Monday, February 5, 2018

Quirk introduces bill allowing public pot use at special events

Assemblymember Bill Quirk has long been
a strong supporter of cannabis.
With the East Bay on the cusp of becoming awash in legal cannabis, a bill introduced Monday by Hayward Assemblymember Bill Quirk would afford local governments the ability to host cannabis-related special events in their cities.

Under the legislation, to be heard in an assembly committee sometime in March, cannabis use at these special events will also be allowed.

Currently, such special events are only allowed on county-owned properties, typically fairgrounds.

“These events support local economies and small businesses," said Quirk. "Despite the fiscal and communal benefits such events bring to a city or local community, current law prohibits local governments from approving applications for cannabis sales at special events if they are held anywhere but county property."

Assembly Bill 2020 is sponsored by the City of Oakland.

Despite Quirk's often professorial demeanor, he is actually been one of the East Bay's most ardent supporters for dispensaries and legalization going back to his days on the Hayward City Council.

While Hayward city officials were moving toward a moratorium on medical cannabis dispensaries back in 2010, Quirk defied the majority, and at one point, rationalized allowing dispensaries for no other reason that students in Hayward schools were already quite adept at procuring cannabis on the black market.


  1. By MW:

    We should also have a state law allowing, and in fact even encouraging, students in all California schools, and from kindergarten through Ph.D. programs, and in fact also all post graduate programs, while in class to be drunk and/or under the effects of heroin, cocaine, or crack, and so that way they will be even more receptive to the lies, garbage, and nonsense that is regularly and virtually non-stop spewed by our state's "liberal" teachers and college professors.

    In fact, lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession, And many lawyers become alcoholics and/or drug addicts while still in law school, and often largely due to the fact that so many of their law school professors are alcoholics and/or drug addicts.

    But it is extremely unfair that law school students from poor and/or blue collar families would often lack the financial resources to buy drugs and regularly engage in binge drinking, and while law school students from more affluent families, and especially the sons and daughters of parents who themselves are already lawyers, would much more often have the money to indulge in just about anything and everything, and including hallucinatory drugs.

    So therefore all California residents should be subject to a special and additional tax so as to provide unlimited supplies of beer, wine, whiskey, heroin, cocaine, and crack to all law school students, and in fact let's even make it to all college students, and in fact let's also include the poor, disenfranchised, and underprivileged, and including the homeless.

    And so that way many of the homeless, and a high percentage of whom are alcoholics and/or drug addicts, will not have to spend their own money on drugs and/or alcohol that they could otherwise spend on rent.

  2. ROTFLMAO. The state that will crucify you for smoking cigarettes in public invites you to smoke pot at the fairgrounds. You people are insane.

  3. By MW:

    Among the "advantages" of increasing drug use at public events is that those drugged out zombies will be then hopping in their cars and driving home while still under the influence of drugs.

    That, of course, will lead to increased auto accidents. and which will lead to increased employment and economic opportunities for that sleazy mafia of parasites, scumbags, scam artists, embezzlers, money launderers, and bloodsucking leeches who refer to themselves as members of the legal profession.

    In fact, in recent years a lot of law schools have been shrinking, and due to the fact that many of the type of young people who a few decades ago would have been interested in becoming lawyers have become convinced that now the only thing spending years in law school is likely to lead to is a job doing stock work in the back rooms of a department store.

    So let's turn more people into drug addicts, and including so that there will be increased employment opportunities for law school deans, law school professors, and young lawyers.

    Still furthermore, it's a reasonable assumption that most people who are drug addicts and/or drugged out zombies vote Democrat rather than Republican. And the California state legislature is overwhelmingly made up of Democrats, and a high percentage of whom are lawyers. So let's see if those clowns in the California state legislature vote in their own self interest.

  4. If everyone is stoned, they will forget the evil Mr. Quirk put 5 G cell towers in front of people's homes. You tube: Geoengineering waging weather warfare on world population. 17:30 into the video talks about the 5G small cell tower radiation. Do NOT re -elect this man. There was standing room only, at the Monterrey city council protesting Quirk's 5G cell towers, at their city council meeting, last month. Quirk lied on TV saying, they were not a health risk.Check out that video at 17:30 and watch for 3 mins.

  5. So is this why Bill makes no sense when he's on the news? Think about it.