Friday, March 30, 2018

Alameda County Supe Nate Miley wants Sheriff's Office to operate Ashland Youth Center

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley,
seated right, listening to public speakers
Wednesday night who are concerned about 
his plans for the Ashland Youth Center.
A strong dose of distrust toward the Alameda County Sheriff's Department and a lack of transparency is fueling opposition to a proposal by Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley to transfer oversight of the Ashland REACH Youth Center from the county's Health Service Agency to the Sheriff's Office.

"This is an insane idea," said George Galvis, executive director for the Oakland-based Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, following a 45-minute presentation by the Sheriff's Office this week at the San Lorenzo Library. "All any of us have to do is Google 'Alameda County Sheriff' and you're going to see headlines of abuse."

In a letter sent last December, Miley announced the Sheriff's Office will become the lead operator for the youth center, effective in July. No reason was given and in subsequent months opposition to the directive has grown. Miley held a community meeting last week in Oakland, in addition, to a well-attended meeting in San Lorenzo on Wednesday.

But Miley appeared to somewhat backtrack Wednesday from his statements in the December letter, saying the discussion over the youth center has only just begun and future meetings with the public and stakeholders are being scheduled.

Some members of the audience Wednesday, including Alameda County Board of Education Trustee Aisha Knowles and San Lorenzo Unified School District Trustee Janet Zamudio, asked Miley to begin a formal search for new operator through an open bid process and rescind his December letter.

"I'm not saying I won't do that. I'm not saying I will do that," Miley said about rescinding his letter. "Even though this is my district and I have a lot of influence, the Board could decide to do something contrary to what I decide, but quite frankly, probably, what I suggest is what they're going to do." After a few murmurs in the audience could be heard, Miley added, "Yeah, I'm just trying to be honest with you."

The Ashland REACH Youth Center was completed in 2013 and serves teenagers and young adults, primarily in the unincorporated areas of Ashland and Cherryland. In some way, the center represents one of Miley's most notable accomplishments as a county supervisor.

But while the center has provided an outlet for the area's youth, in addition to health services, some who work there say that sheriff's deputies have made their presence known in aggressive ways in the past, said Vassilisa Johri, assistant director of health and wellness at the Ashland Youth Center. Johri told Miley Wednesday that she fears sheriff's deputies will target youths on a larger scale than before. She also worries that HIPAA compliance requirements will not be fully maintained if the sheriff's office becomes lead operator. The law provides confidentiality between patients and caregivers.

Relationship-building is needed is the community in aspects other than law enforcement, said Alameda County Sheriff's Sgt. Marty Neideffer. The program being proposed for the youth center is viewed as a national model for 21st Century policing in the United States, he said. "We're not going to turn the place into a detention facility. Our interest has been the development of the youth. Opportunities for kids to go on and have a better life than their parents did and live what used to be called the 'American Dream.'"

The future of the Ashland Youth Center is far from a resolution, said Miley. The Board of Supervisors will give final approval later this spring, but not before Miley meets the youth center's staff, some of its vendors, area faith leaders, and other members of the community.


  1. Love the Nate quote. Typical. When are these people going to realize that he thinks he’s the king of unincorporated Alameda County?

  2. Nate MIley what a sucking up to the sheriff, selling out our children. What does Ahern have on Miley? Didn't Oakland settle a sexual harassment case for him before he became County Sup ? Are there more complaints?

  3. Robert La FolletteApril 1, 2018 at 8:57 AM

    Ann, you are on to something here. I have never seen any of the documentation from the city about when Nate Miley was accused of sexual harassment. I have no doubt that it happened. You should begin to ask the good folks in Oakland to tell the truth about this. I have heard rumors about it but no one until you brought this up has ever written about this before. This would account for Ahern's influence. If you know who brought the sexual harassment charge forward I am sure that hush money and a non-disclosure agreement funded by taxpayer dollars and campaign contributions were involved. Trump and his ilk are little different than Ahern, Miley and the rest of the politicians in Alameda County.

  4. By MW:

    Concerning the sixth paragraph of this article, Alameda County could save some money by laying off all of the other members of the Board of Supervisors, in other words everyone except Nate Miley, since the other four members do not seem to have any major real function other than being Miley's stooges, rubberstamps, and puppets on a string. So let's simplify things by getting rid of the other four members of the Board and giving Miley all five votes.

    (NOTE: It used to work the same way in SF back when Willie Brown was the mayor. For instance every now and then WB would come up with something even far more outrageous than his usual, and which would sometimes cause the members of the BOS to insist that there was no way on earth they would go along with such an outrageous proposal, however when it actually came time to vote, then they would cave and go along with Willie.)

    And getting back to Alameda County, for instance for years there was the big debate as to whether or not we should have more medical marijuana clinics, and although Miley was strongly for it, supposedly Wilma Chan was strongly against it. However, and although Chan was supposedly strongly against it, and supposedly had been for years, but when it came time to actually vote, Chan caved and went along with Miley in voting to have the medical marijuana clinics.

    So let me repeat, let's save some time and money by laying off the other four members of the Board of Supervisors, and allow Boss and Dictator Nate Miley to make all decisions involving Alameda County government.

  5. By MW:

    I was at the meeting at which the above presentation took place by accident. More specifically, I went to that meeting, since, and including based on its day and time, it was supposed to be the regularly scheduled monthly Unincorporated Services Committee meeting, and which normally takes place on the fourth Wednesday of the month, but this time, and while I was there (I did arrive about half an hour late) absolutely nothing was discussed except issues regarding the Youth Center and/or items concerning the Youth Center as related to the Sheriff's Office.

    (Unfortunately I do not have the time to try to keep close track of absolutely everything that goes on in AC, so have to pick my spots, and since I do not have any children or grandchildren, if I had known in advance what would have been discussed, AND NOT DISCUSSED, at that meeting, more than likely I would have skipped it.)

    In other words, effectively the regular monthly meeting of the Unincorporated Services Committee was actually canceled for March 2018, and altho the Board of Supervisors pretended it took place, and since the proper and honest way to handle things would have been for: one, the Board of Supervisors to have had on March 28 their regular monthly Unincorporated Services Committee meeting: AND TWO, TO HAVE SCHEDULED AND HAD AN ADDITIONAL AND SEPARATE MEETING TO DISCUSS THAT ONE BIG ISSUE. (By the way, that, in other words having an addtl and separate meeting, is the way it has normally been done in the past if there was an issue to be discussed that would take such a huge block of time.)

    However if Nate Miley, and in his "wisdom," wants the Sheriff's Office to be deeply involved in the Youth Center, that is more than good enough for me, since I figure that Miley, and based on his past record, might one of these days actually be right about something.

  6. Everyone in Alameda County knows that Miley has a "Special relationship" with that little girl who runs DSAL, which is the Sheriff's Office. It's been flagged by many as inappropriate and negligent as it opens up the county to potential sexual harassment lawsuits. More public money paid out for Miley's inappropriate behavior. She has always wanted to run that place and Miley gives her anything she wants to keep that relationship going. It's disgusting and he needs to be called out on it. Why should the kids have to suffer for his romantic purposes?