Monday, April 17, 2017

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf will seek second term

Four more years? Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.
After two high-profile scandals involving public safety, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced Monday that she is running for a second term. And it appears she plans on running a campaign not on her own record as mayor, but against the target of all Oakland progressives, President Trump.

Schaaf announced her bid re-election Monday with a new campaign website. Notably, it does not feature the mayor's visage, but the text-based site, primarily a vessel for donations at this point, quickly mentions Trump.

“With Donald Trump in the White House, it is more important than ever that we double down on the things we believe in," Schaaf says in the statement. "As your mayor, that means making sure that government serves the needs of all people equitably, and that we continue to protect our residents and lift up diversity in all its forms. While we continue to fight for our values it must be our business to make our city work. That means filling potholes, reducing crime, educating our youth and improving the delivery of basic services.”

In hindsight, there was a hint over the weekend to Schaaf's focus on galvanizing Oakland progressives to support her re-election. In a social media post on Friday, Schaaf tweeted "Every day it gets worse," in response to an executive order affecting Planned Parenthood.

In 2014, Schaaf faced 15 other candidates, including then-incumbent Mayor Jean Quan, in a long and grueling campaign. Schaaf ultimately easily outlasted all of them.

Her bid in 2018, though, should be less difficult and feature fewer competitors. Although Schaaf has faced criticism over her handling of the Oakland Police Department scandal involving an underage sex worker named Celeste Guap and the deadly Ghost Ship fire last December, her popularity remains strong.

And although there are not any known challengers to her re-election, Schaaf's campaign will likely be in fundraising mode for the foreseeable future. Schaaf's 2014 campaign committee raised a substantial $300,800 last year. All but, $2,685 paid down debts.

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  1. By MW:

    The items mentioned in the third paragraph of this article are especially interesting.

    For instance considering Oakland's history in regard to providing fire "protection," and which includes the Great Oakland Hills Fire, and which was the largest fire of its type in US history, the Ghost Ship warehouse fire, and which was the worst fire the US has suffered in years, and the OFD's continuing refusal to clean up the situation that could lead to another Great Oakland Hills type fire, does she intend to do anything about getting rid of some extremely overpaid and useless jokers, parasites, and leeches who are alcoholics and/or extremely lazy and/or pathological liars, but who insist they are firefighters.

    Oh that's right, one; firefighters' unions tend to make large election campaign contributions; and two, in many cities and counties it is a matter of law that no matter how much such groups as firefighters get in salaries, pension, and fringe benefits, the higher ranking officials in government get the same or still more, so therefore such high ranking officials as mayors and the members of city councils, etc, have an extreme incentive to give such groups as firefighters whatever they ask for in "negotiations.".