Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lock her up! Fremont resident files complaint saying Oakland Mayor Schaaf is impeding ICE

Over the weekend Oakland Mayor Libby
Schaaf said "credible sources" warned a large
raid in the Bay Area was imminent.
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's announcement over the weekend intended to alert undocumented immigrants about an imminent and substantial raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents earned her plaudits from progressives on one side and death threats on the other.

The move is also attracting a complaint sent Tuesday to the U.S. Attorney General's office in Oakland by a Fremont certified public accountant, who believes Schaaf's announcement illegally abetted undocumented immigrants.

In addition, the act was an "outrageous willful intent" to impede the work of  ICE agents, said Ron Cohen, who is also a Republican candidate this June in the 17th Congressional District primary. "If you're warning them, you're harboring, abetting them," he said, in an interview.

Fremont CPA and CA-17 candidate
Ron Cohen says if Schaaf wants to go to
jail she should have the chance. 
The complaint asserts Schaaf showed intent to violate federal law when making a statement to the media last month about a willingness to go to jail in order to protect undocumented immigrants from ICE agents.

"Therefore, as Mayor Schaaf is willing to go to jail, we hope this complaint will lead to her having that opportunity, via rightful prosecution, under federal law," according to the complaint, also sent to Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley's office.

Schaaf's office did not immediately reply for comment.

"This is not about being anti-immigrant. We love law-abiding legal immigrants. We don't like people who break the law," said Cohen.

He said the actions of public officials in Oakland often reverberate across the county, and in particular, his city of Fremont. "We also get crime from Oakland because there's money down here. It effects the whole region," he said.

The document is also signed by a local businessman, and an independent congressional candidate challenging Rep. Eric Swalwell in the nearby 15th District this June, named Brendan St. John.

Cohen participated in the 2014 congressional primary that featured Mike Honda and Ro Khanna, who went on to win the seat in November. Incidentally, Khanna said, according to one news report, that he too would risk going to jail in order to protect undocumented immigrants.


  1. Thank you, Steve for this coverage of a righteous cause.

    The full text of the complaint can be found at:


    Ron Cohen

  2. Don't know how righteous of a cause it is. Obama prioritized real criminals. Trump seems to make the headlines going after working parents. If you were a serious candidate for congress, I'd be worried with you making a point of calling that a righteous cause.

    In any event, it's unlikely Schaaf's action had much effect.

    1. She is breaking the laws of our country! CA is not our country nor does moonbeam and liberal psychos represent everyone! If you want to be the next Kate Steinle and others murdered by illegal criminals keep it up. Illegal means not legal! The rest of us go to jail if we break our laws including our parents!

  3. Ron, Texas is calling. Move!

  4. To the last two Anonymous comments: Happy to reply to a comment of some substance. But, rather, your replies are what is to be expected when retro-liberals don't have the law or the facts on their side.


  5. I'm looking forward to seeing Libby Schaaf warn all of Oakland's other suspected criminals when OPD and/or other agencies are looking for them.

    Oh wait, that won't happen because everyone knows that some animals in the barnyard are more equal than others.

    How does that make you feel Oaklanders? Knowing that your sons, daughters, fathers and mothers don't get the same treatment as people who are here illegally?

    1. Exactly! What a traitor! She is getting paid by the citizens who sadly elected her, not illegals!

  6. By MW:

    Libby Schaaf is both a lawyer and also a "liberal," and in fact even a Bay area style "liberal," so therefore anything she does should be considered good, proper, wonderful, "intelligent," and "legal."

  7. MW: I assume you are using sarcasm. Perhaps it is obvious.

    If not, I disagree...in that a smart lawyer would not have put themselves in this legal jeopardy.

    I defer to the U.S. Attorney and the District Attorney to decide if the law has been broken, whom I've asked to review the matter. I personally think it has.

    1. ? She dares to defy the laws of our country! I went to jail for feeding cats!

  8. Ron, this may have nothing to do with the raids that did in fact occur recently in the Bay Area as reported on NPR but, since you're running for Congress and should be willing to set forth your position on immigration, how do you say about people who have lived here a long time, built lives here, maybe raised families, stayed out of legal trouble (i.e. millions and millions of undocumented folks)? Deport them, as D Trump has suggested at times ? Is that part of a righteous cause?

    1. It's not about righteous cause, it's about the law!

    2. You can go to my campaign website and read about my positions on 30 different issues, including immigration. www.roncohen4congress2018.com

      I also heard the NPR piece.

      To answer your direct questions:
      1) Their first contact with the U.S.A. was to enter the country, illegally. With D.A.C.A.'s it may have been their parents who broke the law, but the law was broken.
      2) Something is not right in those NPR reports. I'd want to see the case files I.C.E. has on those deportees before judging. I am certain, there is a serious crime, lie, fatal paperwork problem, missed court dates, and on, and on, before they are deported. I have seen Immigration bend over backwards to allow due process and opportunities to cure the problem, often, many times, before a non-cooperative person is taken into custody. I want to see those files. Those files are confidential, so we never will...but I'm certain these cases are not as clear cut as you're saying. I don't want to see any families torn apart! But there must be serious, repeated problems in those files. Then judge.

      3) Yes, many have "lived here a long time." Worked in the cash society. Undercut prices of businesses that must pay withholding taxes, business insurance, health insurance, workers' comp. insurance...and on and on and on. Obama made it worse, allowing people to use an I.T.I.N. for purposes it was not intended...and even letting I.T.I.N. folks file amended returns to claim back-year Earned Income and Child tax credits, and get mortgages...Unbelievable!

      4) Right. A low estimate is that there are 11 million illegal aliens. Let me tell you my friend...you just can't argue that because there are a lot, they get to win the legal issue...because that sends out the signal to the world, that our laws mean nothing.

      My view is to have each case reviewed by a case worker and a judge. Some get to stay; some must leave; but all must get into the system. Many of my conservative friends go much farther. They say, No amnesty. No capitulation, except in the most dire refugee cases. I'm not in that camp, but I certainly see their position.

      5) Trump's DACA deal is farther than I would have gone. 1.8 million with a path to citizenship. Wow. No lottery. No chain migration. TAKE THE DEAL. Conservatives will never offer that much again. But no, the Pelosi side will fight to the death for near open borders...against the best interest of D.A.C.A. folks. Crazy, man.

      So, finally, indeed, protecting I.C.E. officers in the line of duty; protecting the constitution; protecting our communities and economy from an out-of-control progressive mayor, is a "righteous cause."



    3. Ron - You just lost the election. Are you a card carrying Nazi or just a wanna be?

  9. I deleted the last comment to fix a typo. Here's my comment.

    I just want to add to my last comment that Sanctuary cities and state laws passed my California are completely unconstitutional, and hopefully, will be overturned by the courts, in time. Further, they are, on their face, a violation of federal immigration laws, because their core purpose is to harbor, aid and encourage illegal aliens to stay and work in our communities. If (D)s want to change the federal immigration laws, fine. Go do it. But California does not get to just come up with their cockamamie set of sanctuary rules to justify ignoring clear federal law...and now Mayor Libby Schaaf is acting as the "look out" for law breakers...just like the guy on the street corner with a cell phone, tipping off the drug dealers the cops are coming. Outrageous.

    So, I did something about it. I can't do much, but as a C.P.A., I'm pretty good at writing and filing documents. So, I filed various complaints. That's my right.


  10. Ron,

    for those millions who have committed no serious criminal offenses, who were attracted to jobs knowing that the US does not have tight enforcement of immigration laws like, e.g., Japan, who came to a country that itself was very aware of the fact that its immigration policies attracted, if not encouraged and welcomed, people to cross the southern border or to overstay visas to perform those jobs by communicating with actions that spoke louder than any words that there was only a very low risk of INS/ICE action so long as they stayed out of trouble, who built lives and families here,

    for those people, to "get into the system" is a ticket to deportation unless the law is changed to something we can be proud of and that is humane. I think you recognize that. But leaving it as "some must leave, some must go" is not a policy (unless you are suggesting that the authorities should make determinations by flipping a coin). So what would the policy be? Can you articulate one, other than to say that other Republicans seek something even more draconian and inhumane?

  11. Sure. This is well-covered territory in our history.

    1) No significant law-breaking. We have no concern with things like about minor speeding tickets.
    2) Paying taxes...because everyone could with an I.T.I.N. which President Obama's actions with the I.R.S., I think, illegally, put in place. I'd even give people a chance to file and pay and get caught-up...within certain time limits. I think that is currently part of a Greencard application process.
    3) Clear evidence of a viable SPONSOR or a means to support themselves without welfare or other public aid for at least 5 years.
    4) Not involved in bringing others into the U.S., illegally.
    5) Maybe three recommendations from citizens as to their reasonable character.
    6) Special help for real refugees.
    7) Special help for real geniuses, or business creators (like the next Einstein).
    8) For God's sake, require they try to learn English.

    It is not hard to determine whether they are a contributing member of society, or a law-breaking dead weight. I'm sure many would pass the above. I think that is fine. Many conservative are for no amnesty. They need to self-deport and apply to come back. I understand that position. I don't think it is necessary as long as all involved are cooperating.

    The U.S. also had a well-functioning temporary workers program in the past. People came to work the fields, and went home. All good, in the system, and under control.

    But, but, but...this is all in the context of our borders becoming SECURE. The Wall, I like, but the important thing is that they are secure.

    Lottery system. Gone. Done.
    Chain migration...some, based on merit and other reasonable criteria. We can't have 8 people coming in for each Mexican or Chinese greencard holder. We just can't.

    In my view, this system of case workers and courts should work for a short number of years, and then dissolve...because with SECURE borders, we can't/won't have this problem in the future.

    Sound reasonable? I think so.

  12. Just to hit the last point again. No wall or other means to have a completely secure border? Continue Lottery? Continue current chain migration? NO DEAL. Nothing changes...because the progressives are lawless. Keep enforcement as is. If (D)s pursue that path, they are truly working against the very people they SAY they want to help.

    Putting all my questioning of motives aside...Mayor Schaaf broke clear law. I hope she will be prosecuted and given full due process.



  13. Libby SHAME should move the hell away! Bitch whores herself for the illegals.

    Newsflash, Lib: Breaking into this country IS a crime and makes one a criminal. Not interested in 'better life' and 'show me the dinero!' Not a justification.

    For the good of the country and all that is righteous, we must ALL support to mass deport, starting with Lib!

  14. KTVU coverage of our complaint, in part: