Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Alameda County Supervisors retained outside counsel to investigate a workplace matter

Actions taken by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors in closed session over the past few weeks point toward the existence of potential allegations of workplace misconduct at the county-level. Exactly where, though, is unclear.

At the board's Jan. 9 meeting, Alameda County Counsel Donna Ziegler announced the county supervisors voted in closed session to retain outside legal counsel "to conduct a workplace investigation in a confidential matter."

The public disclosure followed a similar announcement at the Dec. 5 Board of Supervisors meeting that suggested potential litigation and investigation into an unknown matter. "The Board authorized the County Counsel to retain Counsel in connection with the potential threat of litigation, and also to retain an investigator to provide advice and investigation services in connection with that threat of litigation," Ziegler said last month.

The decision to retain outside counsel to investigation an internal matter suggests the allegations are likely either against or include a member of the Board of Supervisors, their staff, or county counsel staff.

The focus of the investigation could also be related to the Alameda County's Sheriff's Office, which launched an internal investigation in late October after allegations were made that a sheriff's deputy allowed an inmate to be assaulted at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. However, the known subject of that complaint was arrested Wednesday.

But, if indeed, the retention of outside counsel entails an internal investigation at the county board level, for instance, touching upon gender and power inequities in the work place, it would mark the East Bay's first known public example in local politics of the #MeToo movement that has sparked national discussion over the past few months.


  1. By MW:

    Usually in situations of this type Alameda County government County appoints a team of professional pathological liars and common criminals with law licenses from the DA's office and/or County Counsel's office to do a scripted, prearranged, and choreographed "investigation," in other words a coverup and whitewash, and then uses the "proof" and conclusions of that coverup and whitewash as a basis to go after any whistleblowers and/or victims.

    And that is almost certainly the reason the lower ranking employees who blew the whistle on Nadia Lockyer's shenanigans back when she was a member of the AC Board of Supervisors went to the media with their allegations, and rather than to upper management.

    However even if in this case an outside and supposedly "independent" party has been brought in to the investigation, that still does not necessarily mean that the fix is not already in, or that later a fix and coverup may not be arranged.

    For instance, AC has a total budget of almost three billion dollars per year, and a considerable portion of that is spent on "independent" and outside "experts," and who are usually nothing more than professional pathological liars for hire, and who will carry out phony "investigations" "proving" whatever the County wants "proven."

    But since AC has evidently brought in an outside and supposedly "independent" group to do the "investigation," agues in this instance the big boys in County government believe the media is closely watching them, and that therefore they need to put more effort into their charade of pretending to be committed to honesty and integrity.

  2. This story should include an online poll to guess who the grabby hander is.