Sunday, January 29, 2017

On short notice, hundreds of Alamedans show support for their Muslim neighbors

A rally at the Islamic Center of Alameda Sunday afternoon in opposition to President Trump's immigration ban attracted hundreds on short notice. PHOTO/Steven Tavares
A quickly organized rally Sunday afternoon in support of Muslims in Alameda grew to more than 300 people. The rally in front of the Islamic Center of Alameda was organized online over the weekend to express solidarity with Muslims. It gained energy following protests on Saturday at San Francisco International Airport and others airports across the country opposing President Trump’s executive order banning travelers from seven Middle Eastern countries.

Supporters on the corners of 9th Street and Santa
Clara Avenue in Alameda.
Passing cars honked their horns to validate the sentiments of those holding signs in support of Muslim Americans. Many chanted support for Muslims, while others voiced opposition to Trump’s controversial executive order signed on Friday.

As people filled the front of the Islamic Center’s property, three other corners of the intersection on 9th Street and Santa Clara Avenue began to swell with additional supporters.

“Hundreds of people showing up with 24-hours notice is a big deal anywhere,” said Alameda Councilmember Malia Vella. “In the city of Alameda, I think it shows we really are in changing times and we’re an inclusive community.”

Three days prior to Trump’s swearing-in this month, the Alameda City Council unanimously declared itself a sanctuary city. Part of the impetus was to protect the city before Trump possibly made good on some of his most vitriolic campaign rhetoric, including hostility toward immigrants and Muslims.

“Unfortunately, I was anticipating this and that’s why Councilmember [Jim] Oddie and I felt very strongly that it needed to go through as quickly as possible,” said Vella. “Coming from a family that has been interned, I don’t want that on my hands.” Oddie authored the legislation and was also in attendance Sunday, as was Mayor Trish Spencer and Councilmember Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft.

Member of the Islamic Center were overjoyed by the outpouring of support, a few attempting to personally thank each attendee. “This is such a warming feeling,” said Araff Shaik, one of the imams at the Islamic Center of Alameda. “We are so happy to have the support. We feel the love and we give it back equal to them.”

As the number of supporters grew, an impromptu march ensued that circled one square city block, jamming Mozart Street, a normally quiet neighborhood side street with people from Lincoln to Santa Clara Avenues.

“Maybe this will really ‘Make American Great Again’ after all,” Alameda resident Charlie Sarno, said in a twist to tweak the president’s famous campaign slogan. Activism against Trump is growing quickly growing across the country, he added. “The inspiring part is this is only the beginning.”


  1. By MW:

    While this post is not about this article, however the post on the top right hand side, specifically the one that says -

    "Editor's Note: I am suspending the East Bay Citizen indefinitely. Steven Tavares" -

    is something I absolutely must comment on.

    If it actually means what it seems to, in other words that very soon the East Bay Citizen will be going out of business, or at least basically and for awhile, and perhaps even permanently, that is a huge shame. And for many reasons, but let me mention just two.

    One, the East Bay Citizen was willing to discuss issues that the bigger, wealthier, and more "respectable" members of the media absolutely refused to talk about.

    Two, now, and after decades of the Bay area's liberal establishment having gotten away with virtually everything, we are finally reaching a point, and with such situations over the last few years occurring as Yusef Bey and his kidnappings and slave ring, the Riders, Celeste Guap, the Deborah Edgerly fiasco, and the Ghost Ship warehouse fire, etc, etc, etc, that a lot of the sheep are finally beginning to see the truth about "liberal" politicians and their scams. And the EBC could play an important role on bringing out the underlying facts, the backstories, AND ALSO CONNECTING THE DOTS, as some of these scams are exposed.

    So hopefully Steven Tavares will change his mind and keep on running the East Bay Citizen for awhile longer, and in fact quite awhile longer.

    And let me now make one final comment, and especially since the EBC might soon be shutting down.

    To all of you, and especially to any whistleblowers, if you ever find yourself in a battle with government agencies staffed by professional pathological liars or wealthy white collar criminals, do not play the game by the particular rules they want you to play.

    In other words, they and their sleazy lawyers will try to destroy you and wear you out in a financial battle of attrition. If you go to war with them and fight the way they want to fight, they will win since they are bigger and richer than you are.

    So rather than spending a fortune on lawyers, instead spend your money on such things as having flyers printed, and until they are too embarrassed to continue their lies.

    And according to some inquiries I made about twenty years ago, you could then have had ten thousand copies of an eight page newspaper printed for about five hundred dollars. In fact, I mentioned that to one of the lawyers in the County Counsel's office when her original intention was to harass me by using a report that was prepared for her by a professional pathological liar, but who she pretended was an independent expert.

    While she knew that report was nothing but lies and garbage, however by pretending to believe it, she then had a "basis" for doing what she wanted to do.

    So I then told her that if she tried "the standard lawyers' lies and garbage" on me. I would then put out my own newspaper, and which I told her I could do for $500, and I also told her some of the things I would discuss in it, and which caused both her and the County to back off.