Saturday, January 13, 2018

Rep. Barbara Lee, agreeing with Trump, says she supports reinstituting federal earmarks

Rep. Barbara Lee also said Saturday that she
will support any resolution to impeach Trump.
At a town hall event that Rep. Barbara Lee's office termed a teach-in for the "GOP tax scam bill" Saturday morning in Oakland, the progressive giant dropped a surprise on her constituents. Like President Trump, who Lee has devoutly opposed throughout the past year, she also supports bringing back federal earmarks, commonly known as "pork."

"I support federally-directed spending as of earmarks," said Lee. "Some don't, but transparency and being able to direct funding into my district for homeless and affordable housing strategies is one way we have got to be able to do. So, while it is very controversial, maybe one of these days we can direct federal funding to specific non-profits to do affordable housing."

The comments were made after a series of questions during the two-hour town hall at Laney College related to affordable housing and homelessness within her 13th congressional district.

Lee, who is a member of the House Appropriations Committee, acknowledged the position, which was also floated this week by Trump, might be jarring for some of her constituents to hear.

"You may be hearing about this, but before you react to the notion of earmarks, just know that would help us tremendously with schools and housing, clinics, and health care, and all the issues that we care about in the district," said Lee.

Earmarks were banned in 2011 after years of abuse by some members of Congress who used the federal money, often tucked into unrelated legislation, to pay for projects in their districts. The practice also gave some lawmakers the ability to sweeten the pot with local supporters and campaign donors.

Lee, however, was never one of the most spendthrift members of Congress when it came to supporting earmarks in general, according to OpenSecrets.org.

She sponsored or co-sponsored 28 bills totaling just $10 million in funding, ranking her 324th out of 435 members. Lee's largest earmark came in 2009 when Lee set aside $1.6 million within a defense budget bill to improve the electronic record-keeping system at Oakland's Children's Hospital.

Meanwhile, the nexus of agreement between Lee and Trump at Saturday's town hall started and stopped with earmarks.

Earlier, after a constituent pressed Lee to support a specific House resolution calling for Trump's impeachments, she responded, "I'll vote for any impeachment vote that comes to the floor." The comment received loud applause, but the speaker continued to press on. Exasperated, Lee shot back, "I support all of the impeachment resolutions. There are four, five, six of them."


  1. By MW:

    Barbara Lee is one of the highest ranking and most powerful members of the Porkbarrelocratic Party.

    Going back to at least the 1920's, and in fact probably long before that, two of the key and major components of the Porkbarrelocratic Party have been:

    ONE, the top leadership, and which has been primarily composed of sleaeballs, scumbags, parasites, demagogues, charlatans, and bloodsucking leeches, but who pretend to be great liberals and wonderful humanitarians. (Ask Willie Brown, the Clintons, Kamala Harris, Barbara Lee, and Nancy Pelosi, for more details.)

    and TWO, tens of millions of extremely gullible people at the bottom, and who are foolish enough to support and to keep on voting for and re-electing the highest ranking members of the politically connected organized crime ring that runs the Porkbarrelocratic Party.

    To get some insight into the longterm "success" of the programs and policies of the Porkbarrelocratic Party, keep the following in mind.

    The US population is at present, and at about 320M, slightly more than double what it in 1950, and which back then was about 150M. And it is approx fifty percent more than it was in 1970, and when it was about 200M.

    However, look at the present population AND MURDER RATES in most of the major East coast and Midwestern cities that have over the last few decades been run by "liberals." The "liberals" and their social engineering policies have helped turn those cities into crime ridden hellholes and places unfit to live.

    For instance, compare the population numbers in 1920, 1950, 1970, 1990, 2000, and at present in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis, all cities that have been run by parasites, scam artists, and bloodsucking leeches who have pretended to be "liberals."

    And New York City, and which had a murder rate of approx 5K per year, got it down beyond drastically, in other words to approx five hundred per year, when it started electing more conservative people to such positions as mayor.

    However getting back to Barbara Lee, if Donald Trump cannot get the twenty billion in funding approved to build the wall built between the US and Mexico, he should go to a Plan B, and which would be to get just a few billion to build a wall between the US and the Sovereign State of the People's Republic of San Francisco.

    Inside that wall we would permanently contain all of SF's sleazeball politicians and lawyers, the judges on the Ninth Circus Court Appeals, San Francisco Federal District Judge William Alsup, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi, and also such Bay area people as Barbara Lee whose "thinking" is up to San Francisco "standards,"

  2. After further review, maybe Barbara Lee should have been less stingy on pork. $10 million doesn’t sound like much for a district like this.