Wednesday, January 17, 2018

East Bay congressmembers team up to legalize cannabis at the federal level

East Bay progressives Reps. Barbara Lee
and Ro Khanna.
Reps. Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna introduced legislation Wednesday that would end the federal prohibition on cannabis.

The bill piggy-backs similar legislation introduced with great fanfare last year by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and gives states the authority to create their own laws and policies for cannabis sales and recreational use.

"This legislation will end this destructive War on Drugs" said Lee during in a conference call on Wednesday that was broadcast on Facebook Live (see below).

The House bill also gives those who have served time for low-level drug offenses the opportunity to have their conviction expunged from their records, in addition to creating funding mechanisms for community reinvestment to help the formerly incarcerated with job training, in addition, to costs associated with the courts and expungement.

Last week, another East Bay elected official, Assemblymember Rob Bonta, offered a similar bill in the State Assembly that would pave the way for those convicted during the War on Drugs a chance for a clean slate.


  1. By MW:

    As a result of reading this article, I decided to look up the Wikipedia entry on US Senator Cory Booker.

    So I saw, and not surprisingly, that he is a law school graduate.

    Still furthermore, he also has a B.A. from Stanford, and which is one of the five "top" factories for manufacturing scumbags, parasites, scam artists, fifth columnists, crooked lawyers, white collar criminals, and bloodsucking leeches.

    And he received his law degree from Yale, and which, and unlike Stanford, does not make the "top" five, but still does make the "top" twelve, as a factory, and while masquerading as a so called educational institutional, for producing the above detriments to society.

    The Bay area should be extremely proud of itself, since of the "top" five factories, but masquerading as so called educational institutions, for producing the above, it has two.

    In other words the "top" five are Hastings Law School, Harvard, NYU, Georgetown, and Stanford. And still furthermore, UC Berkeley makes the "top" twelve.

    Anytime you read about a politician, lawyer, or businessman engaging in anything even far more sleazy and/or outrageous than what has become the normal and accepted standard of behavior, look up his background, and you will be truly amazed at the extremely high percentage of them whose background includes having spent years at Hastings LS, Harvard, NYU, Georgetown, or Stanford.

    Also, Fordham is number six, Brandeis and the University of Michigan are tied for the seventh and eighth spots, and in addition to UC Berkeley and Yale, the rest of the "top" twelve are the University of Virginia Law School and Columbia.

    Of course each one has its particular strengths, and the areas in which it is not just truly super outstanding, but perhaps even number one in the entire world.

    For instance in the categories of manufacturing embezzlers, money launderers, and white collar criminals, Harvard and Stanford are perhaps the very best of all, and altho Fordham and UC Berkeley also merit at least honorable mentions.

    And when it comes to producing faculty, students, and graduates who invent all sorts of lies, garbage, and nonsense as a basis for denying opponents their Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech, Hastings LS is probably number one and UC Berkeley number two, and even "above" Harvard, NYU, and Georgetown.

    Dianne Feinstein, and who "knew" that Bill Clinton had not had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky since Clinton had told her he had not, is a graduate of Stanford. In other words, a lot of our "educational" institutions, and even some of our "very best" "educational" institutions, are producing "sophisticated," fancy talking, and "highly educated" submental retards.

  2. Stanford is the think tank on depopulation. “John Holdren, Obama’s science czar says forced abortions and sterilization.” Palo Alto and San Francisco added fluoride to their water in 1954. The Harvard has a brain damage study on fluoridation. There was also a toxic tort case on the phosphate fertilizer industry by a man named Pitman. Fluoride does cause brain damage. We have enough brain damage from fluoride chemicals. Chloramine and fluoridation has sterilized many.
    There are many studies done that weed lowers IQs of children. A brain doesn't develop until 25 years old.Hayward is opening many pot clubs near two colleges. The college students will have easy access. If the nation is stoned, than The United Nations’ New World can slip in without being noticed. When the hippies were stoned in the 60 & 70s it was easy to control the protesters. Remember our history, it is back…right in your face.
    Agenda 2030. City councils want 90% of us gone by 2030. They are doing everything to accomplish that goal; wif-fi- cell towers 5G radiation, smart water and gas meters, GMOs,poisons in drinking water , geoengineering the weather, fracking, toxic medicines, chemo,radiation, etc… If you are stoned you won’t stand up to the politicians , lobbied by corporations, who are killing us. Enjoy your time left. One world , one nation, under a communist rule of the UN.
    Don’t Bogart that joint. Hand it one to the political critters swimming in the swamp! If our legislators were all stoned,the public could vote them out and take back this nation.

  3. By MW"

    Whenever I think of some of the statements Dianne Feinstein has made and some of the positions she has taken, and since Feinstein is a graduate of Stanford, in other words supposedly one of the nation's very finest and most wonderful universities, I think of the comment that Bill Buckley supposedly made relating to the "quality" of the "thinking" of a lot of supposedly "educated" people, in other words

    In fact back when I was a teenager I got to know fairly well a guy who was a full professor at a major Ivy League university. He lived down the block from me, and for years (in other words while I was in junior high school and high school) I also used to make a few dollars by mowing his lawn, and he did not have even the vaguest idea as to how the world actually worked.

    While almost certainly he had read tons of books, and therefore "knew" how the world supposedly worked, however he had no idea as to how the world really and actually worked, and therefore was only qualified to feed students a lot of garbage and nonsense.

    In fact his "knowledge" of how things really and actually worked was so "splendid" and "complete," that therefore if I had owned a fast food joint and had been looking to hire even the very lowest ranking junior assistant shift manager, I would have strongly preferred virtually anybody, and even somebody who had not completed even first grade, rather than him for the position.