander Hamilton, homie. It is clear that you and Reynoso have something going on. Be honest.

Just saw the video. Good job Reynoso and Brunner. I have stopped going to the city council of Hayward because just got fed up of watching that retarded imbecile ex-mayor Sweeny and now this cackling idiot of mayor Halliday just always interrupt the public. The belief of the city council is that if you have nothing good to say about the them you will be shut down.

Yes, the Mayor Halliday and the entire city council need training n the Brown Act. Oh, and yes I also support the school board letting that good for nothing council get some good criticism n how useless they really are for the problems of Hayward. Go Reynoso and Brunner please keep coming to the council meetings. Both of you look and sound better than the council and mayor. The election might be over but the pushing out of terrible politicians needs to get started. Ebcitizen keep doing what you are doing!

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