Wednesday, February 28, 2018

On a frigid night, progressives give Nancy O'Malley the cold shoulder, deny endorsements

Alameda County District Attorney Nancy
O'Malley and Pamela Price at a candidate
forum last Thursday in San Leandro.
--ELECTION 2018--
Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley's re-election campaign is bolstered by higher name-recognition and awash in campaign contributions. But neither fact appeared to hold much sway last week with two East Bay progressive groups.

Both the San Leandro Democratic Club and Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club in Oakland denied June primary endorsements for the incumbent district attorney. San Leandro Democrats, in fact, gave their support last Thursday to Pamela Price, O'Malley's challenger, by a simple majority vote of 13-8.

Following a candidate forum in San Leandro, O'Malley and Price traveled to Oakland the same night. Wellstone Democrats did not offer an official endorsement since neither candidate reached the club's 60 percent threshold.

But, in addition to Price denying O'Malley the endorsement, the Oakland civil rights attorney hoping for the upset this June, also received more votes than the incumbent, 36-31, with 4 supporting "no endorsement."

O'Malley's campaign website does not list any endorsements from local political groups and clubs. However, a number of labor unions have endorsed her campaign, including the Building and Construction Trades Council of Alameda County, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5, and firefighters unions in Alameda County, Alameda and Hayward.

O'Malley, though, received an overall cool reception from audience members during the well-attended event at the San Leandro Library.

When O'Malley began her opening statement, she struggled with the microphone, asking, "Do you want me to speak louder?" A man in the back of the room, sternly replied, "No."

Similar to other forums between the two, O'Malley offered up her record for fighting human trafficking in Alameda County. However, O'Malley received a number of quizzical looks from the audience when she misspoke, telling the crowd he had "brought human trafficking to Alameda County and the country."

Price renewed a call for new leadership at the DAs office, asserting Alameda County voters have not been able to decide a contested race for district attorney in 50 years. Price slammed O'Malley for opposing Proposition 47, which reduced some drug and theft offenses. But last week, O'Malley announced more than 6,000 individuals in Alameda County with low-level cannabis-related offenses could have the charges expunged from their records.

In a play to Democratic Party insiders, Price said the state party's platform is against the death penalty, in addition, to trying teens as adults, positions she said O'Malley embraces. O'Malley countered, saying the all but one death penalty case came under the previous district attorney's tenure.

"When the police break the law, we prosecute them," said O'Malley. She quickly touted the recent endorsement of former Judge Thelton Henderson, the retired judge who oversaw the Oakland Police Department's Negotiated Settlement Agreement that followed corruption at the department in the early 2000s.

Despite the lack of exuberance for O'Malley's re-election at the grassroots level in Alameda County, her chances for another four years are viewed by many as very strong. The projection is based largely on money.

O'Malley's fundraising total greatly outperformed Price through the most recent year-end finance reports. Over the last six months of last year, O'Malley raised $410,000, as opposed to Price's $81,000. As the new year began, O'Malley was sitting on $631,000 in cash reserves, an amount more than six times greater than Price's $92,000 in cash on hand.

A third potential candidate, a Hayward criminal defense attorney named Frederick Remer, has also filed papers to run for Alameda County District Attorney this June. In order to avoid a  runoff election in November, one of the candidates needs just a majority of the June primary vote for victory.


  1. Here is that RIGHT WING newspaper East Bay Express's recent story about the darling of the Berners, Pamela Price, "District Attorney Candidate Accused of Exploitation"


  2. By MW:

    In spite of the lack of enthusiasm for O'Malley, she most likely will still win re-election.

    However a few years from now, and including when people then look back to February 2018, in the long run the real, bigger, and main story will not be O'Malley's failure to win an endorsement, but instead the festering and increasing dissatisfaction among the Democratic Party's lower ranking people with: one, the DP's big boys; and two, the SF Bay area DP establishment.

    In other words only a few days ago Dianne Feinstein, AND EVEN THOUGH SHE IS EVEN THE INCUMBENT, at a DP convention only got 37% of the delegates to support her, and while de Leon, one of her challengers, got 54%, and now O'Malley even failed at two conventions in a row.

    And still furthermore, and only a few months ago, and when the DP voted on who would be its new state chairman, the candidate from Southern California, believe it or not, actually defeated the candidate from Northern California, and even specifically from the Bay area.

    (NOTE: There were only two major candidates for the position, one from Southern California and the other from the Bay area.)

    Until recently Southern California, and even though it has the overwhelming majority of California's population, let Northern California, and especially the Bay area, run things.

    For decades SF's Willie Brown was not only far and away the most important person in CA's state legislature, but also the real governor, when WB basically retired, then SF's John Burton became the main big boy in the state legislature, and when JB finally retired, the SF Bay area's Bill Lockyer became the main big boy in the state legislature.

    And Jerry Brown, Feinstein, Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Kamala Harris have all been Bay area people.

    However lately some cracks have been starting to appear in the dike, and it's going to be interesting as the DP, and especially in the Bay area, finally, and after decades of doing pretty much whatever it wanted, starts to weaken and fracture.

  3. By MW:

    In my above post, and in which I mentioned that Feinstein got only 37% of the votes from the delegates, and while de Leon, her opponent, got 54%, I neglected to mention that de Leon is from the Los Angeles area.

    So it was not only a defeat and a slap in the face for Feinstein, but also for Northern California, the Bay area, and for the world's most important center for sleaze, lies, fraud, corruption, phony "investigations," and illegal backroom fixes in exchange for under the table bribes, in other words San Francisco.

  4. We elected a fraud in 2016. Let's not do it again in 2018.

  5. Pamela Price is worse. sneaky and manipulative, and arrogant

  6. Thank you for your comment, Nancy O'Malley. "Arrogant" is always a word they throw around black candidates. It is code for "Uppity".

    Nancy O'Malley protects corrupt politicians. That is why so many law enforcement agencies are endorsing her. She helps them by circumventing the law so that they do not get charged when they abuse their office.

    She protects the entire board of supervisors, heads of county agencies, and councilmembers from every city in alameda County when they commit corrupt acts. She needs to go.

    1. Yeah like Rob Bonta:

      Assemblyman Rob Bonta Governors Cup Golf Tournament: travel costs to Pebble Beach $2,507 Governor's Cup Foundation

      Assemblyman Rob Bonta Golden State Warriors vs. Houston Rockets: two tickets $460 Eric Flowers
      Assemblyman Rob Bonta Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings: two tickets $460 Golden State Warriors


  7. Does anyone know of a hashtag that people can post their experiences with O'Malley to? Something like #Nomoreomalley?

  8. Here's where you can preview the type of hashtag we would see were Pamela Price elected: read the East Bay Express' article "District Attorney Candidate Accused of Exploitation"

    Yeah, we really want someone who co-counsels with other attorneys who make their clients sign over the movie rights to their personal tragedies as the friggin' District Attorney. But we seem to have an appetite for that. After all we elected Trump.