Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fighting potential loss of committee chair, Desley Brooks unloads on her Oakland City Council colleagues

Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks
eviscerated her council colleagues during
Tuesday night's meeting.
Even when Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks knocks down an iconic former Black Panther and potentially costs taxpayers $4.3 million in damages, she still won't back down.

Brooks unleashed a vicious barrage of abuse against five Oakland councilmembers Tuesday night as a proposal that appeared intended to strip her as chairperson of the council's Public Safety Committee was being debated.

The council's move is seen as a response to an Alameda County Superior Court jury in December awarding county staffer and former Black Panther Elaine Brown millions in damages following a 2015 incident at an Oakland restaurant. The jury found that Brooks pushed Brown with two-fists to the chest. Brown fell over backwards and sustained significant injuries. The incident was also labelled as elder abuse by the jury.

Under the current policy, the council president is allowed to reward committee chairpersonships every two years, along with naming its roster of councilmembers. The decision is pending council approval. But an item Tuesday night brought forth by Council President Larry Reid, Coucilmembers Annie Campbell Washington and Abel Guillen hoped to give discretion to the council president to make indiscriminate changes at anytime.

That proposal failed to get the requisite five votes, but a motion by Councilmember Dan Kalb to add for any committee change to be agendized beforehand and voted on by the full council was ultimately successful.

Brooks' stemwinding remarks, meanwhile, were wild, contemptuous screeds, at the same, poised and measured. The diatribe was reminiscent of a strategy Brooks used in July 2013 to avoid censure following allegations of political interference.

She said there is more to the story involving the Brown incident and urged the city attorney to appeal the jury's decision. Not doing so, said Brooks, would be negligent on the city's part and amount to a gift of public funds to Brown. Later, she added, "Who amongst us is perfect?"

But as Brooks continued, she began tearing through her perceived council opponents. One by one, she lambasted Councilmembers Lynette Gibson McElhaney and Reid for previously reported instances of alleged wrongdoing. Other times, Brooks made far more spurious claims against Kalb, Campbell Washington, and Guillen. Only Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan and Noel Gallo remained unscathed by Brooks' verbal assault.

Brooks then added that the media was also targeting her. Other times she suggested racism was behind the backroom push to remove her from various committees. Later she used a populist tone, telling the council chamber's audience, "If they silence me there will be nobody who talks regular on behalf of the people."

But Brooks also urged the council to "step above the politics," while acknowledging what her colleagues would not, regarding the proposal Tuesday. "It really is all about me," said Brooks. "This rule is not well thought out no matter what you think about me."

Kaplan agreed, warning the council the rule change could have dire effects and could be abused by future council presidents. "I'm worried that we're making this about one person," said Kaplan. She envisioned the rule change could foster vote trading and retaliation if a councilmember refuses to side with the council president's opinion.

The city now awaits whether Reid will indeed formally move to replace Brooks as chair of the public safety committee, one of the plum assignments on the council, pending the council's approval.


  1. So they wanted to strip Brooks of posts by... giving the CC president the authority to do so unilaterally? As opposed to taking some goddamned responsibility and so voting directly as a group?

    I agree with Kaplan at least in principle: a single CC member should not have that level of authority indefinitely. Would come back to bite someone.

  2. By MW:

    Of all the clowns on the Oakland City Council, Desley Brooks is far and away the most extreme clown of them all. And not at all surprisingly, DB is a law school graduate.

    Of all the extreme clowns and jokers who have served on the AC Board of Supervisors over the last few decades, there is one who is head and shoulders "above" all the rest in the categories of stupidity, irrationality, being a drug crazed nut, and being a total and all around idiot, in other words Nadia Lockyer, and who is also a lawyer.

    When Jim Jones, and later of Jonestown infamy, was still in the Bay area, his two strongest and most vehement backers were two lawyers, in other words Willie Brown and SF Mayor George Moscone.

    No matter how many people are shot, and sometimes even murdered, near and at medical marijuana clinics. AC Supervisor Nate Miley, and who is a law school graduate, still "knows" that medical marijuana clinics will not be magnets for and causes of increased crime.

    So let's ask Desley, Willie, Nadia, and Nate whether they really teach law, logic, and critical thinking in most law schools - or just how to be totally illogical. a world class phony, and a big sleazy windbag.

  3. why is this woman still holding public office? She cost the city millions of dollars, because she is unable to curb her temper. What public official pushes a 73 year old senior citizen, injures that senior citizens; and still able to retain their position? The voters in East Oakland are beginning to look foolish; because they continue to reelect Desley Brooks to City Council over and over again. When they realize that conditions has not change very much in the 16 years that she has been on City Council; perhaps they will elect a councilmember who is not an ignorant embarrassment. However, I am optimistic that her days on city council will come to an end. People are tired of being made fools of, and looking foolish.

  4. By MW:

    In regard to the "standards" of high ranking public officials who are also law school graduates, and such as for instance Desley Brooks is.

    The very latest clown of the day in the world of politics is Rob Porter, and who was just removed from the Trump Administration due to allegations that he had a long and repeated history of engaging in domestic violence.

    Until a few days ago I did not even have any idea as to who Rob Porter was. However since his name has been in the news so much lately, therefore I just looked him up in Wikipedia - AND AFTER HAVING ALREADY MADE MY POST OF 9:40AM IN REGARD TO DESLEY BROOKS.

    And I saw, and not surprisingly, that he is a law school graduate, and in fact even a Harvard graduate.

    But that is not surprising, since lawyers are the runaway leaders among all major professions in having the very highest rates of alcoholism,drug addiction, suicide, divorce, domestic violence, and auto accidents, etc, etc, etc.

    Furthermore, and in addition to being a law school graduate, Porter, and as just mentioned, is a graduate of Harvard, and which is one of the "top" five factories for manufacturing parasites, scumbags, scam artists, embezzlers, money launderers, white collar criminals, crooked lawyers, and creatures with such extreme delusions of grandeur, that therefore they think anything they do and say is legal, proper, correct, and moral simply because of who they are.

    (NOTE: In addition to Harvard, the rest of the "top" five are Hastings Law School, Stanford, NYU, and Georgetown.)

  5. She cost the city a lot of money. Drain the swamp!

  6. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 8:34AM.

    If we were to "drain the swamp," the Bay area would not have very many politicians left.

    For instance, not even such notorious cesspools of sleaze, corruption, and bribery as Chicago, New Orleans, and Detroit have as nearly as high a percentage of their politicians totally controlled by under the table bribes as does the Bay area.